Bean, Banana, Bap

Highlights from the week…

Dessert-y yogurt bowl. Vanilla skyr with condensed milk, strawberries, banana, cornflakes, and sprinkles.

These jelly beans really do taste like Froot Loops!

We got chips and quesadillas from Chipotle with their new chicken al pastor and it was actually pretty great.

We went to Long Island Pekin this week for duck (sans camera) and it blew our minds! I ate leftovers with other leftovers and it was a great meal.

Bibimbap-inspired veggie bowls. Riced broccoli sauteed with white pepper and sesame seeds / crispy tofu shreds – extra-firm tofu that I shredded, tossed with evoo and gojuchang, then baked / bean sprouts / gojuchang / cucumber / sauteed baby shitake mushrooms and green onion / fried egg.

Roasted cauliflower with crispy white beans – tossed in evoo, cornstarch, furikake, gochugaru, and ranch seasoning then baked.

Weekly Wrap-Up; Coffee Crazy

Soooo, that title probably could have worked for any week this year, huh?  What can I say, the addiction is not lessening.  I will totally cop to the fact that I allot more of my budget to coffees than clothing or shoes {priorities}.

DSC02458I have a good mix of meals to share today, including several that I definitely want to make again soon!  I could not wake up enough in the mornings for any breakfast shots, but overall I caught a good amount of the week on film…


Fantastically thick and creamy yogurt.  Coffee Fage Fruyo with a Honeycrisp and an AriZona Oak Reserve Tea.

DSC02460Plus a red pear and a turkey jerky stick that I snacked on later.

Salad from the cafeteria.

lunchRomaine topped with red onion, kidney beans, shredded cheddar, black olives, and too much blue cheese dressing.  Plus bbq chips on the side.

Apple themed oats.

DSC02509Apple & Cinnamon Quaker (which was gummy and not good) with a banana-applesauce and the last of my caramel apple candies.

Brunch.  Scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, and a chocolate croissant.

DSC02526I was randomly extra hungry on Thursday morning so I went down to the cafeteria for a late breakfast.  I ended up getting slammed with follow-ups all afternoon and having to skip lunch, and serendipitously my late breakfast kept me from chewing off my own arm.


Gotta start with the coffee line-up!  From worst to best.  Starbucks Hazelnut Doubleshot was very meh.

DSC02512But I was quite excited to spot this new item at Konditori

DSC02517I was a little sick of it by the end, but the coconut cream did a great job of keeping things creamy.  Nonetheless, the winner = Blue Bottle.

DSC02467These little milk boxes kill me and this was wonderfully creamy, sweet, and roasty.

Adam has a weird obsession with Au Bon Pain and he sweetly brought me home one of the pumpkin bunt cakes he’s been loving recently.

DSC02487I’m just not a huge cake person, but I loved getting a surprise treat.

The last of the Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato, topped with some melted (chunky/flax/chia)peanut butter from TJ.

DSC02494I’m glad I tried this with the end of the container or I would have gone back and made more!  Best combo ever.  Adam’s a little wary of the chunky pb but even he thought this was good.

Leftover slice of mushroom and olive pizza.

DSC02468Clover honey straw.  <– please note: I wouldn’t normally eat this straight like a total sugar freak, but it split open while I was trying to pack it in a lunch

DSC02497Coffee yogurt.

DSC02529The strangest pairing of the week was also the best.

DSC02498DSC02500Nonni’s Banana Dark Chocolate Almond Thins spread with Port Sault cheese were delicious.


A fantabulously fall salad.

DSC02479This was so flipping yummy that we ended up making it two nights in a row.

DSC02482Baby arugula and spinach blend topped with maple balsamic, pea shoots, Port Sault cheese, pomegranate arils, sweet and spicy hazelnuts [baked with canola oil, honey, cayenne pepper, and salt] , and roasted delicata squash [with coconut oil, cinnamon, and curry powder].

DSC02485The pizza on the side was this mushroom and black truffle flatbread from Trader Joe’s.

DSC02474All-in-all, a great meal.

Wednesday night I went out in Williamsburg for a friend’s birthday.

DSC02515No photos because I am socially awkward enough without the food photography, trust me.

And last night I threw together some fancied up macaroni.

DSC02536DSC02533Annie’s Shells and Cheddar with TJ’s smoked herring and some chopped up pea shoots.

DSC02534Pea shoots do not belong in pasta, but Adam seemed to like it.  I smothered my bowl in smoked brown sugar and Sriracha.

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Wrap-Up; All By Myself

Adam is on spring break right now so I gave him my free ticket voucher and he spent a week in St. Thomas with my parents.  They are all disgustingly in love with each other and had a fabulous time.  Meanwhile I was home alone but at least I had the dog.


Furry cuddles totally got me through.  And I definitely took advantage of meals as a single lady.


Fruit and yogurt bowl.


A strawberry Fage topped with fresh pineapple and cara cara orange.

A lackluster morning.


A bottle of iced coffee that I thought tasted artificial and threw out halfway through.


And a NuGo bar that was nowhere near as tasty as their salted pretzel variety.




Coffee greek yogurt with frozen blackberries, toasted coconut, and chocolate milk.  <– Fantabulous

Smoothie 2 was frozen mango, blackberries, and spinach with coconut water.


Have you tried the ice cream coffees from Dunkin?  This was butter pecan.


I tried the cookie dough last weekend too and it was legit amazing.


Salad day.


Arugula with carrots, pea shoots, honey roasted almonds, buckwheat groats, blue cheese, dried blueberries, and vinaigrette.


Plus a cara cara orange and tamarind balls from home.


My coworkers are mostly all from the Caribbean as well and they were thrilled that I shared my tamarind shipment.

Oatmeal and apples.


Cherry Pistachio from Quaker.


And Cherry Vanilla from Big Slice.


This was the first flavor of these kettle cooked apples that I didn’t like.

Sandwich spread.


An everything bagel thin with strawberry jam, sharp cheddar, smoked turkey, and banana peppers.


Plus spicy peanut cucumber salad.


And raspberry candies and the last orange.



Paper bag popcorn.


Prune chocolates my Russian coworker shared.


I ate this entire bag of Inner Peas in one sitting.


It was pathetic but also delicious.

I topped with cool tub of fig yogurt with white chocolate chips and toasted coconut.


Cookie mugs rocked my face of this week.


I use this recipe, but swap the ratio of white to brown sugar.


Do ittttttt.


Salad night.


I had a TJ’s pretzel bread in the car as an appetizer.


Then topped a giant bowl of arugula and pea shoots with medium-boiled eggs, blue cheese, turkey bacon, shredded carrot, yogurt blue cheese dressing, and truffle salt.


And now medium-boiled eggs are my new favorite thing.

A combination of nibbles.  Pretzels straight from the bag.


A granny smith dipped in peanut butter and lavender caramel.


And baby carrots with red pepper hummus.


Green eggs and ham.


Eggs scrambled with okra, arugula, and swiss cheese.


Soup’s up.


This poblano and corn chowder was delicious.


And now we’re off to do fun spring break stuff!

Weekend Wrap-Up; Winter’s Gone And I’m Not Sad

Winter is not gone for good, obviously, but it took a much-appreciated hiatus this weekend.  It was so warm yesterday that we could walk the dog without coats!


Oh spring, you cannot come soon enough.

Stream of consciousness style, here is some of what I ate this weekend…

Thursday’s lunch.


The new Key Lime 2% Fage is so ridiculously good.  I stopped on my way home that same day to buy more!


Plus a Lady Alice apple.


And a Strawberry Lemonade Cascade Ice.


I bought the drink with my own money after enjoying my samples, but something in this reeeeeally made my stomach hurt so I probably won’t be buying it again.

Friday’s lunch was a delicious sandwich of 1 slice of pumpernickel topped with Miracle Whip, fancy blue cheese, banana peppers, and Applegate Farms Roasted Turkey.


Plus an emmy’s dark cacao macaroon – my new favorite flavor.


And a pear.


The Somersaults you see in the background were swapped out for this Double Shot.


My coffee obsession accepts all forms.

We blended up a final round of our favorite smoothie.


That was the last of our chocolate peppermint soy milk until next holiday season.

I ate a bowl of sugar cereal(s).



Kid’s aren’t all wrong, this was fricking delicious.

I dipped sliced green apple in a blend of melted peanut butter and dark chocolate sauce.


I love green apples when paired with something sweet or cheesy but the thought of eating one all on its lonesome makes my lips purse up.

I tried another evolution juice.


The Essential Greens with Lime was much, much better than the variety I threw out the other day.  Still can’t hold a candle to fresh juice though.

I ate a ton of ice cream.


The Ben and Jerry’s Cores are out of control.  We’ve tried blondie salted caramel and chocolate hazelnut and both were great.  Adam actually liked them more than I did, which says a lot because he claims not be into ice cream.

A friend and I met up at Bierkraft and shared this cider.


It didn’t taste like maple at all, sadly.  But it packed some kick, apparently, because we went out for burgers afterward and it didn’t occur to me to snap a picture until there was only one bite left on my plate.

I got an easy dinner from Trader Joe’s after I went grocery shopping at 8 pm on Saturday.


Along with my salad – which was delicious – I had cheesy bread.  Aka a baguette baked with butter and sharp cheddar.


That was more delicious than the salad.  Obviously.

We made shrimp Pad Thai.  And it was good!!!


First, we had to turn this –


into this –


Making tamarind paste “from scratch” felt super badass, just fyi.  And it was very essential to getting a good sauce.


Basically just rice noodles, carrots, bean sprouts, shrimp, eggs, and this sauce, cooked in canola oil and topped with lime, scallion, and crushed peanut.


It tasted legit!  I can’t even tell you how proud I was.

Last night our dinner plans fell through and we ended up with turkey burger take-out from Bare Burger.


Not the original plan but certainly nothing to complain about.  Mine had turkey bacon, peppers, fried onions, and smoked cheese.

Have you ever made Pad Thai at home?  How’d it turn out?

Spinach And Sprouts Scrambled Eggs

This post comes to you from breakfast.  Adam and I both had the morning free so I scrambled us up some eggs.  I know the sugar sounds weird, but go with it, the sweetness just works.


Whisk together 4 large eggs, 1/4 cup skim milk, 1 Tbsp granulated sugar, and a pinch of salt.

Sautée 3 cups raw baby spinach, 1 cup radish sprouts, with 1 Tbsp Earth Balance Buttery Spread.

Scramble egg mixture into cooked veggies.  Fold in 1 cup shredded parmesan.  Serves 2.


Spinach Salad With Soft Boiled Eggs

Dinner tonight was a delicious salad.  I had to get in my greens on Earth Day!


A bed of baby spinach topped with a sprinkle of salt, radish greens, blue cheese crumbles, and two soft-cooked eggs.

I use Jenna’s recipe for soft-cooked eggs and they come out perfectly every time.


The flavors all melded nicely and I used creamy yolks in lieu of dressing.  Plus, I fit every single food group into one meal (I had a fruit smoothie and slice of ciabatta bread on the side)!

What is your favorite way to replace the dressing on a salad?

Friday-Saturday Frenzy

I worked 9.5 hours on both Friday and Saturday, so the weekend has felt a little frenzied.  Basically ever single thing I ate was on the go, covered in cheese, or both!  Quickly, because I have to get up tomorrow and study for my giant exam before work…

Friday morning on the walk to school, an apple.


When I had to spend time on campus contesting a credit waiver instead of going home before work, a juice.


I made a custom blend – kale, spinach, carrot, and apple.


Lunch at work, delicious co-op hot bar.  Chicken paprikash and smoked gouda mac and peas.


Late night dinner while I waited for my husband to get home from the airport, a giant plate of nachos with black beans and olives.


Saturday morning at work, a rosemary olive scone.  Apparently I loved olives this weekend.


“Lunch” at 5pm during a busy shift, a Katie’s Food Stash Bar and half a veggie and hummus wrap.


On a 9pm grocery trip, December candy.


A late dinner that was worth the wait – eggs and hash browns.


For two – a pint of mushrooms browned in 1 Tbsp Earth Balance, 1.5 cups spinach with 1 Tbsp evoo, salt, 2 eggs; scramble.


For two – 2 small potatoes and 1 red onion cooked in 1 Tbsp evoo and 1 Tbsp Earth Balance; salt, garlic powder, spicy paprika.


An impulse buy at the store, I got sucked in because the box was only $1.50.  It was pretty good.


While catching up on tv, my boys are the cutest.


Good night!

Weekend Whoops

My weekend was full of eating oopsies.  I accidentally ate something that wasn’t vegan.  I didn’t get near enough fruits and veggies.  I took pictures on the go that don’t look very pretty.  And on both Saturday and Sunday I didn’t eat all day and ended up buying food at night (and eating far too much of it).

Saturday I worked from 10 – 6 and since I woke up at 9:25 breakfast wasn’t an option.  We have officially moved into the Christmas shopping season and there was not a minute during my shift when I had time to eat.  As soon as I was off all I could think of was food.  He is what I ate, on the walk home!  An apple from home.

And vegan stuffing,

and half a peanut butter rice krispie treat from the co-op.

All on the walk home.  Sidenote – I gave the dog a bite of the rice krispie treat and he spent the rest of the evening trying to figure out how to get more.  He’s peanut butter fiend!

Dinner was purchased with a Groupon to Lone Star Fajita Grill.

A guaco taco (sans cheese) with veggies, guacamole, and sprouts,

and a pile of chips with more guacamole.

I made it through dinner without breaking the challenge (Tex-Mex without cheese or sour cream?!) but ran into trouble with dessert.  I ate the Justin’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from my Simple Survival Kit package.

If you read “MILK CHOCOLATE peanut butter cups” and knew where I ran into trouble then you are quicker than I; it wasn’t until I finished eating that it occured to me that the cups weren’t vegan.  After choosing to cheat on the Vegan Challenge several times already this month it is frustrating to mess up due to a stupid oversight.

I also ate the last two servings of Angie’s Kettle Corn straight from the bag.

Then I got into bed and slept for 11 straight hours.  It was glorious!

But even with a good night’s sleep I still didn’t have it together to eat before work.  I ended up eating co-op food on the walk home for the 2nd night in a row.

Chicken fried seitan, bbq tempeh, corn and kidney bean salad, and a stuffed grape leave.  The picture is terrible but I was more concerned with shoving the food into my face than photographing it!

The food highlight of the weekend was this delicious bowl of cereal.

1.5 servings of Honey Nut Chex with a serving of honey roasted peanuts, fresh raspberries, and Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.

I had to go to campus at 7:00 for a final meeting for a group project.  This is the assignment that has been ruining the past month’s evenings; I’m so glad to be done with it.

A late take-out dinner from Vasilis Express.

A dolmas wrap (more grape leaves!) and fries.  I ate 95% of that plate and I kind of still want to throw up.  Too heavy!

What was your last edible oops?

Three Courses Worth Waiting For

Thursdays are when I have my earliest class, which means they are also my latest wake-up school days.  Makes no sense?  I’ve decided on MWF (class starts at 11) that I’ll have Adam drop me off at the gym on his way to school so I can work out/come home and shower/walk back to school for classes.  But Thursday class starts at 9:25 (and there’s no time for all that) so I can wake up on my own and walk straight to class. 

Except today all my plans went out the window because the snow was basically up to my waist.  Whoops!  I had to hurry-scurry to get in the car with Adam, which meant all of my breakfast and lunch bubbles were quickly burst.

The positive side is that I got to squeeze in my workout before my lab.  I did another quick (too quick) treadmill session – warm up + 1.5mile running (14:13) + cool down – 21minutes and 1.85miles.

The negative side is that breakfast ended up being of the not-of-champions variety.

I grabbed the Cliff Builder’s Bar because it was vegan, full of protein, and most importantly sold in the only kiosk without a line.

I gave up on eating the Cliff Builder’s Bar after two bites because it was tasteless and way to tough for my aching teeth.

Better luck next time?  I brought the rest of the bar home for Adam and I’m sure he’ll love it because he’s silly.

Unfortunately I had a club meeting on campus at 12:15, so I couldn’t get home to a proper meal until that was over.  Then I had to finish/e-mail an assignment before I could let myself eat.  I wasn’t about to add ‘shower off the gym grime’ to my wait-time, so you better believe I ate lunch like this –

Before anyone asks – Why yes, I did think the appropriate response to sweaty gym hair was a pair of pony tails.

They’re a pair of ponies, not pig tails.  Pig tails come out the sides, the end.

I made up for lost time by rocking my own world with a three-course lunch.

Course 1 – Salad.

I topped a bed of spring mix lettuce with chopped pear, green pepper, radish sprouts, and poppy-seed dressing.

Course 2 – Pasta.

Amy’s Rice Macaroni and Dairy-free Cheeze.

For some reason the gluten free version is the only vegan macaroni Amy’s makes (the soy cheese version has milk proteins in it).

This wasn’t ridiculous good like the dairy one, but it was still pretty darn good.

Course 3 – Dessert.

Banana soft serve (1.5 frozen bananas, food processed with a splash of Vanilla Silk Soy Milk until delicious) topped with crushed pretzels and these adorable vegan marshmallows.

Soooo good.  BSS is where it’s at!

It took forever to eat my epic lunch, so I should probably get down to work!

Do you or anyone you know eat a gluten free diet?

Delightful Dippables

As I mentioned early, today was a snow day, and a glorious snow day it was!  Not a lot of work got done, but you know how it is.

I did make a very successful (vegan) lunch.

With a nice roll up (a play on a dish I love that my mom makes with cream cheese for parties).  Spread a tortilla with humus – Tribe Roasted Garlic, – chopped green peppers, and radish sprouts.

Tightly roll up and chop using a big scary knife.

Lay out like a fancy sushi roll.

Eat the unsightly ends.

I also ate half of a piece of vegan jerky I split with the husband.

I paired my roll up with some roasted kale.

And dipped everything in some Stubbs bbq sauce.

It was a tasty, tasty lunch.

Later in the afternoon I snacked on 1.5 servings of Newman’s Own Spelt Pretzels.

With a chocolate soy pudding and a diet pop.

Of course, I dipped the pretzels into both the pudding and the soda.  Sooo good.  Honey wheat pretzel sticks dipped into diet cherry coke is my favorite snack on Earth.

Dinner was a repeat plate.

Leftover baked beans,

leftover caramelized onion mashed potatoes with a dab of Smart Balance Light,

and some sugar-free applesauce topped with a few Maple Mini Wheats and red hots.

Again, delicious, delicious.

What do you like to dip pretzels in?  Before you hate – have you ever tried pretzels dipped in diet pop?