Pumpkin Yogurt — Froyo — Beer

This weekend was low-key but exactly what we needed.  Inclement weather killed our Saturday plans (instead we ran some errands and caught up on tv) and Sunday I was scheduled to work.  I’ve got Wednesday off in exchange for yesterday so my workweek will be two mini 2 day blocks <– nice!

Here were the weekend’s top eats…

We made a quick trip down to Rockville Center to check out Kookaburra Coffee.  They had toasted marshmallow coffee syrup!!  Fan-freaking-tastic in my triple shot iced latte.


Spooky yogurt bowl.  Plain Fage with pumpkin butter stirred in, topped with chia seeds, salted peanuts, cocoa nibs, and a few candy corn.


I put a lemon cream popsicle in seltzer water with some whiskey.  Creamy, fizzy, and boozy, the trifecta.


Pumpkin pie froyo, topped with pretty much all of the dessert-y toppings.


Cheese plate dinner.  With dates, apple, and sautéed green beans with almonds.


The highlights were this paprika cheese from TJ’s,


and these Malbranche Mura Cha Cha matcha tea biscuits I was sent to review.  The cookies are gluten-free and vegan and absolutely bursting with matcha flavor.  Be forewarned – if you don’t like the tea you won’t like the cookie, Adam loves both.


Copycat Chipotle salad bowls.  Romaine // spicy salsa // shredded cheese // chipotle honey lime chicken // sautéed onion and orange and yellow bell pepper // black beans // fire-roasted corn.


I sipped pumpkin beer while I sautéed my chicken.  Both were delicious, 8-9/10.


I’ve got three different pumpkin iterations packed for tomorrow’s lunch!


Pumpkin Nice Latte

How are we more than halfway through October?  And less than three months away from the end of 2016??  I can’t handle it!  Here was this week…

I had leftover sweetened condensed milk from a recipe so I put it in TJ’s coffee concentrate.  Then I spent the entire morning certain I was going to die but also overcome with glee.


This Target brand salted caramel hot chocolate is delicious.  Apparently I was into my morning sugar this week.


Yogurt bowls for lunch.  All on theme, thank you.  Chobani pumpkin with pecans and pumpkin spice cheerios and frosted min wheats.  Plus an Asian pear.


TJ’s pumpkin yogurt with more cereal and an apple.


Noosa pumpkin with pumpkin spice granola and pumpkin seeds.


TJ’s caramel apple yogurt with Heritage Flakes and sliced almonds.  This was the best of the apple yogurts, fyi.


It was a snack-heavy week, here were the highlights –





Related – a new pretzel shop opened right above my train and it is a problem.


Most dinners this week were weaksauce.  Adam and I both get a bit bummed out as the weather cools down and we’ve had a hard time motivating ourselves in the kitchen.  Case in point – I ate nachos two days in the row.


At least these nachos had turkey breast on top.  And eggs with spinach in them on the side.


Another night I made a super simple turkey and cheddar toasted sandwich.


Inspiration did finally come, in the form of a box of lemons.  Limoneira sent me a sample of their citrus.  Limoneira Company is a 124 year old international agribusiness dedicated to sustainability.  Their lemons are quite tasty, almost sweet.


I made Lemon Brown Sugar Chicken.  Served with roasted broccoli and lemon pepper cauliflower rice.


Also Dulce de Leche Lemon Popsicles.


Cross your fingers for me that the weather’s nice in NYC today, if there’s no rain I’ve got a fun activity planned.

26 Hours In DC

This past weekend we took a quick trip to our nation’s capitol.  It was a whirlwind in-and-out visit but I did have time for two museums, three monuments, and an epic dinner.  Adam had a surgical quality improvement conference on Sunday and I tagged along to spend the day with a girlfriend who lives in the city.


We spent practically as much time in the car as we did awake in DC.  Here were the healthier car snacks –




On the less healthy side, I also had potatoes in multiple forms.

We stayed at the hotel where the conference was being held, much fancier than we’re used to.




There was a lobby atrium (which our inner room looked out over) and trail mix bar.

We got in pretty late in the afternoon on Saturday, but had enough time for a visit to the Renwick Gallery.




Then we took a long walk around the river basin, and up to the Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson Memorials.



The timing worked perfectly so that we could catch the reflecting pool near sunset and it was stunning.

That night we met up with friends for dinner.  Returning to Tail Up Goat was our number one priority for this trip.  They recently earned a Michelin star!  The food was as fabulous as we remembered.  I got an itsy bit drunk so I’m not great on details, but once again we tasted more than half the menu.

My cocktail with vodka and apricot was lovely.


Red grit sourdough topped with sumac onions, candied black olive, and bottarga (salted cured fish roe).


The crispy salt cod balls – no photo – were Adam’s favorite dish.  We also split a cheese plate with cocoa nibs and orange and Campari jam.  I’m pretty sure I never want to eat gouda sans nibs again, their crunch and sweetness was genius with the cheese.


For my entrée I did roasted eggplant with red onion, za’atar, hazelnuts, and burnt bread sauceGuys, that bread sauce is no joke, especially with the creaminess of the eggplant.


Cannoli with lemon curd, candied pistachios, blood orange marmalade for dessert.


We also swooned like crazy over the pistachio roll (like a cinnamon pecan roll) with labneh gelato and fennel honey.  10/10.

Sunday morning I slept in and took advantage of hotel room cable.  Adam had a busy day of learning and I had a fantastic afternoon walking around with my girlfriend.  I had several iced lattes and we had beers and bar snacks on a patio in the sun.


The weather was crazy all weekend, I planned for layers when I packed but ended up shedding everything I could because even my thin scarf was too hot!

We settled in the AC at Ted’s Bulletin.


They had turkey reubens.


And amazing Old Bay Bloody Marys.


Before I knew it I was back with the husband and back on the road.

Vacations are great but coming home is the best – there was a dog on my lap while I wrote this post. 

Last Week’s Top Five

Last week was extra-stressful at work so I don’t have much to share on the food front, I ate a Starbucks sandwich for dinner two nights in a row!  And I relied on hummus and fries for lunch because I didn’t pack a single yogurt bowl.  Adam and I have fun plans this weekend and hopefully the downtime will help gear me up to get my act together next week.

Here were the culinary high points…

{1} Pumpkin sausage pizza.


TJ’s crust / pumpkin puree with ginger / mozzarella / sliced TJ’s turkey summer sausage / fresh sage.

{2} Pumpkin spice gum from Project 7.


I bought it because I’m a crazy person, but didn’t actually expect it to be good.  It’s delicious (confirmed by Adam and a coworker).

{3} Fall flavored Ralph’s cream ice.


Caramel apple and pumpkin pie!

{4} A friend and I met for dinner at Luke’s and had lobster grilled cheeses.


Good, but my drink was better – Downeast pumpkin cider.

{5} Cheesy veggie eggs.


Scrambled with turkey sausage, chopped spinach, sautéed mushrooms and green onion, and mozzarella cheese.

Best Of The Weekend


Best coffee – The Voodoo Child at Sweetleaf.



Iced (super strong) coffee concentrate with condensed milk and housemade sweet cream.


Best new restaurant – Butler Bake Shop and Espresso Bar.



The infinitely Instagramable new Williamsburg coffee spot boasts a Michelin-starred pastry chef.


We got a caramel sea salt cookie next to an Intelligentsia Americano.


Best beer – Wick for Brains was a great first pumpkin sip of the season.



Enjoyed at Barcade while Adam and I teamed up to kick butt at the seasonally appropriate Golly Ghost game.


Best dessert – scoops from OddFellows‘ new “Passport Program.”  October’s flavor inspiration is Asia.


We tried Thai Iced Tea and Ube with miso butterscotch.


Best dinner – a Jewish-Japanese feast at Shalom Japan.


Forget best dinner of the weekend, this was one of the best meals of the year!


We shared three different appetizers because we couldn’t narrow down our choices any more.  Roasted cauliflower with anchovy and pickled raisins.


Tuna belly toasts that were the best bites of the night.


And Sake Kasu challah with raisin butter.


For dinner I ordered the dish that got us in the door – Matzoh ball ramen topped with a foie gras dumpling and soft-boiled egg.  The ramen was 10/10 fantastic and the matzoh ball ended up being the best I’ve ever eaten.


Dessert was chocolate banana challah bread pudding with crème fraiche and whiskey caramel.


The service was almost as good as the food, which was so good I swear we would have ordered another round of every dish if we hadn’t been so full!


Double Chocolate Cherry and Pumpkin Spice

We’re a week into Pumpkin Month and I still haven’t cracked open any of my pumpkin beers!  I have, however, purchased more (I spotted Schlafly in Manhattan – finally! – and couldn’t pass it up).  Thankfully I consider November gourd drinking time as well.

I didn’t do the best job with photos, but here were some of my eats last week…

Home-brewed coffee (espresso roast with fat-free half and half) with honey, vanilla, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice.


I dumped most of that yummy coffee into my purse and consoled myself with espresso and chocolate milk when I got off the train.


Pumpkin spice coffee with pumpkin juice that ended up being too spicy for me.  I wanted it to taste like that amazing pumpkin smoothie Odwalla used to sell.


I also was NOT a fan of the pumpkin pie Quest bar, big surprise.  My coffee and chocolate-covered almonds were still a good snack though.


As was this pear and Epic Bar combo.


Liberte lavender! yogurt with banana and almonds for lunch.


My other yogurts for the week came in the form of a product review – i.e. sent to me free of charge, with no additional compensation for this post.  Greek Gods yogurt is both Adam’s and my absolute favorite so when they offered to send me their three newest chocolate flavors I jumped at the opportunity.


Because they’re made with whole milk, the yogurts have too much saturated fat for me to consider them an everyday staple, however, as a treat they are fantastic.  Compared with ice cream they have less than half the saturated fat and calories (and double the protein) and 100% of the flavor and creamy decadence.  Like I said, Adam and I both consider them to be the most pleasing yogurts on the market.  And we have been eating them everyday this week!

Chocolate Cherry I decided to use in a smoothie recipe.  For 2 – blend 1 cup yogurt, 1 cup frozen dark cherries, and 8 ounces chocolate milk.  Yum!


Chocolate Strawberry I topped with freeze-dried strawberries, chocolate-covered cocoa nibs, and pecans.


And Chocolate Mocha turned into pumpkin spice mocha, with pumpkin spice granola and pepitas on top.


Dinners were weak this week.  I made this ridiculous grilled cheese sandwich – Havarti and sharp cheddar on cinnamon swirl bread – three nights in a row!


And leftovers saved me from having to cook the only meal that counts as a meal.  Pumpkin sausage pasta and broccoli salad were weirdly fantastic together.  Topped with smoked paprika and shredded cheese.


Last night we went to Biang!  We split shredded potatoes and garlic bok choy and I had Mt Qi spicy pickled veggies on hand-pulled noodles.  My elbow was practically touching the girl next to me, so no photos.

Today, we’re hoping to go to Smorgasburg and dinner in Williamsburg.  Have a great weekend!

It’s Pumpkin Month!

Pumpkin Month is here!  On the Emily calendar September is for apples, October and November are for pumpkin, November and December are for eggnog and gingerbread, and December is for peppermint.  This month’s on-theme stash is especially bountiful.









Here are some highlights from the weekend…

My favorite coffee combo – espresso and chocolate milk.  I hate “mochas” because the syrup is gross but this iteration of chocolate and coffee is the best.


Brunch at Benchmark.


I had a roasted vanilla lemonade with vodka.


This unassuming omelette was actually stuffed with duck confit and goat cheese.



My best lunch came from the Starbuck’s refrigerator case.


We cooked two tasty dinners.  Broccoli salad based on this recipe from Cooking Light.  We roasted the broccoli and sauteed the onion and served the salad warm, which I highly recommend.  I also swapped maple for honey and rice vinegar for cider vinegar.


Served with white bean and basil dip with orange bell peppers and potato chips.


Plus a disappointing cider.


And I loosely followed Rachel Ray’s recipe for pumpkin and sausage pasta.


Served on butternut squash pasta shaped like tiny pumpkins!!


With roasted honey sriracha smoked paprika cauliflower.


And our last and favorite cider, just in time for pumpkin beers.


Non-food wins included…

I started reading One More Thing, Stories and Other Stories and now I’m completely obsessed with B.J. Novak.  The collection of stories fits together in ways that are surprising, moving, and sidesplittingly wry.


Watching the dog put himself to bed, complete with covers and his head on a pillow.


He’s the best.