Weekend Wrap-Up; Winter’s Gone And I’m Not Sad

Winter is not gone for good, obviously, but it took a much-appreciated hiatus this weekend.  It was so warm yesterday that we could walk the dog without coats!


Oh spring, you cannot come soon enough.

Stream of consciousness style, here is some of what I ate this weekend…

Thursday’s lunch.


The new Key Lime 2% Fage is so ridiculously good.  I stopped on my way home that same day to buy more!


Plus a Lady Alice apple.


And a Strawberry Lemonade Cascade Ice.


I bought the drink with my own money after enjoying my samples, but something in this reeeeeally made my stomach hurt so I probably won’t be buying it again.

Friday’s lunch was a delicious sandwich of 1 slice of pumpernickel topped with Miracle Whip, fancy blue cheese, banana peppers, and Applegate Farms Roasted Turkey.


Plus an emmy’s dark cacao macaroon – my new favorite flavor.


And a pear.


The Somersaults you see in the background were swapped out for this Double Shot.


My coffee obsession accepts all forms.

We blended up a final round of our favorite smoothie.


That was the last of our chocolate peppermint soy milk until next holiday season.

I ate a bowl of sugar cereal(s).



Kid’s aren’t all wrong, this was fricking delicious.

I dipped sliced green apple in a blend of melted peanut butter and dark chocolate sauce.


I love green apples when paired with something sweet or cheesy but the thought of eating one all on its lonesome makes my lips purse up.

I tried another evolution juice.


The Essential Greens with Lime was much, much better than the variety I threw out the other day.  Still can’t hold a candle to fresh juice though.

I ate a ton of ice cream.


The Ben and Jerry’s Cores are out of control.  We’ve tried blondie salted caramel and chocolate hazelnut and both were great.  Adam actually liked them more than I did, which says a lot because he claims not be into ice cream.

A friend and I met up at Bierkraft and shared this cider.


It didn’t taste like maple at all, sadly.  But it packed some kick, apparently, because we went out for burgers afterward and it didn’t occur to me to snap a picture until there was only one bite left on my plate.

I got an easy dinner from Trader Joe’s after I went grocery shopping at 8 pm on Saturday.


Along with my salad – which was delicious – I had cheesy bread.  Aka a baguette baked with butter and sharp cheddar.


That was more delicious than the salad.  Obviously.

We made shrimp Pad Thai.  And it was good!!!


First, we had to turn this –


into this –


Making tamarind paste “from scratch” felt super badass, just fyi.  And it was very essential to getting a good sauce.


Basically just rice noodles, carrots, bean sprouts, shrimp, eggs, and this sauce, cooked in canola oil and topped with lime, scallion, and crushed peanut.


It tasted legit!  I can’t even tell you how proud I was.

Last night our dinner plans fell through and we ended up with turkey burger take-out from Bare Burger.


Not the original plan but certainly nothing to complain about.  Mine had turkey bacon, peppers, fried onions, and smoked cheese.

Have you ever made Pad Thai at home?  How’d it turn out?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up; Winter’s Gone And I’m Not Sad

  1. Looks like it’s not spring for us yet :p cold weather and some more snow coming back! Do you know where I can find those Emmy’s treats?

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