Friday-Saturday Frenzy

I worked 9.5 hours on both Friday and Saturday, so the weekend has felt a little frenzied.  Basically ever single thing I ate was on the go, covered in cheese, or both!  Quickly, because I have to get up tomorrow and study for my giant exam before work…

Friday morning on the walk to school, an apple.


When I had to spend time on campus contesting a credit waiver instead of going home before work, a juice.


I made a custom blend – kale, spinach, carrot, and apple.


Lunch at work, delicious co-op hot bar.  Chicken paprikash and smoked gouda mac and peas.


Late night dinner while I waited for my husband to get home from the airport, a giant plate of nachos with black beans and olives.


Saturday morning at work, a rosemary olive scone.  Apparently I loved olives this weekend.


“Lunch” at 5pm during a busy shift, a Katie’s Food Stash Bar and half a veggie and hummus wrap.


On a 9pm grocery trip, December candy.


A late dinner that was worth the wait – eggs and hash browns.


For two – a pint of mushrooms browned in 1 Tbsp Earth Balance, 1.5 cups spinach with 1 Tbsp evoo, salt, 2 eggs; scramble.


For two – 2 small potatoes and 1 red onion cooked in 1 Tbsp evoo and 1 Tbsp Earth Balance; salt, garlic powder, spicy paprika.


An impulse buy at the store, I got sucked in because the box was only $1.50.  It was pretty good.


While catching up on tv, my boys are the cutest.


Good night!

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