A Week Of Splendid Sandwiches

Can I really use that title in a week without a single grilled cheese or lobster roll?  I did have some exceptionally above-bar poultry-based sandwiches.

The winning ‘wiches…

Milk Bar‘s Thanksgiving croissant is the best sandwich of all time.  Adam and I waited for it with baited breath this year.


The seasoned croissant is stuffed with turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing!


Flip Bird at the Ashland does a damn fine chicken sandwich – pulled chicken, harissa honey, pickled coleslaw, sambal mayo, and crispy skin.


And my homemade toasted sandwich dinner was nothing to sneeze at.


Sourdough / Applegate Farm smoked sliced turkey / 4 year aged cheddar / smoked maple mayo (olive oil based mayo, maple, liquid smoke, smoked paprika).


With roasted zucchini on the side.


Other fun stuff…

Vegan eggnogs in my coffee.  Adam really enjoyed the TJ’s almond milk version but I remain loyal to Silk.


Here’s my current holiday stash, so exciting!


Amazin’ Raisin sent me some samples to review.  The fruit-flavored raisins contain three ingredients – California raisins, citric acid, and natural fruit flavors – and are packed with flavor but no artificial sugar or sulfur dioxide.  Adam and I have both been really enjoying them.  So far his favorite flavor is pineapple and mine is watermelon.


Some key work eats included raisins and a Larabar.


And blackberry Siggi with holiday grapes and a maple maca bar.


Really, the best dinner of the week was movie theater pretzel bites with fake cheese.  We went to see Thor: Ragnarok and split our sides laughing.  Our AMC has extra-wide seats that fully recline so the whole experience was really nice.

We also went gaga for these scallion pancakes from Trader Joe’s.


They were crazy flavorful and satisfying.  I topped mine with mayo and Sriracha.


With baby carrots and potato snacks for an appetizer for crunch.


A girlfriend and I met for a mid-week dinner at Bricolage and were both big fans.  Sriracha butter wings to start.


And we both had pink drinks!  She had the pink soda salted lemonade and I picked an option with a cute name that I can’t remember where you pick a spirit and let the bartender go crazy.  I said “vodka, no ginger” and ended up with something delicious with raspberry and lime.


My caramelized shrimp claypot was 10/10.  Georgia white shrimp, vidalia onions, cherry tomatoes, and chili paste with rice to soak up the sauce.


Enjoy your weekends!

The End Of Apple Month

Highlights from this week…

Coffee coffee.  More Black Hand magic.


PSA – the maple pecan latte at Starbucks tastes like nothing and we do not recommend it.


I’ve finished out my Apple Month yogurts.  Cinnamon apple Chobani with chia seeds, vanilla almond granola, and an applesauce on the side.


TJ’s caramel apple with Heritage Flakes and a SweeTango on the side.


Snacks of note included apple mix candy corn (green apple, caramel apple, and apple pie flavored).


And white truffle chips and baby carrots with garlic dip.



I made bean burgers for dinner.  This recipe but with white beans (great northern and white kidney), pesto, and parmesan.  With roasted cauliflower and a smoked garlic aioli.


Clean out the freezer night.  Veggies and orange chicken from Trader Joe’s.



It was actually a pretty good meal, but cocktail hour was better – calamansi lime juice with club soda and vodka.



Last night we did a dinner date in Brooklyn at LaRina.  10/10, we adored it!  Housemade pastas, an innovative menu, a great interior/vibe.  I had lemon gigli with duck ragu.


And we had fantastic panna cotta with salted caramel for dessert.  YUM!


Have a sweet weekend.


Couch Potato, Twice Baked

This past week I came home from vacation and went back to work.  It wasn’t all bad, the end of vacation means I get to see this face –


We made it home in time to celebrate his Buyday.  With steak!


Here are the highlights of what the humans ate this week…

Coffee (coffee! coffee!).  Wicked Joe Coffee sent me some samples.  WJC is a sustainable, family-owned company producing certified organic, fair trade coffees.  They offered to let me try out the goods in celebration of the fact that they are available in 247 Sprouts Farmers Markets nationwide.


I tried both blends (cooked in our drip coffee maker than cooled and served iced) black and with skim milk to taste-test and give them two thumbs up!  I also did some fun, sugary coffee pairings based on the tasting notes to jazz up my return to work mornings.  Wicked French says “bakers chocolate with an unexpected hint of sweetness” so I used fancy chocolate milk.


Big House has “sweet notes of caramel and citrus” so I swirled in dulce de leche.


Yogurt bowls.  Vanilla almond granola / cloudberry peach skyr / and three(!) colors of plucots.


Passion fruit Fage / an apple / and an Rx Kids chocolate chip bar.


I snuck in one last day of midweek vacation with Adam on Wednesday and we went on a lunch date at the gorgeously cool Chaan Teng in Hell’s Kitchen.




I had shrimp and chicken dumplings to start.


And a sweet and spicy cocktail with tequila, tamarind, basil, Szechuan peppercorns, mango juice, lime, and chili.


They had kung pow duck!  With chilis , peppers, peanuts, and jicama.


Snack attack.  We finally got to Astoria to try Chip.  My s’mores cookie was gooey perfection and now I can’t wait to go back.


Cola candies.


Korean Chili KIND bar.  <– I like their savory flavors even better than the sweet


These dried mangos from TJ’s are out of this world good.


If you stretch the definition of “cooked” to its limit, I made five nights of home-cooked dinners!  Turkey and sharp cheddar sandwich on a toasted whole-wheat croissant.


BBQ chicken salad.  Local greens / ranch / baby heirloom tomatoes / pulled chicken breast with Korean bbq sauce / smoked cheddar.


An assortment of freezer items, and eggplant that I actually cooked myself.


TJ’s Thai sweet chili veggie burgers.


Crinkle cut fries (with ketchup and mayo).


Steamed/sautéed eggplant cooked with canola oil, fish sauce, gojuchang, honey, and garlic scapes.


I made pimento cheese twice baked potatoes!


This was my first time making twice backed spuds (or even eating them for that matter) but they came out great.  The filling was a mix of potato / extra-sharp cheddar / diced pimentos / mayo / smoked paprika and cayenne.


Served with baked tofu.


And beautiful roasted purple and orange cauliflower.



The potatoes were great leftover too.


With leftover duck that I chopped up and reheated in a skillet.


And oven-baked okra fries.


Have a great weekend!

Duck Confit

Top 10 bites this week…

Pastries and coffees at Lilia.  An espresso-cream filled doughnut and something that tasted like a fancy funnel cake.


Egg and cheese on a whole-wheat roll.  With an iced latte and a tangerine.


Candy oats bowl.  Rolled oats with chia seeds, mini chocolate chips, and a few caramel M&M’s.  (<– they are so good!  Adam and I are both obsessed and we mailed a bag to my parents who flipped over them as well.)


Nectarine yogurt and red cherries.  So excited that it’s cherry season.


Cafeteria came through with a fancy pasta bar.  Tortelini with peas, pesto, and shrimp.


Best meal of the week was a midweek lunch date at Sauvage.  The service was impeccable and the space was beautiful.


I love a good tiled floor!


We started with the seeded Kouign Amann which was buttery good.  Plus an unpictured cocktail that was fizzy and citrusy but that I’m not finding on the online menu.


Adam ordered mind-blowingly good hen of the woods mushrooms with poached eggs.  I just got a salad — with oranges, za’atar, and duck confit!!  <– 2nd best duck I’ve ever eaten


It is disgustingly warm in NYC and I had ice cream in some form every day this week.  Best = Van Leeuwen‘s honeycomb and black sesame and ash flavors.


Yummy cola flavored hard candies.  Cola is our favorite candy flavor, hard, gummy, sour, or otherwise.


Trader Joe’s frozen lemongrass chicken sticks with a side of baby carrots.


2nd best meal of the week was this homemade masterpiece.  I know that chicken looks awful and raw but it was actually perfectly cooked.  I baked chicken thighs that marinated in miso, brown sugar, rice vinegar, ginger, and fish sauce all morning.


Paired with roasted broccoli and kimchi and turkey bacon fried rice.


Enjoy your weekend!

Pastrami Smoked Salmon On Sourdough

Once again, this title reflects the most exciting thing I ate in this post.  Honestly though, everything I ate this weekend was pretty darn tasty!

Iced coffee with cake popsicle used for ice.  <– gaaaaah!  so swoontastic!


Perfectly sweet just enough sour smoothie – passionfruit sorbet / plain Greek yogurt / frozen blueberries / princess flavoring / water.


Snacky lunch at work.  Mandarin, uncured turkey pepperoni, yummy cinnamon roll Chobani.


Cafeteria sandwich.  Spicy chicken, pesto, red pepper, and tomato, on an insanely cheesy roll.


Mr. Flip sandwich from Flip Bird – pulled rotisserie chicken, harissa honey, pickled coleslaw, sambal mayo, and a piece of crispy skin.  It was a 10/10.


Dinner from the freezer – ice cream and a naan pizza.


The cilantro pesto pizza – which I got with a free coupon given to me for review – was delicious, the flavor was a bit spicy, which was a nice surprise.


Lox and cream cheese on a bagel sourdough toast.


This pastrami-style smoked salmon from Trader Joe’s is my all-time favorite smoked salmon.


Served with a quick salad of tomato, cucumber, cilantro, green onion, olive oil, and Himalayan salt.


I made a recipe!  Cheddar bbq turkey meatloaf.


I ate all of the crispy cheese bits that started to burn to the pan and was sooooo happy.  Plus roasted broccoli.


Do you have a favorite type of smoked fish to recommend?

Lilia, Looking Glass, Loves

In spite of the rain, Adam and I had an absolutely lovely weekend.  Let’s be real though, we think going to the grocery store is a hot date, so pretty much anytime we’re together is considered lovely!

We tried a new restaurant, explored Prospect Heights a bit, spent a rainy morning running errands, saw “Alice Through the Looking Glass” (<– only ok), got in a long walk with the dog before the rain, and caught up on TV.  I even managed to get in a short run before the skies opened.  I was up and out of bed before 7:30 on Sunday which gave us a much earlier start than usual.

Here are the highbites…  <— ahahahaha

Did everyone celebrate National Donut Day on Friday?  Doughnut Plant gave out free mini sprinkle doughnuts with all purchases.


I got a tres leches cake doughnut and a super strong Vietnamese iced coffee.  The freebie was actually my favorite part.

Soursop (my favorite fruit!) juice from Gloria’s.


It smelled amazing in there and we want to go back and get a meal soon.

The movie may not have been great but our cola-themed snacks were on point.


We weren’t expecting much from 7-11 brand pop rocks but they were the fizziest I’ve ever had.

Saturday night we tried out a new restaurant in Williamsburg – Lilia.


Our meal ended up being fabulous!  We started with housemade mozzarella on toasted garlic bread with lemon and bottarga (salted, cured fish roe).


Plus roasted trumpet mushrooms with arugula, balsamic, and toasted almonds.  The ‘shrooms were too chewy for my taste, but Adam adored them.


And I had an Aperol Spritz that was fantastic with our appetizers.


My dinner was the best plate of the night, sheep’s milk cheese filled agnolotti pasta with saffron, honey, and dried tomatoes.  The creamy filling and (wonderfully) chewy pasta were wonderful with the slightly sweet and spicy (thanks to a bit of pepper) sauce.  We were both swooning.


We had to go to dinner quite early to ensure we could score a table as a walk-in so we had time afterwards for more date night fun.  Brooklyn Cupcake – oreo cheesecake and flan filled.


And beers at Barcade.


Adam and I had an absolute blast playing a two-player game where you hunted ghosts.  I never played arcade games with guns growing up but I think I got the hang of it pretty quickly.

Sunday’s dinner made use of a former freebie – Popkoff’s Chicken Pelmeni.  The dumplings were delicious, the chicken was perfectly seasoned.


We tossed them with sautéed onion, shredded brussels sprouts, and chicken hot dog, and Neufchatel cheese and smoked paprika.


I have one more Popkoff’s coupon and then I will definitely be buying the products with my own money.

I’m Alive!

So it’s been awhile since my last post, huh?  My two-week illness (a cold and then the flu) turned into a three week plague extravaganza complete with conjunctivitis, gastroenteritis, and a two-day stay at the hospital.  Yippee.  I didn’t really feel like myself again until just a couple of days ago.

Now I’m back in action, and I even have a week’s worth of meals to share…

daytime eats

I was still recovering on Monday so I started my week off with mint sparkling water cut with Sprite.


I’m usually not a clear soda (or non-diet soda) fan but the day I got home from the hospital I swear it was the best thing I’ve ever tasted.  I didn’t even want diet coke that week, which says a lot about how sick I felt.

The real clue that I was basically dying is this – this small iced latte was my first cup of coffee in more than a week.


I also had a glass of kefir.


Maple was such a fun find.

By the next day I was fully ready for my lifeblood again.  Nonfat caramelized honey (<–yum) iced latte with extra espresso.  Sipped while grocery shopping.


I worked Saturday/Sunday which thankfully meant I had Wednesday off.

And yesterday I had a yummy Kevita kombucha.


Lavender melon.  Kevita is a little more refreshing – and less sour and yeasty – than other brands of kombucha.

Packed lunches were my old standbys.  Oatmeal.


Oats with chia seeds, strawberry shortcake m&m’s, and Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter.  Plus a piñata apple on the side.

And yogurt bowls, with blueberries and blackberries. 2% Fage with maple pecan granola, chia seeds, and more pecans.


Vanilla bean with Heritage Flakes.



Plus truffles from a coworker for dessert.  With a side of Easter themed nails.

Wednesday at home I made an Easter-inspired spread.


Egg salad with potato chips, and warm carrot slaw (sautéed shredded carrots tossed with golden raisins, walnuts, mayo, and stone-ground mustard).

nighttime eats

Monday night I took the dog on an extra-long walk after work… and then laid down on the couch in my coat for more than an hour!  I was too tired to cook anything, but hungry enough to go back and reheat a second plate of leftover pizza.


Plus baby carrots.


We try to always keep them on hand because they are perfect for distracting the dog while he gets his nails clipped.

Tuesday I managed to cook dinner and try a blog product sample (two birds with one stone).  Popkoff’s sent me some free coupons for their new line “farm to freezer” frozen Russian dumplings.


The farmer’s cheese Pelmeni were fantastic – they cooked in under 10 minutes and were perfectly tender yet chewy.  Plus, you have to love the short ingredient list: “Farmer’s Cheese, Wheat Flour, Water, Egg, Sour Cream, Salt, Sugar.”  We kept things simple and tossed them with sautéed mushrooms and cabbage and low-fat sour cream.


Topped with a sprinkle of smoked paprika.  I have two more freebie coupons and I would purchase the dumplings with my own money so this is a meal you’ll likely see again.

Wednesday was the warmest of the season (68!) and we made the most of it by taking the dog on a long walk – in sandals and t-shirts – for water ice.  My strawberry and cola cup hit the spot.


Then we did fish taco night for dinner.  We need to make tacos more often, Adam and I were both raving about this meal.


Toasted taco shells / sautéed onions and bell pepper / shredded cheese / roasted tomatillo salsa / mahi mahi cubes sautéed with lime, cilantro, and green onions / dollops of sour cream.

Yesterday I ate a guava and cheese empanada on the train.


Dinner part deux was TJ’s frozen gnocchi with eggplant and zucchini.



10/10.  We relied a lot of frozen foods to get through this week but the quality of our meals didn’t suffer any.

I hope everyone is feeling well for the weekend!