Stick To Your Ribs Dinners

Thank you, to all those who have served.

The weather is starting to cool down a bit more – I can no longer comfortably wear my sandals* – and our dinner choices have shifted towards steamy, stick to your ribs meals.  *Note – I’m still wearing the sandals, I’m just not comfortable any more.

This was also election week and it’s safe to say that I ate my feelings in the form of booze, caffeine, and sugar.  I am a woman, but I’m also cis/straight, white, sans disability or preexisting health conditions, and unlikely to get an abortion, so I know my feelings of disillusionment and heartbreak really pale in comparison to many others’.

On a happy note, here were some of the yummy things I ate this week…

This week’s coffee blend was soooo roasty and good.


I doubled up with train coffee and post-train coffee a few days, but I’ll note that this quad was enjoyed on a day I skipped the 1st coffee.


Starbuck’s holiday spiced sweet cream cold brew is good!  It tasted like good tidings and cheer!


Did KIND bar read my blog?  Limited edition caramel apple pumpkin spice is right up my alley.  With a sweet Ambrosia apple.


I also love LARA’s hazelnut, hemp, cacao option.  The crunchy nibs are great.


I was too busy at work for lunch one day and ate this turkey and stuffing sandwich on the way home in literally less than 3 minutes.


Plain Siggi’s with chocolate tahini and grapes with pumpernickel pretzels on the side.  Yes, I put the grapes in the yogurt.


Elderflower yogurt (very floral) with persimmons and pumpkin spice Cheerios.


Strawberry cottage cheese plus grapes and pumpkin spice pepitas and granola.  I didn’t enjoy this seltzer as much as I expected to.


Stress eating candies of choice –


Leftover turkey bolognaise that continued to knock our socks off.  Thanks to turkey bacon, mirepoix, and 2+ hours on the stove, this sauce was packed with flavor.


With wine kombucha.  Blueberry Mint was sweet and drinkable.


Leftover black eyed pea cakes.  Topped with cheddar, fire-roasted corn, salsa, and a sunny side up egg with smoked paprika.


We’ve loved this chili from Iowa Girl Eats for years.  This year I stepped it up a bit with lemon-pepper chicken, carrots and celery added to the base, and an additional hour of cooking time to concentrate the tomato before I added the beans.


Pumpkin beers to keep me company while I cooked.  <– Adam and I both thought these two were some of the best of the season.


I topped my bowls with shredded cheese, pickled jalapeño, and plain Greek yogurt.  Plus cucumber slices and Trader Joe’s pumpkin soup crackers on the side.


Chili, meat sauce, baked potatoes… what’s your favorite hearty, stick to your ribs food for winter?

Bites And Frights

How in the world is it November???  I promise not to spend the rest of this year talking about how the year is running out, but it really is blowing my mind.

On the agenda before January?  Christmas shopping, finding the perfect day planner for 2017, and plans for three out-of-town trips right in a row.

Presently, I’m waiting for Adam to get home so we can go to brunch.  And these were the highlights from the past week…

I actually did a pretty good job with capturing things this week minus a plethora more of nachos and iced coffees.  I tried a new blend from Birch.


Espresso and a KIND bar.


Coffee, chai latte, and an almond croissant.


I found a white chocolate seltzer for my Halloween lunch.  It didn’t have much flavor, but my oatmeal was good – with chia seeds, chocolate-covered cacao nibs, and candy corn, plus I stirred in pumpkin puree and Greek yogurt cream cheese at the end.


Other lunches centered around this sweet box of samples from LÄRABAR.  They offered me a chance to try their newest product – BITES, “truffle-like bites made from real food to satisfy your sweet craving.”  The bites are vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and only use Fair Trade Certified™ cocoa and coffee.


We tried three of four flavors (I’m saving mint chocolate for December, aka Peppermint Month) and were big fans.  Cherry Chocolate Chip was enjoyable but not our favorite, I thought Double Chocolate Brownie was fudgy and great next to coffee, and Adam loved the fact that Chocolate Macaroon was coated in coconut flour.

I had a serving of brownie bites with a Noosa pumpkin yogurt and some gum drop grapes(!!) for lunch.


Coconut macaroon went with plain yogurt with yummy chocolate tahini on top.


This week’s snack highlights were nut and seed centric.




Also, of course, candy.  Another product review, Magic Candy Factory sent me a super exciting sample –


That’s my name!  I think this company is really exciting, you can choose from 100’s of shapes, or write a custom message, and MCF will 3D print you a gummy.  The candy is vegan (no dairy, no gelatin), gluten-free, nut-free, and kosher.  Most importantly, it’s delicious.


We tried sublime strawberry and Adam declared this his favorite gummy candy of all time.

Orange and black nachos for Halloween.  TJ’s pumpkin chips topped with cheddar, olives, black beans, and shredded chicken.


Plus pumpkin beers and Peeps.  Warlock was fantastic this year.



For the rest of the week, I made a big batch of pumpkin seed pesto.  Served on pizza with cheddar and sliced turkey, I promise it was tastier than it looked.  With a pea sprout salad.


And we tossed the rest of the pesto with pumpkin-shaped pasta, parmesan, shredded chicken, and roasted cauliflower.  Almost nothing is better than pesto pasta.


Enjoy your weekend!


It’s Pumpkin Month!

Pumpkin Month is here!  On the Emily calendar September is for apples, October and November are for pumpkin, November and December are for eggnog and gingerbread, and December is for peppermint.  This month’s on-theme stash is especially bountiful.









Here are some highlights from the weekend…

My favorite coffee combo – espresso and chocolate milk.  I hate “mochas” because the syrup is gross but this iteration of chocolate and coffee is the best.


Brunch at Benchmark.


I had a roasted vanilla lemonade with vodka.


This unassuming omelette was actually stuffed with duck confit and goat cheese.



My best lunch came from the Starbuck’s refrigerator case.


We cooked two tasty dinners.  Broccoli salad based on this recipe from Cooking Light.  We roasted the broccoli and sauteed the onion and served the salad warm, which I highly recommend.  I also swapped maple for honey and rice vinegar for cider vinegar.


Served with white bean and basil dip with orange bell peppers and potato chips.


Plus a disappointing cider.


And I loosely followed Rachel Ray’s recipe for pumpkin and sausage pasta.


Served on butternut squash pasta shaped like tiny pumpkins!!


With roasted honey sriracha smoked paprika cauliflower.


And our last and favorite cider, just in time for pumpkin beers.


Non-food wins included…

I started reading One More Thing, Stories and Other Stories and now I’m completely obsessed with B.J. Novak.  The collection of stories fits together in ways that are surprising, moving, and sidesplittingly wry.


Watching the dog put himself to bed, complete with covers and his head on a pillow.


He’s the best.

Last Week’s Top Six

Better late than never?  I spent my weekend in a malstrom of giant bowls of stovetop popcorn and NCIS episodes and couldn’t pull myself away to blog.  I’m currently watching NCIS but it will probably be awhile before I eat any more popcorn!

Last week’s top six…

{1} Australian iced coffee.


Cold brew concentrate, chocolate milk, ice, and a scoop of ice cream.  I started several mornings this way.

{2} Product samples from Viki’s Granola.


They sent me some tasty granola to review.  Banana walnut was my favorite.  The granolas are gluten-free and have </160 calories per 1/4 cup.  The texture was unique, they were much softer and less clumped that most of the other granolas I’ve tried.

Very nice in my yogurt lunches.





Especially with sugar crunch grapes.

{3} Compartes Birthday Cake Bar.


White chocolate with sprinkles and three types of vanilla bean, it tasted like cake!  These bars are so worth the $10 price tag, I want to try more.

{4} Pasta salad, served cold.


Whole wheat bow ties / spinach pesto / heirloom baby tomatoes / baked tofu with balsamic / cubes of swiss and sharp cheddar.  We almost never eat cold pasta salad and this felt fun and summery.

{5} Pimento cheese nachos.


Our favorite meal, with a southern spin.  Zapp’s sweet pimento cream cheese chips, shredded chicken, red bell pepper, and candied pecans.

{6} Fantastic oven-fried chicken.


We made a version of this chicken from A Cozy Kitchen and it blew our freaking minds.  With a garlic butter sauce instead of the spicy one.  We plan on making another batch this week.


Top Ten Loves Before Valentine’s

Here are the past week’s top ten eats –

{1} This breakfast.


Cashew date granola bar, grapes, and string cheese.

{2}  And also this breakfast.  Cold brew.


Plus a Ruby Frost apple (<– crisp and juicy!).


And rice cakes.


My co-worker brought in rice cakes and candy for the Chinese new year.

{3} Raspberry cinnamon lassi and a pretzel roll.


An unconventional snack combo but a good one.

{4} Strawberry vanilla smoothie.  Adam and I shared, I didn’t actually finish a Big Gulp of smoothie.


Inspired by my lassi, I added a big shake of cinnamon.

{5} Killer yogurt bowl.


Fage pineapple yogurt topped with chia seeds, toasted walnuts, blueberries, and Luxardo cherries.


Why am I not putting cherries on top of everything I eat??

{6} Cafeteria salad bar.  Toppings included cheese, olives, and white beans.  With a side of tortellini salad.


I totally ate pizza the other 3 days.

{7} Super leftovers soup.


Whenever we make extras of a dish that would go well in soup, we toss them into the freezer for an easy dinner at a later date.



The bag included bok choy, shallots, red pepper, and shredded chicken, the broth was TJ’s miso ginger, and we had a Tupperware of orecchiette pasta in the fridge from the night before.

{8} Sandwich #1, Bareburger date.  Plus fries.


My turkey burger was loaded with pimento cheese, spinach, tomato, pickles, mayo, and mustard.

{9} Sandwich #2, Thai chicken crunch.


Toasted bread with tons of melty peanut butter, Sriracha-mayo chicken salad, and pickled cucumber and carrot.


Served with roasted green beans.


The sandwiches were quick to assemble and very tasty and fun.

{10} Valentine’s-themed love, because I’m a sucker for anything limited edition.



I bought a Starbucks molten chocolate latte the first day they came out, because of course I did (only available until February 14th).  It was freaking delicious.

{bonus} A mid-week date with Adam!  We both had Thursday off and we spent the day in Manhattan.  We ate giant sundaes at Serendipity 3 and took a frigid but fabulous 4 mile walk in the 17 degree weather.

Aaaaand now I work all weekend.  Think warm thoughts for me, please!

S’Mores And S’more

Since I worked the weekend, I had Tuesday off this week, woo-hoo!  I used the time to get my holiday gift shopping 100% purchased, wrapped, and packed for shipping, woo-hoo x2!

daytime eats

This week’s tea – Chestnut.  This was my favorite flavor yet; not as good as coffee, of course, but still pretty sweet and roasty.  And the smell is unbelievable, I got a yummy whiff every time I opened my desk.



With an almond cookie from my co-worker.


Or s’mores trail mix.


Wheat squares cereal, salted brown butter dark chocolate, sweet and spicy pecans, and these fancy marshmallows my aunt and uncle sent me for Hanukkah.


That s’mores box was gone within 24 hours.

This week’s coffee:


Also I enjoyed a Winter Cheer (Stumptown cold brew with mulling spices!) with a cocktail grapefruit (a mandarin and pomelo hybrid that has the tang of a grapefruit without the bitterness).


And one morning I made us pink smoothies – plain Greek yogurt and orange juice with frozen grapes, blackberries, and pomegranate.


I only have one work lunch photo this week, we have been slammed and I ate hurriedly at my desk while I worked so I mostly stuck to pizza.


But Tuesday at home I did eat a tasty yogurt bowl.


Plain Greek yogurt with the last of the cranberry sauce, fresh pomegranate, chia seeds, and Maple-icious Pecan Granola.  I’m going to miss that sauce.

nighttime eats

First things first – I started almost every dinner this week with an appetizer of a big hunk of ciabatta schmeared with Smart Balance.


Also cocktail hour with this dream team:


Adam bought me those ridiculously exciting Luxardo cherries for my birthday and I’ve been hoarding them for winter cocktail hours ever since.

Monday night we harnessed the power of the soft-cooked egg yolk and made easy but amazing bowls.



Mine was roasted green beans, maple chicken breakfast sausage, and a sunny side up egg on top.  Best meal of the week!

The leftovers weren’t half bad though, scrambled eggs with chopped sausage, frozen spinach, and TJ’s sticky toffee cheddar cheese.


Speaking of, I know it sounds a little a lot weird, but if you see that cheese a Trader Joe’s, buy it, the sweet and savory combo just works.  Full disclosure though, it does have dates and raisins in it.

Wednesday and Thursday we ate giant Chipotle-style salad bowls.


Baby romaine base // sautéed onions and peppers // sautéed chicken that was marinated in ginger, garlic, chipotle, lime, honey, and canola oil // avocado // shredded cheese and sour cream.


If I could figure out how to make those fabulous lime-y chips at home we’d be able to stop going to Chipotle!

P.S.  Happy birthday to my (funny, handsome, smart, kind) husband!!!

It’s Beginning To Taste A Lot Like Christmas!


December 1st hits and right on schedule my head fills with thoughts of sugar plums!  Or rather thoughts of eggnog and hot chocolate, I’ve never actually tasted a sugar plum.

It’s not as big as my pumpkin bounty, but I was still pretty excited to pull out my holiday goods stash.


I’ve marked all of the eats in this post that qualify as holiday foods with a ** for classification purposes, also because it feels me with glee.  I’m missing a lot of photos (I ate a ton this week) but here are the highlights…


This week’s coffee – Breakfast Blend with TJ’s low-fat eggnog**.




Plus I had an “original” eggnog iced latte**.


This week’s tea – Gingerbread**.



With a caramel apple biscotti (former freebie).


Or a gingerbread biscotti** (meta!) and a juicy pear.


Or a slice of carrot cake my coworker brought in.


It was a good week for workplace treats, another coworker brought me Filipino-style ambrosia from her Thanksgiving.


It was out of control good; I made myself ill scarfing down that container.  Less sugar than the American version and loaded with palm seeds and fresh coconut.


Maple leaf iced latte from Sweet Leaf.


Yummy, but nothing can top the Voodoo Child (their take on Vietnamese iced coffee).  We also had a really yummy Spanish iced latte at a café in Park Slope later in the week.

Holiday doughnuts** from Doughnut Plant.


Chestnut and a marzipan star.

Holiday milkshakes** from Shake Shack.


We tried gingerbread and chocolate peppermint.  They weren’t all that good but the penguins on the cup make my day.

Mini cupcakes from Sweet Haus Cupcake Café.



We shared red velvet, salted caramel, and cookie dough.  Cookie dough = a literal scoop of cookie dough!

Hot cocoa Hubba Bubba** as an after lunches palate cleanser.


I don’t know how they managed to make the gum so chocolatey!

Mug cookies for the win.


Number 2 Pencil’s winner recipe with salted brown butter dark chocolate.


Brunch with Adam on Sunday.  We went to Greenpoint for Five Leaves.  I got a so-so Bloody Mary.


And we shared an amazing braised duck pot pie.


And an egg sandwich.


The pot pie was succulent duck, root vegetables, and parsnip veloute, in an herbed crust with wilted brussels sprouts leaves.

Cafeteria food is listed from least to most enjoyable –

One day there was nothing that looked appetizing so I ate a spicy tuna salad package from the snack stash in my desk.  Plus cafeteria baked fries.


Another day I ate Asian tofu and steamed squash and wished I’d stuck with my desk snacks.


This tossed salad – with lettuce, ranch, pickles, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese, and pinto beans – was pretty good.


And this taco salad was a winner.


From the salad bar and the taco bar I assembled lettuce, veggies, cheddar, sour cream, salsa, and black bean and corn salsa.




Turkey pepperoni and mozzarella balls on top of marinara sauce and a TJ’s frozen crust.


With salads on the side.



Arugula / roasted broccoli / balsamic, honey, evoo, and lavender salt / sweet and spicy pecans.

Pasta with veggies and sauce.  We topped whole-wheat penne with Bertolli mushroom and truffle sauce mixed with browned mushrooms, chopped spinach, and TJ’s vegan chorizo.



With huge hunks of ciabatta slathered with Smart Balance.


This meal was good several nights in a row.

Veggie miso ramen from Chuko.  With scallions, bamboo shoots, butternut squash, shredded chicken, soft boiled egg, and their fantastic sesame greens.


I had a sore throat all week and this – plus a big scoop of honey ice cream at Ample Hills – was just what the doctor ordered.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!