Channeling Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, and Christopher Turk

Questions about my title?  They’re all characters who love breakfast foods.  This weekend we were all about breakfasts, brunches, and brinners.  In fact, we ate enough “breakfast” foods to fill this whole post…

Thompkin’s Square Bagels.  We had a perfectly chewy poppy seed bagel with birthday cake(!!) cream cheese.  Plus wonderful chocolate milk and coffee.



Vanilla-berry smoothie.  Vanilla almond milk, vanilla pudding mix, chia seeds, frozen strawberries and dark sweet cherries.



Pistachio pastry at Maman.


I also had a lavender hot chocolate.  Their cups/wallpaper/whole aesthetic pretty much kill me.



Nickel and Dinner.


I had roasted maitake mushrooms with provolone, ratatouille, garlic butter, and poached eggs.  I didn’t love the ratatouille, but cheese and mushroom just might be my new favorite combo.


Off-theme but worth mentioning: we had rolled ice cream for dessert and it was wonderful.  I CE NY for the win.  Coffee latte ice cream with Oreo mixed in and mochi, marshmallow, and condensed milk on top.



Egg empanada at Butler.  Local eggs, arugula, and cheddar, plus a divine cilantro dipping sauce.



Breakfast for dinner.


Coffee ale since Shiner collaborated with my favorite cold brew.  This was very drinkable.


I made scrambled eggs with cheese, browned mushrooms, and turkey ham.  Roasted green beans for me and asparagus for Adam.



Other fun stuff?  We started rewatching “Parks and Recreation” (shocker), we spent an afternoon at the mall, and Saturday morning we headed into the city before dawn to walk across the Williamsburg Bridge at sunrise.




Chocolate Strawberry And Banana Date

A short post for a short week; here were my top five tastes…

Snack-pack lunch at work.  Crispy broccoli, jerky(1), baby carrots, and a Cara Cara Orange.


I am a sucker for limited edition Oreos(2).  I always eat them by splitting two in half to make one double-stuffed cookie.


Homemade dinner, chicken with bbq sauce, roasted asparagus, and another killer potato(3) recipe from Serious Eats.


Dinner out with a friend, I finally made it to Taïm  and I loved it.  We had sandwiches(4) and smoothies(5).


  1. Smoked Salmon Maple Stick from EPIC
  2. chocolate-covered strawberry limited edition Oreos
  3. cheesy onion, bacon, and potato gratin
  4. pita with balaganoush, tahini, Moroccan carrots, and pickled cabbage
  5. date, lime, banana, and soy milk

New Orleans Vacation 2016

New Orleans was our best travel experience of 2016.  We stayed at a cute hotel in the French Quarter and had enough time to really get to know the area.  It was a great way to finish up the year.



This was my first trip to Louisiana and I think we managed to pack a lot in.  We visited three local breweries, walked around Loyola and Tulane, explored the French Quarter and Bourbon Street, went to the World War II Museum….



We also tasted tons of local (or at least Southern) flavors – pralines, divinity, snowballs, beignets, pimento cheese, etouffe, grits, chicory coffee, milk punch, and hurricanes.

Here were some of our best bites…

♥Pralines.  They were everywhere and the smell was amazing.



♥Hurricanes.  We went to Pat O’Brien’s (<– yuck!) and Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop.


♥Frozen daiquiris, this one was eggnog!



♥This pecan pie soda was actually horribly disgusting, but it was fun to try!


♥Snowballs.  NOLA served me the best snow-cones of my life, I had one every day.  This was wedding cake (a blend of vanilla and almond) and egg custard topped with sweetened condensed milk.



♥Breakfast at Café Du Monde.  This was a must-stop for us, it was actually the only activity I had planned when I booked our tickets.  The beignets did not disappoint and neither did the chicory coffee café au lait (served on crushed ice).


♥Breakfast at District Doughnut.  We got a Nutella doughnut and a biscuit with pimento cheese.


Plus yummy Vietnamese coffee and an iced coffee with cola and chocolate milk (<– delicious and infinitely better than it sounds).


♥Brunch at Willa Jean.


I had the shrimp and grits – gulf shrimp, etouffee gravy, grits, and slow poached eggs with cheddar biscuits on the side.


Cookies and milk for dessert.  With a beater of dough and vanilla-infused milk.



♥Flights at Abita.  <– one of our very favorite breweries  They had our old favorites and some fantastic limited edition flavors including vanilla Turbo Dog and a key lime gose.  We had beers, Zapps chips, and a root beer on draught and were in absolute heaven.


♥Lunch at Cochon.  They had house-made eggnog.


We split a variety of small plates – a roasted carrot special with mint, Louisiana blue crab rice, and whole fried shrimp with pickled mustard seed hot sauce.  The fried herbs were aromatic and wonderful and the best bites were a mix of everything at once.



♥Dinner at Brennan’s.


Insanely creamy Caribbean milk punch with Buffalo Trace bourbon, Mt Gay black barrel rum, cream, and vanilla bean.


Ridiculous foie gras “sweet potato casserole,” with sweet potato puree and candied pecans.


I had the cheddar risotto for dinner.  With Cherokee Rose cheddar, smoked maitake mushrooms, collard green puree, and a brown butter sauce.


♥Dinner at SHAYA.  <– best meal of the trip and also best meal of the year


That’s a halvah cappuccino.  I also had a Pearl Diver – vodka, labneh, vanilla, and lavender bitters.


We shared a trio of appetizers – Moroccan carrots with chermoula and mint / baba ganoush with green garlic / tershi = a creamy pumpkin spread with crispy garlic and chili oil.  All with fantasmic pita bread and herbed olive oil.


Also foie gras with rose tahini and carob molasses on challah toast (omg).


I had the matzoh ball soup for my entrée.  With slowed cooked duck, dill, charred leaks, lemon oil, and a cinnamon-scented broth.  Best matzoh balls of my life!  Adam had slow cooked lamb and the bites I stole were truly the best thing I’ve ever tasted (fyi I don’t typically eat mammals but I’ll have a taste occasionally if I know the meat is humanely-sourced and Adam says the flavor is worth it).


Dessert(s).  We basically rolled away from the table!  Chocolate babka with halva ice cream and labneh cheese cake with burnt honey ice cream.


It was a wonderful trip!



P.S. No post coming from this weekend, it was the husband’s birthday and I was in celebration-mode versus blogger-mode.  And now we’re both back at work.. womp wah.  Have a great week!

26 Hours In DC

This past weekend we took a quick trip to our nation’s capitol.  It was a whirlwind in-and-out visit but I did have time for two museums, three monuments, and an epic dinner.  Adam had a surgical quality improvement conference on Sunday and I tagged along to spend the day with a girlfriend who lives in the city.


We spent practically as much time in the car as we did awake in DC.  Here were the healthier car snacks –




On the less healthy side, I also had potatoes in multiple forms.

We stayed at the hotel where the conference was being held, much fancier than we’re used to.




There was a lobby atrium (which our inner room looked out over) and trail mix bar.

We got in pretty late in the afternoon on Saturday, but had enough time for a visit to the Renwick Gallery.




Then we took a long walk around the river basin, and up to the Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson Memorials.



The timing worked perfectly so that we could catch the reflecting pool near sunset and it was stunning.

That night we met up with friends for dinner.  Returning to Tail Up Goat was our number one priority for this trip.  They recently earned a Michelin star!  The food was as fabulous as we remembered.  I got an itsy bit drunk so I’m not great on details, but once again we tasted more than half the menu.

My cocktail with vodka and apricot was lovely.


Red grit sourdough topped with sumac onions, candied black olive, and bottarga (salted cured fish roe).


The crispy salt cod balls – no photo – were Adam’s favorite dish.  We also split a cheese plate with cocoa nibs and orange and Campari jam.  I’m pretty sure I never want to eat gouda sans nibs again, their crunch and sweetness was genius with the cheese.


For my entrée I did roasted eggplant with red onion, za’atar, hazelnuts, and burnt bread sauceGuys, that bread sauce is no joke, especially with the creaminess of the eggplant.


Cannoli with lemon curd, candied pistachios, blood orange marmalade for dessert.


We also swooned like crazy over the pistachio roll (like a cinnamon pecan roll) with labneh gelato and fennel honey.  10/10.

Sunday morning I slept in and took advantage of hotel room cable.  Adam had a busy day of learning and I had a fantastic afternoon walking around with my girlfriend.  I had several iced lattes and we had beers and bar snacks on a patio in the sun.


The weather was crazy all weekend, I planned for layers when I packed but ended up shedding everything I could because even my thin scarf was too hot!

We settled in the AC at Ted’s Bulletin.


They had turkey reubens.


And amazing Old Bay Bloody Marys.


Before I knew it I was back with the husband and back on the road.

Vacations are great but coming home is the best – there was a dog on my lap while I wrote this post. 

Birthday Staycation


I’m running late posting but my birthday weekend was absolutely worth sharing.  My parents were visiting,  we spent time with one of my oldest childhood friends which feels very appropriate for a birthday, I had four days off of work (and Adam was free a bit too!), and we spent our days walking and eating.

I love when people visit because showing them around lets you take a vacation in your own town.  Alphabetically, some of our stops included – Brookfield Place, Bushwick, Chelsea, Chelsea Piers, Greenwich Village, the Highline, the Mayorville petting zoo, Montauk, the Narrows botanical garden, Park Slope, Smorgasburg, and Williamsburg.



Here were the food highlights…

Terremoto Coffee.


Winter rose latte in a complimentary cup.

Bluestone Lane.


My Australian iced latte – with cocoa powder and ice cream – was deeply enjoyed as the days were hot, hot hot.

Corner of Vermont sells the best maple candies I’ve ever had.


And their maple soft serve is delightful.

Lunch in Montauk.


They are famous for lobster rolls but I went with the seafood chili this visit.

Chickpea & Olive at Smorgasburg.


Pulled BBQ jackfruit with Carolina slaw, bread & butter pickles, fried shallots, and horseradish aioli, on a potato bun.  This was my first time trying jackfruit and I’m definitely a fan.

Chuko Ramen.


My parents both loved their chicken miso ramen.  I topped mine with drippy egg and tons of chili garlic oil.

Montana Trail House.


I had a drink with hibiscus-infused rum!  And another with Aperol and grapefruit.


We shared fried green tomato sliders and switchel glazed carrots.


And I stuck with veggies for my entrée and ordered the broccoli gratin.


Mostly because it came covered in pimento cheese.

Mile End Deli.


We started with the peppers and baba ghanoush.  When you’re at ME you have to order poutine.


And I always order a turkey reuben.


I love New York.







Wrap Up, Guava Cheese Week

Important things first, check out this fantastic photo I snapped of the dog:


He is my favorite!

This week’s meals were themed around one of my culinary favorites – guava and cheese.  We put this carton of guava paste to very good use.


There’s some leftover and we have big plans for tropical smoothies.

I didn’t do the best job of taking photos this week – there’s at least one day missing from each meal category – but I did capture the really yummy stuff…

I didn’t make coffee at home so I had to get my fix from Starbucks and the coffee shop at work.  We had a freebie ready on our registered Starbucks card so I got to go a little crazy.


Have you registered your Starbucks card yet?  Do it!  Even if you only stop in occasionally the rewards and perks add up quickly.

With an eggtastic sandwich.


With cheddar and turkey bacon on toasted whole-wheat.

And a really fantastic Larabar.


Hazelnut, hemp, and crunchy bits of cacao

This kombucha and seltzer were both on top of their game.


Sadly the mango coconut chia pudding from Trader Joe’s was not to my taste at all.  I threw it out two bites in and headed to the cafeteria instead.

Oatmeal day.  Chia, cashews, freeze-dried berries, and cookie butter on top.


Plus a sweet and juicy Smitten apple.

I even brought guava for lunch one day.


With white nectarine, granola, and the last of some plain Greek yogurt.

It was a very snacky week but the only thing I managed a picture of were these mini pb cups.


I recommend them highly.

Guava cheese week win – quesadillas!


We spread flour tortillas with guava pasta, smothered them in low-fat shredded mozzarella, and pan cooked them with a bit of evoo.


Plus roasted green beans.


These were basically the un-fried version of the empanada I’m obsessed with from the truck in downtown Brooklyn.

We also made pizza.


On TJ’s frozen thin crust (our favorite) with turkey summer sausage on top.  Amazing.

Yesterday we happily skipped guava and cheese in favor of a date night dinner at Pig & Khao.  This Burmese eggplant salad was one of the best dishes we’ve ever put in our faces.


Grilled eggplant, peanuts, dried shrimp, and mint, scooped with shrimp chips.  Umami.  Neither of us could stop raving about it.

My Khao Soi wasn’t bad either.  Red curry, coconut milk, chicken, egg noodles, pickled mustard greens, and red onions.


Slurping long noodles meant I ended up head to toe covered in red curry but it was worth it.

I cooled down my mouth with the Ginpo.


Gin, grapefruit, cinnamon, and prosecco.

While we were in the neighborhood, we finally checked out the Magnum store.  It’s the famous ice cream bars hand-dipped in chocolate and sprinkled and drizzled with your 3 choices from the toppings bar.


We got vanilla / dipped in milk chocolate / topped with gold flake, rose petals, and espresso sugar / drizzled with dark chocolate.  It was good, the shell was wonderfully thick, but I was definitely glad Adam was there to share with me.

Spring In The City


As of this morning our spring vacation comes to a close.  We did St. Thomas, DC, and a few wonderful days in the best city on Earth (aka our hometown, NYC).  After a month apart while Adam was in Texas the past two weeks have been fantastic.  I’m going to miss him a lot this workweek.



In spite of the rain and bitter cold over the past few days we managed to pack a lot of fun into our Friday/Saturday/Sunday.  We walked more than 10 miles around Manhattan on Friday, most of them in the downpour!  We had enough reprieves from the weather to appreciate how insanely gorgeous our city is in the spring.






Here were our top five eats from the end of vacation…

{1} Breakfast at Back Room


Breakfast in a fancy hotel with a view of the city?  Yes, please!  And it was one of the best meals of the weekend.  Adam got an amazing fish platter with herring and smoked sturgeon, smoked salmon, belly lox, pastrami salmon, fingerling potatoes, eggplant salad, and cream cheese with trout roe.  I’m usually a bit too squeamish for lox but I happily stole bites of everything from this plate.


I had duck confit hash topped with a duck egg!  With a cheddar biscuit with honey and butter.


You really can’t go wrong with duck on duck; my meal was almost too rich.

{2} Brunch at Du Jour Bakery

It was so good the last time that I had to go back and take Adam.  I ordered an iced latte (made with Brooklyn Roasting Company) immediately.


And I went savory with an egg and cheese croissant sandwich.  My meal came with a tasty side salad and Adam’s came with fries so we were in business!

{3} Donuts from Underwest


A Hells Kitchen spot inside of a car wash.  We tried halvah and vanilla-lavender.


They were a bit cakey for my preferences (Adam disagrees) but the glaze was top-notch.

Plus coffee from Laughing Man, Hugh Jackman’s Tribeca shop that donates all of it’s proceeds to the Laughing Man Foundation.


That’s a honey lavender latte to fit with our donuts.

{4} Ice cream from I CE NY

Smashed and rolled ice cream!  They spread your base flavor and mix-ins on a giant frozen metal plate.


I got Thai iced tea ice cream with sprinkles mixed in and popping boba, mochi, and condensed milk on top.


It was fun, and also some of the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten.  The base ended up being amazingly chewy! <– here is some info on why “chewy” is a compliment

{5} Dinner at Ten Ichi Ramen, a newish spot in Park Slope

We started with duck bao.


I got the veggie ramen, with an aged egg on top.


Not as good as Chuko but still pretty darn good.  The broth was so creamy!  Plus their chili garlic oil was wonderful, which is good for me because I add it to my ramen by the scoop.