Second Staycation

By the time you read this I’ll be on a plane heading west, woo-hoo!

We are on our final week of summer vacation.  We are excited for today’s travels, but when we made our plans we made sure to include time for some New York City love.  Adam and I spent the past three days having a blast in our hometown.  We ate all the things, got in some good dog cuddles, and spent some time showing off the Lower East Side to a friend (one of our favorite humans recent moved to the city for fellowship and we are excited to share the love).

Here were the top six edible highlights from the past three days…

{1}  Antica Pesa = our new favorite Italian spot


Every piece of this meal was perfection.  From the “Stranger Danger” – Ilegal Mezcal, guava, mint, hot honey, lime, and a Campari float.


To the cheese plate with the best blue cheese we’ve ever had.


I had housemade fettuccine with fresh mozzarella and eggplant puree and Adam had outstanding lasagna.


Plus for dessert we had coffee granite with chocolate cornflake crunch on top and a Gianduia hazelnut cream on the bottom that was my all-time favorite bite of dessert.


{2}  Chef’s Club Counter

The boys liked their smoked salmon toasts and I loved my duck rice bowl with olives, citrus puree, and duck cracklins.


{3}  Mother’s Ruin

My chicken and waffles were my favorite plate of food of the summer!  The wings were coated in ridiculously fantastic Cholula-honey glaze.  I also had a great drink with light rum, cava, honey, and mint.


{4}  Booze in Brooklyn

We played our favorite game at Barcade (and were infinitely frustrated by Tapper) and I fell in love with Dogfish Head’s SeaQuench gose.


Plus we had way too many drinks and fell in love with the vibe at Rocka Rolla.


{5}  Treats at Bibble and Sip

Iced lavender latte and a coconut Thai iced tea panna cotta.  And now we want to go back and try every other flavor of panna cotta.


{6}  Turkey cheese burgers


We made yummy turkey burgers – simply seasoned and kept moist with a brioche panade – on brioche buns with sharp cheddar cheese and bread and butters from Pickle Guys.


With roasted zucchini.


And a duo of fruit beers – New Belgium Juicy Watermelon Ale / Flying Dog Tamarind Ale.


See you this weekend!






Tastes Like Summer

This post is a day late and a dozen pictures short, but I worked the weekend shift so it is what it is.  The good news – now this is a four day work-week with Wednesday off.  The better news – starting this Saturday I’m on vacation! <– I’m taking a looong, overdue break, practically three weeks off (I’m off two full weeks with a three-day week in between).

Here were the bite highlights from last week…

Soursop smoothie.  <– creamy, but not flavorful and not as exciting as I was hoping for


Coffee, coffee, coffee.


Nectarine Siggi’s with chopped angelcot (aka white apricot) and Heritage Flakes.


Vanilla Greek yogurt with dulce de leche and blackberries and apricot.


Pesto pasta from the cafeteria.  With peas, cheddar, and tomato.


Drinkable vanilla Siggi’s / rice crackers / yummy Ruby cherries.


I’m not even close to sick of watermelon yet this summer.


If I had to pick a favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s this would be it.


Crunchy cola marshmallows; I’m not sure how many other people would like these, but they are pretty much my new favorite thing.


Curried cauliflower salad.


I very loosely followed this recipe.  With uncured chicken hot dogs.


I made the fanciest salmon dinner.  And it didn’t even take that long!


Salmon roasted in thyme honey balsamic vinaigrette with roasted kumato tomatoes with balsamic.


Miso-glzed radishes.  <– apparently we love radishes, who knew!


Maple baked beans (pinto beans, maple turkey sausage, maple syrup, cayenne, red pepper, and more) and homemade cole slaw with golden raisins.


With a s’mores beer to round out the campfire vibe.


P.S. I’m turning 32 in less than a week, my birthday is next Monday!

Watermelon Week

I did not do the best job of capturing the past week – I have a whopping 3 photos from the past 7 days.  At least all three pics are of staple items and/or July 4th excitement?

{1}  Coffee!  (<– always coffee)  I am still loving my Whole Food’s dark roast.


{2}  Cheeeeeeese.  My cafeteria has these cheese and cracker cups that are just the best thing ever on afternoons when I feel like I need a snack.


{3}  I worked on the 4th but I still managed to have fresh watermelon watermelon seltzer and watermelon yogurt with berries and s’mores maple marshmallows.


Better luck this week!

Butter Pecan Mochi

Apologies for another late post!  Honestly?  When I get home from work I get into bed fully dressed with a snack for at least 30 minutes and sometimes I just don’t get up again to do anything productive!  I know I haven’t really blogged about some of the big recent changes at work, but suffice to say I am tired.  <– but also really happy to be busy and getting some exposure to new things

Some of my favorite bites from the [last] week…

Watermelon kefir is an excellent idea.  P.S. When I went to the Lifeway website I discovered that they apparently make an eggnog kefir and now it’s pretty much all I can think about.


I was all about the premade coffees this week and they were surprisingly delicious.  Starbuck’s dark roast iced coffee.


Caribou vanilla iced coffee.


Cafeteria baked potato bar.  With sour cream, cilantro, cheese/sauce, and salsa.


Yummy yogurt bowls.  Coffee Chobani with chocolate tahini, maple granola, and walnuts and an eve apple.


Blood orange Chobani with Heritage Flakes and sunshine raspberries.


Whole Foods hot bar = black bean sauce broccoli, green beans, curried cauliflower, pasta salads, sweet chili tofu.


Plus I tried their mocha ice cream in butter pecan and black sesame.  <– this might be my new favorite thing


Blue chip nachos!  With corn, cheddar, black beans, and fresh tomatoes.  I dipped them into roasted tomato salsa.


I bought a bag of rolls at our grocery’s bakery ($1.69 for a variety pack of six?!) and we became obsessed with turkey and cheddar sandwiches.  The key is spreading the bun with a mix of mayo and gojuchang.


I made a simple veggie and tofu bowl that was our favorite dinner of the week.


Chopped raw bok choy with TJ’s sesame soy ginger vinaigrette / TJ’s teriyaki baked tofu / crispy edamame – tossed with evoo and salt and baked at 400* for 20 minutes / black sesame seeds.


Leftover sesame noodles with chili oil with baked tofu and crispy edamame.


A dinner in parts: Adam had to take a super quick trip to Delaware this week and I worked out my schedule to tag along.  We started with Mile End in Brooklyn for appetizers.  Garlic knish.


Brussel sprouts salad (with a mix of raw and roasted!) with labne, sumac, and honeycomb and pumpernickel powder.  It was amazing.


Mid-dinner dessert stop for churros with dulce de leche at the new DeKalb Market Hall.


And finally Grain in Newark.  I had a great whiskey sour.


And the best crab cake sandwich of my life; it was absolutely packed with crab meat, no filler to be found.


Enjoy the rest of your week!

It’s Hot Outside And I Want Ice Cream And Iced Coffee

Here’s a looong post because it’s been a looong time since I last posted!  20 things from the past 10 days…

{1-4} Cool Coffees.  New Orleans iced coffees from Homecoming and Otha’s.



Toasted marshmallow iced latte from Sweetie Pies on Main.


Homemade frappe with dark roast, milk, ice, and birthday cake ice cream (<– I enjoyed the Halo Top a surprising amount, and would definitely buy it again).


{5-6} Decadent Doughnuts.  Nutella beignet from Maman.


Rose and marmalade doughnut from Polka Dot.  <– one of the best doughnuts either of us had ever eaten


{7-10} Work Bites.  Piñata apple, salted caramel Doubleshot, and an ancho pepper turkey stick.


Almond water (<– yuck!), chocolate hazelnut croissant, and a smitten apple.


Vanilla bean yogurt with white peach and crumbled cookies (<– the recipe I always make with butterscotch and dark chocolate chips and walnuts).


TJ’s avocado citrus yogurt with fresh mango and a peanut butter Larabar on the side.


{11-12} Lunch in Greenpoint.  Greenpoint Fish and Lobster.


Watermelon lemonade with cava.


Grilled bluefish tacos with citrus cabbage, chipotle-lime mayo, radishes, and cilantro on grilled corn tortillas.


Greenpoint Beer and Ale.  I got the honey saison.



{13} Quality Eats at Quality Eats.  French toast cocktail (<– extra points for the punny name!) = bourbon, maple syrup, cinnamon, egg white, and prosecco.


I had fried eggs with avocado and salsa rosa, and a perfectly dressed salad.


And we had the s’mores ice cream sundae for dessert, with burnt marshmallow ice cream.


{14-17} Winner Dinners.  Kimichi quesadillas.  I stuffed wonderfully soft tortillas with a mix of sharp cheddar, chopped kimchi, and mayo.


Served with sour cream, roasted zucchini, and a weisse beer with lychee and pink guava.


Bean and cheese tacos.  With watermelon beer and seltzer.  I cooked pinto beans in a skillet with evoo, salt, pepper, curry powder, and cayenne, then mashed them up with a spoon.


With sour cream, salsa, Mexican cheese blend, and sautéed onions and green pepper.


Chicken wing pasta.  Whole wheat shells / shredded chicken / peas / habanero wing sauce / cream cheese / blue cheese.


Our first trip to Win Son = the best meal of this post.


I got the Breakfast of Champions drink with peanut milk, toasted sesame, rum, rum cream, and toasted coconut.


Fried eggplant with black vinegar, kefir cheese, and spiced cashews.  <– maybe my favorite thing I’ve eaten this year


Sesame noodles with scallions and oyster mushrooms.  Plus a metric ton of chili oil.


{18-20} Delicious Desserts.  Molly’s Cupcake for raw cake batter stuffed yellow cake.


Bubble tea at Yaya Tea.  Guava black tea with yogurt popping boba and mango stars.  <– new favorite boba spot


Ice and Vice seasonal flavor, No Whey – labne ice cream with burnt honey and preserved lemon.  This was so refreshing!


Enjoy the rest of your week!




Independence Day Eats

I hope all of my American readers enjoyed their 4th of July.  I had a three day weekend with Adam and a holiday with theme colors so you know I was happy!



Here were the on theme (summer!) eats…

Is iced coffee a summer food?  I guess not really for me because I drink it 365 days of the year sun or snow.


Red, white, and blue smoothie.  Strawberry / banana yogurt / blueberry.


Watermelon lunch.  Chobani, fresh melon, and seltzer.


Boozy root beer float.  Root beer beer, dark rum, dulce de leche, and vanilla bean gelato.


Cook out dinner that we totally made in-doors.  Turkey hot dogs, oven-roasted corn on the cob, and Eat Live Run’s bbq kale and beans.


I added ketchup for dipping, seltzer for sipping, and a strawberry beer to the meal after we sat down.



See also – Genesee Cream Ale and a giant platter of nachos at a dive bar in Brooklyn.


Trader Joe’s shooting star cookies.



Pop rocks have kind of been our favorite this year.

I’m off to enjoy a four-day work week!

Eating Madison Square

This week’s flavor themes: coffee (always), cheese (almost always), lavender, yogurt, fresh herbs, and tahini granola (<– my newest, greatest recipe!).

We work all weekend – actually we work every day straight until next Friday – and we made the most of our shared Thursday off.  And we went on a dinner date on Tuesday!  Good times.

My seasonal allergies hit hard this week and I was a sneezy, disoriented mess so dinners were basically a disaster but my lunches were on point.  And dinners were fun, just lacking in greens; the “healthiest” meal of the week was veggie-packed nachos!

foods that were good

This week’s coffee – Black Hand with lavender sugar.  Very yummy with fat-free milk and half & half.



Also with the last of the Nutchello.


And paired alongside a lavender kombucha.


Important note – this pomegranate sangria seltzer tastes and smells exactly like Pez candy!


The serenity now blend from David’s Tea also deserves a mention, the spearmint is lovely.


Bonus – maple iced latte from Brooklyn Roasting Company.


My packed lunches were all about the tahini granola.  With plain yogurt and berries.



Though one day I did have Chobani watermelon with fresh watermelon.  If you haven’t had watermelon in a yogurt bowl yet, go for it, the combo is fantastic.


And yesterday we did a lunch date at Madison Square Eats. <– a food tent situation similar to Smorgasburg



It was great to sit outside and eat in the sun.  We shared a salmon belly dosa waffle from Inday.


And a green papaya salad with lemongrass chicken from Hong Kong Kitchen.  Served on a giant bed of lettuce.


But our true raison d’être was the Ice & Vice ice cream and Squish marshmallow collaboration.  We had a scoop of Detention (malted vanilla with brownie and fruity pebble dust) with a toasted Birthday Party (sprinkles) marshmallow.  Yummmm!  Best marshmallow we’ve ever tasted.


The days I didn’t eat granola at lunch I had it as an evening snack!  I’m a woman obsessed; that stuff is delicious.  This was caramel Noosa with granola, melty cookie butter, and blackberries.


Speaking of evening snacks, the cookie butter is a very tempting thing to have open.


Take-out Pad Thai for dinner.  This wasn’t even my weak take-out, this was Adam’s leftovers from a night shift.  Like I said, dinners weren’t fantastic.


Pizza pizza.


Our dinner date at Pok Pok was a win.


That’s a tamarind whiskey sour.  Enjoyed with complimentary chili lime peanuts.


The food is served family-style and the waitress recommended sharing three dishes so that’s what we did.  Khao Soi Kai – Northern Thai mild curry noodle soup made with a secret curry paste recipe and coconut milk.  With chicken on the bone and crispy noodles.  Served with house pickled mustard greens, shallots, and roasted chili paste.


Cha Ca “La Vong” – Vietnamese catfish marinated in turmeric and sour sticky rice, fried in turmeric oil with scallions and dill, served on rice vermicelli with peanuts, mint, cilantro, and mam nem (fish sauce).  The fresh herbs took this over the top!  I have been loving the use of mint in our restaurant dishes lately.


Finally, Hoi Thawt – crispy broken crepe with steamed fresh mussels, eggs, garlic, chives and bean sprouts.  This was my favorite dish, you can’t go wrong with fried eggs.  I only recently started eating mussels but I really enjoyed them served this way.


We also had an amazing dessert.  A clever play on Thai iced coffee, this was a condensed milk ice cream affagato in Stumptown espresso.  With Thai doughnuts on the side.


Our homecooked dinner for the week was loaded nachos.  Corn chips, shredded cheese, shredded chicken, pinto beans, roasted broccoli, sautéed orange bell pepper and onion, avocado, and tons of fresh cilantro.


The dog was pretty pleased with this too, because he got several bites of chicken and avocado during the assembly stage.

three exciting non-food things

{1} How long the dog is in this photo Adam snapped of us in bed.


{2} The Egg and the Spoon.  I’m halfway done and loving it.  All of Gregory Maguire’s books are enchanting but this story is particularly so.  I’m going back and rereading every other page  because the wording is just so beautiful.


{3} I convinced one of my friends to start watching Hart of Dixie and now she texts me regular updates about how great it is!  I’m way too excited to have someone sharing my shame.