Double Chocolate Cherry and Pumpkin Spice

We’re a week into Pumpkin Month and I still haven’t cracked open any of my pumpkin beers!  I have, however, purchased more (I spotted Schlafly in Manhattan – finally! – and couldn’t pass it up).  Thankfully I consider November gourd drinking time as well.

I didn’t do the best job with photos, but here were some of my eats last week…

Home-brewed coffee (espresso roast with fat-free half and half) with honey, vanilla, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice.


I dumped most of that yummy coffee into my purse and consoled myself with espresso and chocolate milk when I got off the train.


Pumpkin spice coffee with pumpkin juice that ended up being too spicy for me.  I wanted it to taste like that amazing pumpkin smoothie Odwalla used to sell.


I also was NOT a fan of the pumpkin pie Quest bar, big surprise.  My coffee and chocolate-covered almonds were still a good snack though.


As was this pear and Epic Bar combo.


Liberte lavender! yogurt with banana and almonds for lunch.


My other yogurts for the week came in the form of a product review – i.e. sent to me free of charge, with no additional compensation for this post.  Greek Gods yogurt is both Adam’s and my absolute favorite so when they offered to send me their three newest chocolate flavors I jumped at the opportunity.


Because they’re made with whole milk, the yogurts have too much saturated fat for me to consider them an everyday staple, however, as a treat they are fantastic.  Compared with ice cream they have less than half the saturated fat and calories (and double the protein) and 100% of the flavor and creamy decadence.  Like I said, Adam and I both consider them to be the most pleasing yogurts on the market.  And we have been eating them everyday this week!

Chocolate Cherry I decided to use in a smoothie recipe.  For 2 – blend 1 cup yogurt, 1 cup frozen dark cherries, and 8 ounces chocolate milk.  Yum!


Chocolate Strawberry I topped with freeze-dried strawberries, chocolate-covered cocoa nibs, and pecans.


And Chocolate Mocha turned into pumpkin spice mocha, with pumpkin spice granola and pepitas on top.


Dinners were weak this week.  I made this ridiculous grilled cheese sandwich – Havarti and sharp cheddar on cinnamon swirl bread – three nights in a row!


And leftovers saved me from having to cook the only meal that counts as a meal.  Pumpkin sausage pasta and broccoli salad were weirdly fantastic together.  Topped with smoked paprika and shredded cheese.


Last night we went to Biang!  We split shredded potatoes and garlic bok choy and I had Mt Qi spicy pickled veggies on hand-pulled noodles.  My elbow was practically touching the girl next to me, so no photos.

Today, we’re hoping to go to Smorgasburg and dinner in Williamsburg.  Have a great weekend!

Palm Seed Fun

This post is running a little late because I am too – I have the day off!  Working last Sunday earned me a long weekend today.  It’s actually an extra-long weekend because I’m off Monday as well, I’m going to Ohio tomorrow to visit my grandma.  Today, I’m going to have some fun with Adam and Webster.

Highlights from this week…

I didn’t snap any iced coffee photos this week, but I promise it was consumed in substantial quantities.  There’s a chance I stayed up far too late watching Road Rules on YouTube one night.  <– not worth the exhaustion, that show spent way more time on relationship drama than I had remembered.

Apple oatmeal, with an Asian pear.


My Filipino coworker brought me in some palm seeds and I bought them to good use.  Chia pudding with palm seeds and banana.


Yogurt with palm seeds, Luxardo cherries, Cherrios, and an orange.


Another treat from the Philippines, polvoron, or powdered milk candy.  They were fantastic, crumbly and milky in such a pleasing way.


More candy, Justin’s peanut butter cups (I’m still obsessed with these) and a milk popping candy.  Sparkling water and diet coke are two of my favorite things and when you drink them together – as in at the same time, not in the same cup – they both taste even better.


Other snacks included apples we picked ourselves.


And the best microwave popcorn we’ve ever popped.  This tasted almost as good as stove-popped.


We kept dinners super simple this week.  Leftover smoked trout casserole, eaten cold out of the pan.


Salmon salad sandwiches – canned salmon with mayo, mustard, and pickle relish – on toasted TJ’s quinoa bread.



My most complicated night involved potato vareniki which cook in about 5 minutes.  Tossed with shredded rotisserie chicken / sautéed celery / garlic kale / and a sauce made of cream cheese and chicken stock.


I’m off to go start my day off!

It’s Apple Month!

Can I show off my apple-themed haul??  I’m quite excited about it.






And fittingly, we are driving upstate to go apple picking this afternoon.

So far the gum has been my favorite, though I haven’t tried any of the ciders yet.  I went out for drinks with a friend last night and had a regular (red apple) Angry Orchard that was unpleasantly sweet so I’m hoping green apple has some tartness to it.

Apple pie bar and a Gala apple.


Caramel apple bar with green apple sparkling water and some honey peanut butter.  With an Asian pear.


Caramel apple pie cheesecake from work.


I did eat a few things that weren’t apple-flavored.  Like a giant plate of buffalo chicken pizza!  With salads from the Whole Food’s bar, Caesar, kale, and corn.


Blueberry cheesecake smoothie.  Frozen berries, vanilla almond milk, cream cheese, and lemon syrup.


Green bean dinner bowl.  This turned out way better than I was expecting, especially because the green beans were a bag of fresh beans that got tossed into the freezer last week when they started getting old. They would have been too mushy roasted, but were perfect with an egg on top.


Sautéed green beans tossed with turkey bacon, mustard, and lemon juice // pan toasted whole-wheat panko // fried egg // smoked paprika.

Everyone go eat an apple!




First Week Of April’s Top Ten

{1} Stumptown’s newest cold brew box – coconut.


{2} This week’s homemade coffee blend – chocolate milk and espresso roast.



{3} Giant veggie omelet for breakfast at work.  They are made fresh to order and are by far the best dish coming out of the cafeteria.


{4} Garlic veggie pizza with a side of brussels sprout salad.


{5} Yogurt bowl.  Plain Greek with strawberries, praline pecan granola, walnuts, and chocolate covered cacao nibs.


{6} Oatmeal bowl.  Oats, chia seeds, strawberries, and cookie butter.  Simple, but this was the best oatmeal of the year.


{7} This month’s Skoshbox.  There were chocolate-covered potato chips!


{8} Biscoff chocolate chip mug cookie.


{9} Trader Joe’s frozen “pizza.”  The crust was a bit floppy but the sauce had good spicy kick to it.



{10} Creamy tomato turkey.  Sautéed ground turkey with browned mushrooms, roasted plum tomatoes, tomato paste, sour cream, tons of smoked paprika, salt and pepper.  Plus roasted zucchini.  I made a truly excessive amount of this dish and even after a couple of meals there’s still some left for next week.


{Bonus} Non-food Entertainment Top Five

{1} “Hart of Dixie.”  I finished it last week but it I’m still not over it, the storyline was just so fun!  It was such a feel-good show, I really enjoyed watching something that wasn’t heartrending for a change (<– Whedon fan).

{2} Slate.  The source of 95%+ of my news plus the amazing Dear Prudence advice column (<– her response to “Too High” was spot on!).

{3} Girls with Slingshots.  Another soap opera!  This webcomic series is on long-term hiatus but you can start at the beginning and read through the archives.

{4} Serious Eats.  The source of 95%+ of my food-based news and cravings.  This is one of the sites I check every morning during my train ride, I’d hate to miss an article like the Nacho Showdown.

{5} Taylor Swift’s hilarious Apple Music commercial.

Salads, Berries, And Chocolate – Post Blizzard Eats

Fun fact about how old I feel – I spent an hour digging out my car on Sunday and it took until midweek before I could get up from my chair without audibly groaning.  This was my first year (ever!  I grew up on an island) having to do it and now I totally understand why so many people have heart attacks each winter.

daytime eats

The LIRR was still closed on Monday but thankfully Adam was around to drive me to work.  Silver lining – I spent extra time with the husband and we got to eat doughnuts for breakfast.


I got an iced latte and a black sesame cream doughseed.



Tuesday was much less exciting, coffee with vanilla almond milk and a piñata apple (Let’s be real though, I’m always excited about coffee!).


And coffee with fat-free sweetened condensed milk in it is downright thrilling.  Plus a protein bar and a pear.


More SCM love and more strawberry seltzer.


Speaking of strawberry, this week’s tea – white strawberry.  This was a particularly pretty blend.


The most exciting breakfast of all involved halo halo.  Plus cereal and chia seeds.  I’m still not sure if my Filipino coworker was impressed or horrified that I was putting it on plain Greek yogurt!


I packed a couple homemade “instant” oatmeal bowls this week.  Rolled oats, nonfat milk powder, brown sugar, chia seeds, and pecans, mixed with hot water at work.  One day was freeze-dried raspberries with a peach on the side.



The other was strawberries with a tangelo.



I also brought in brownies!  I made a double batch of milk crumbs (from Milk Bar) and dumped them in my favorite brownie batter along with some caramel chocolate chips.  They got rave reviews from my coworkers.


And apparently I missed them when they were gone because one day I bought chocolate cookies and an iced coffee for a train-ride snack.


Lunches also included a slice of ridiculously overcooked veggie pizza.


And a delicious salad topped with falafel and giant scoops of tzatziki and tabbouleh.


nighttime eats

Adam had to take me home from work on Monday too – my train didn’t start running until the absolute last second on Tuesday morning – which meant we got to do a dinner date as well.  The streets were still crazy so we decided to eat wherever we could park.  We found a spot next to… Ramen Yebisu.


I got the veggie miso ramen with shitake mushroom, scallion, onion, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, and kelp.  With an egg on top.  It was good, but just couldn’t compare with the epic ramen they serve up the road at Chuko.

I went out on Thursday too.  I met up with friends for drinks and dinner after work.  Drinks were bourbon, lemonade, and iced tea slushies at Pork Slope.  Dinner was obscenely cheesy sandwiches at Melt Kraft.


I got the Melter Skelter (<– ha!), raclette cheese, pickled green tomatoes, jalapeño, bbq chips, and watercress.


So good.  The pickled tomatoes were a really nice contrast to the rich cheese and chips are always a good sandwich topping.

Another night, Adam ate leftovers and I ate a guava cheese empanada on the train.  We sat together for our salad course though.


Arugula with sweet and spicy pecans, chia seeds, and golden raisins, dressed with lavender honey, evoo, balsamic, and lavender salt.

Plus we shared new gummies.


My salad was spicy sweet and these were sour sweet.

I did manage to cook one real meal.  I put chicken breasts in the crockpot in the morning along with a jar of salsa and tons of chopped bell peppers and onion – plus a little bit of salt and evoo – and came home to this –


Served with TJ’s Cuban black beans and tons of cheese on top.


We have really been loving the crockpot this winter, all of our best chicken has come out of it.

One more day of work and then I’m spending my weekend being low-key and boring, running errands and catching up on tv.

It’s Beginning To Taste A Lot Like Christmas!


December 1st hits and right on schedule my head fills with thoughts of sugar plums!  Or rather thoughts of eggnog and hot chocolate, I’ve never actually tasted a sugar plum.

It’s not as big as my pumpkin bounty, but I was still pretty excited to pull out my holiday goods stash.


I’ve marked all of the eats in this post that qualify as holiday foods with a ** for classification purposes, also because it feels me with glee.  I’m missing a lot of photos (I ate a ton this week) but here are the highlights…


This week’s coffee – Breakfast Blend with TJ’s low-fat eggnog**.




Plus I had an “original” eggnog iced latte**.


This week’s tea – Gingerbread**.



With a caramel apple biscotti (former freebie).


Or a gingerbread biscotti** (meta!) and a juicy pear.


Or a slice of carrot cake my coworker brought in.


It was a good week for workplace treats, another coworker brought me Filipino-style ambrosia from her Thanksgiving.


It was out of control good; I made myself ill scarfing down that container.  Less sugar than the American version and loaded with palm seeds and fresh coconut.


Maple leaf iced latte from Sweet Leaf.


Yummy, but nothing can top the Voodoo Child (their take on Vietnamese iced coffee).  We also had a really yummy Spanish iced latte at a café in Park Slope later in the week.

Holiday doughnuts** from Doughnut Plant.


Chestnut and a marzipan star.

Holiday milkshakes** from Shake Shack.


We tried gingerbread and chocolate peppermint.  They weren’t all that good but the penguins on the cup make my day.

Mini cupcakes from Sweet Haus Cupcake Café.



We shared red velvet, salted caramel, and cookie dough.  Cookie dough = a literal scoop of cookie dough!

Hot cocoa Hubba Bubba** as an after lunches palate cleanser.


I don’t know how they managed to make the gum so chocolatey!

Mug cookies for the win.


Number 2 Pencil’s winner recipe with salted brown butter dark chocolate.


Brunch with Adam on Sunday.  We went to Greenpoint for Five Leaves.  I got a so-so Bloody Mary.


And we shared an amazing braised duck pot pie.


And an egg sandwich.


The pot pie was succulent duck, root vegetables, and parsnip veloute, in an herbed crust with wilted brussels sprouts leaves.

Cafeteria food is listed from least to most enjoyable –

One day there was nothing that looked appetizing so I ate a spicy tuna salad package from the snack stash in my desk.  Plus cafeteria baked fries.


Another day I ate Asian tofu and steamed squash and wished I’d stuck with my desk snacks.


This tossed salad – with lettuce, ranch, pickles, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese, and pinto beans – was pretty good.


And this taco salad was a winner.


From the salad bar and the taco bar I assembled lettuce, veggies, cheddar, sour cream, salsa, and black bean and corn salsa.




Turkey pepperoni and mozzarella balls on top of marinara sauce and a TJ’s frozen crust.


With salads on the side.



Arugula / roasted broccoli / balsamic, honey, evoo, and lavender salt / sweet and spicy pecans.

Pasta with veggies and sauce.  We topped whole-wheat penne with Bertolli mushroom and truffle sauce mixed with browned mushrooms, chopped spinach, and TJ’s vegan chorizo.



With huge hunks of ciabatta slathered with Smart Balance.


This meal was good several nights in a row.

Veggie miso ramen from Chuko.  With scallions, bamboo shoots, butternut squash, shredded chicken, soft boiled egg, and their fantastic sesame greens.


I had a sore throat all week and this – plus a big scoop of honey ice cream at Ample Hills – was just what the doctor ordered.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!


Weekly Wrap-Up


The five best things I ate this week…

(1)  Coffee boxes

Blue Bottle.




These guys never let me down.

(2)  This snack assortment

Baby carrots, seaweed salad, a Honey Belle pear, and a Pixie tangerine.


Bonus – I went to a catered seminar on physical assessments for malnutrition and they brought in surprisingly good salads from Smash Burger.

(3)  Oatmeal bowls

Wild Beary flavor with maple almond butter on top and a Gold Nugget tangerine on the side.


The berries and cream oat bowl I made myself was better though.

homemade oats to go

Rolled oats, malted milk powder, chia seeds, freeze-dried strawberries, and dried blueberries.  Plus sweetened sour cream on top.

(4)  Green curry with bulgar

This was the best thing we ate all week.


Ground turkey sautéed with garlic, ginger, green onions, and probably something else that I’m forgetting // collard greens and celery cooked in rice vinegar with salt and a bit of sugar (sort of try for the pickled greens served at Pig and Khao) // green curry paste and light coconut milk // served on bulgar.


Now that I’ve gotten my hands on jarred crushed ginger again my food has gotten so much better.

(5)  Asian-ish rice noodles

This would have been the second best thing we ate, but it desperately needed crushed peanuts on top.


Ground turkey that had been marinated over night with green onions, ginger, garlic, brown sugar, canola oil, fish sauce, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and maple bourbon // baby bok choy, shitake mushrooms, and red bell pepper cooked with Sriracha, ginger, and a pinch of sugar // rice noodles cooked in chicken broth.


Marinating the meat in so many acidic things gave it an amazing texture, though I realize that it doesn’t look all that pretty.  I have a bag of the chopped veggies prepped in the freezer so we can quickly make this meal again soon.

The worst thing about this week?  The weather!  Why is it so cold again??