I Can’t Choose A Favorite!

This is a longer wrap-up (Monday through Sunday) and I ate too many yummy things to chose a single favorite for my post title.  I’ve got my top three – 1) Thai-style crab fried rice, 2) roasted garlic bread, and 3) black sesame shaved ice.

Here were the highlights…

Killer coffee combo – Volcanic roast with chocolate milk.


Usually I just have coffee for breakfast or eat something on my train, but this week the cafeteria sounded amazing first thing in the morning.  Eggs and hashbrowns, with humus.


Cafeteria lunch, a spicy chicken sandwich on ridiculously cheesy bread with mustard, lettuce, and bell pepper.


Last weekend I spent forever trying to make coconut curd.  I didn’t make jam, but I did filthy every last inch of my stovetop.  My experiment didn’t work, at all, but I did kind of like the end result – a vaguely sweet, egg, cake.


I enjoyed my “jam” in lunches all week.  Like with vanilla bean yogurt and blackberries.


And plain yogurt, berries, maple quinoa granola, and black sesame seeds.


Whole Foods hot bar lunch.


Sesame broccoli, turkey salad, and cole slaw.


Plus a maple soda that was not as exciting as I was expecting it to be; it had an off-putting aftertaste.


Snack time.  Ice cream = maple walnut and a white chocolate vanilla marshmallow flavor.


Milk bun.


Crème brulee milk stout.


My workweek dinners were on point!  Like crab fried rice with roasted broccoli and sliced cucumber.


I loosely followed this recipe, except I used brown rice and waaaay more crab.  It was fantastic.


Vampire killer, I roasted three whole heads of garlic for this recipe.


Garlic turkey meatballs with red sauce and roasted zucchini.


And amazing homemade garlic bread – I mashed butter and roasted garlic and then slathered it on sliced sourdough and baked until delicious.


Even our leftovers meal was tasty.  Cheese tortellini with meatballs, peas, roasted garlic, and red sauce.


One night I had dinner out with a coworker.  We checked out the new Brooklyn MŏkBar location.  They have a liquor license now, and I got a yummy vodka “cloudsicle.”


Plus chicken ramen with kimchi and poached egg.


And the new Brooklyn Snowdays location was right next door!  Black sesame shaved ice with oreo, mochi, and condensed milk.


Plus a dinner date with the husband.  Brinkley’s has Genesee Cream Ale on draught!


We got pimento cheese dip and duck fat fries to start and I dipped my fries in the pimento cheese and pretty much died of heart failure happiness.


Plus fish tacos with mahi, guacamole, and pineapple salsa.


The other two dinners were decidedly less exciting.  Like Chipotle take out.  And more hot bar.  Yes, I went to Whole Foods two different days, it was an exciting week.  I was too busy at work yesterday to break for lunch so by the time I got dinner I ate a giant plate of all of the things.


Now it’s two days of work before a break on Wednesday.

Have a great week!


Duck Hash At Colonie

I hope everyone had a nice Easter!


We had friends in town from PA and had a great weekend doing our favorite things with them – walking and eating!

Friday night highlights:  Grand Army / Barcade / Brooklyn Star

My drink at Brooklyn Star was packed with exciting stuff, including aperol and papaya puree.  Plus we had spicy duck wings which are 10/10.


Saturday highlights:  Sweetleaf / Ice & Vice / Chelsea Market / John’s on Bleecker / we walked across the Williamsburg Bridge, on the water through Battery Park, then over to Brookfield Place and through the Oculus building

Ice and Vice did not fail to impress the out-of-towners.  I got a scoop of Shade (smoked dark chocolate with caramelized white chocolate ganache) in a sesame cone.


John’s was actually a pizza place that they introduced to me!  Our pie, topped with green peppers, was delicious, and I plan on going back.


Sunday highlights:  Colonie

All four of us ordered the duck hash at Colonie, it’s that good.


Adam and I had some fun on our lonesome too.  Like talking a (sweltering!!) walk in Brooklyn and getting coffee and baklava.



And I made us a very Easter-y salad for dinner.  Greens + fresh cilantro + spring onion / tossed with homemade creamy lemon poppy seed dressing / topped with fresh peas / and medium-boiled eggs.


Have a nice week!


Did everyone have a happy / romantic / chocolate-coated Valentine’s Day?  Mine was good; Adam and I don’t do gifts but we went out of a yummy dinner on the 13th, and some of my coworkers brought in candy.

Top five tastes from the week…

{1♥} chocolate-covered cherry <– one of this month’s theme flavors!

CCC smoothie – chocolate milk, frozen dark cherries, plain Greek yogurt.


CCC coffee – cold brew, chocolate milk, Luxardo cherries with juice.



The coffee seriously made me swoon with happiness.

{2♥} best Mexican food in Brooklyn

I read two different places that El Atoradero had the best nachos in New York, so clearly we had to go there immediately.  They were delicious, though not as good as the nachos I bake at home.


This was the best chicken burrito I’ve ever eaten though.  The chicken tinga was smoky and roasty and there were peas and carrot in it giving little pops of sweetness.


Ample Hills for dessert!


{3♥} yogurt bowls

Toasted marshmallow yogurt(!!) with vanilla granola and chocolate tahini/Biscoff.


Siggi’s raspberry with mixed nut butter.



{4♥} deep-dish pepperoni pizza


I used TJ’s whole-wheat dough and cooked it in a casserole dish.  With mozzarella, pizza sauce, and turkey pepperoni that I apparently did not have the skill to cut into hearts.


{5♥} English butter fudge

I love you, Trader Joe’s; this was the single best candy I’ve ever eaten.  If you’re a fan of penuche/praline/brown sugar I recommend you buy this immediately.


Have a nice weekend!



Hello, Pumpkin Month!!

It’s possible that I have a pumpkin purchasing problem…





Just maybe, though the pumpkin spice chap stick does make it seem pretty likely!  Also I’ve eaten something pumpkin flavored at least once a day for the past four days.  And October First I had something pumpkin at every single meal.


Pumpkin spice latte.


I kind of hated it.  I thought the spice was really overwhelming and I ordered my drink with 1/2 of the flavor pumps (plus an extra espresso shot and caramel drizzle on top) so I can’t even imagine a full-strength PSL.

Iced coffee with chocolate milk.


With a yummy GoMacro bar.

Pumpkin cheesecake doughnut from Dunkin.


Yuck city.  These beverages were more my jam.


Sometimes we get a fountain soda when we go to the store.  Sometimes we got to Starbucks for clover brews.  And some magical days I get diet soda and an iced coffee and basically float through the grocery store in excitement.

Café Grumpy makes us anything but grumpy.



Adam’s flat white was better than my macchiato, especially once I clumsily oversugared it.


Chobani Flip with my last orchard apple and a TJ’s pumpkin cereal bar.


Plus dessert from the giant bag of Russian candies a (now former) coworker delivered me to say thank you for her retirement gift.



Plus I scarfed roasted broccoli with TJ’s Sriracha ranch the minute I got home because apparently this lunch didn’t fill me up at all.


The next day I ate practically the same meal and was full all afternoon.

Thank you 14 grams of protein in my Siggi.


With TJ’s pumpkin o’s and a honeycrisp.

Dinner leftovers – pasta and veggies.  This photo is of Adam’s plate because I ate my (smaller) serving out of the Tupperware.


With TJ’s chocolate pumpkins for dessert.


We liked the orange ones and were lukewarm on the rest.  Washed down with an alcoholic root beer that was freaking life changing.


Best root beer (boozy or not) either of us have ever tasted.

We had a phenomenal brunch at LIC Market.




I had the duck hash!  Crisp potatoes, red onion, peppers, dried cherries, and pine nuts with two fried eggs.


I love duck so flipping much.  And this was the best iteration of the meat I’ve had yet.  We gave the meal as a whole a 9.5/10.

We got up and out of the house to make it to brunch crazy early and then we had the entire afternoon for fun stuff, mostly more eating and lots of drinking.  Grand Central Terminal is Adam’s favorite spot in the city so we spent the morning window shopping there while sipping iced coffee with homemade chocolate syrup from Irving Farms.


Plus Jacques Torres Chocolate handed us samples of fantastic hot chocolate.


I will be back for a full-size cup once the weather gets a bit colder.

Then we wandered down Lexington Ave to Ginger Man to check out their seventy draft beer options.






Clearly flights were the only way to go.  Our sour line-up was amazing.  The pub had a great vibe, we will definitely be bringing all city visitors there.


Pumpkin pasta for the first night of October.


Rachael Ray’s recipe with whole wheat shells for penne, basil for sage, chicken breakfast sausage for sweet Italian sausage, and swiss/gruyere for parmesan.


It was tasty, even the dog got a little bowl with extra pumpkin puree.


The humans had roasted veggies on the side.


Trader Joe’s seasoned brussels sprouts and broccoli and cauliflower with smoked paprika.

We drove to Queens in the rain for dinner at Burnside Biscuit.


Worth it.  Check how fancy my julep was.


Dinner was pimento mac and cheese with a side of shaved collards.



We went to Gossip Coffee for a “nightcap.”


Gorgeous space serving delicious, roasty cold-brew.  And they had rice pudding.


We shared Oreo and cheesecake, both of which were fantastic.

Crab fried rice.


Yum!  Adam would say that stir-frying is the cooking technique I’m best at.  This dish was wonderful.  Leftover brown jasmine rice with garlic, ginger, rice vinegar and fish sauce / peas, mini heirloom tomatoes, sweet red pepper, onion, and basil / eggs and canned crab meat.


This was the first time I’ve used tomato or basil in fried rice at home and both were welcome additions.

Burger night to finish the weekend.


Spinach salad with Sriracha ranch, maple rosemary roasted sunflower seeds, and roasted baby zucchini.


Turkey burgers on TJ’s brioche buns with mayo, sharp cheddar, turkey bacon, and tons of caramelized onions.


These were the best burgers I’ve ever made/eaten.  The crunchy bacon and sweet onions totally made this.  We got our pumpkin in for dessert.


Pumpkin pie and cookies and cream yogurt with Nutella, sprinkles, and chocolate candy toppings.  A sweet way to end the weekend.

Are you going ga-ga orange gourd this month?  Any pumpkin must-haves I haven’t done yet?

Apple Picking; Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend I got to cross something major off of my fall bucket list – apple picking!


I drove upstate to Lawrence Farms with some girlfriends and we came home with pounds and pounds of tasty apples.


I also snagged Adam and I two pumpkins for carving next weekend.


Check out my gorgeous haul (this is only a portion of it, the rest went into the fridge) –


So far, my favorite variety is the Candy Crisp.


Yum!  We had a ton of fun and I definitely want to repeat this activity next fall.

I don’t have much to share for this post, just three things.  I’m a bit under the weather and I spent almost all of Sunday tucked in bed.

Breakfast on the go.


A smoothie  – water and meat from a Thai young coconut with canned pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, frozen banana, and maple syrup – and a Clif Maple Nut bar that I shared with the husband.  The bar was much better than the smoothie, which did not emulsify at all.

Getting in my green before a dinner of orange hues.


Spinach salad with sweet and spicy pecans, dried blueberries, and buttermilk blue cheese, dressed with honey, evoo, and lavender salt.


The oil came home from Italy with a friend and it was fantastic.


Our main course was tuna casserole that I made and froze awhile back, so I don’t totally remember what was in it.  Definitely tuna, barley, spinach, green onions, peas, water chestnuts, roasted garlic and mushroom condensed soup, cheese, and crushed Cheez-Its on top.


Plus carnival squash that we roasted with salt, smoked brown sugar, liquid smoke, and maple syrup.


Dinner was delicious.  Sweet and smoky squash with cheesy casserole?  You can’t really go wrong!

Best bite of the week goes to dessert from Ample Hills.


I got a kids’ cup of pistachio and honey and the flavors went together perfectly.

Hopefully I am over the hump with my sickness now.  The temperatures are finally dropping here and I really don’t want a cold to go with the cold!


Weekly Wrap-Up; By The Day

This is a short “week” because my weekend technically starts tonight (Thursday night) – my parents are coming into town and I took Friday and Monday off.  Woo-hoo!!

And since I managed to photograph every single thing over the past three days (minus tons of water and diet coke), I thought it would be fun to do an old-school recap and go by the day rather than grouping things into meal categories.


Breakfast at my desk, iced Americano and fat-free chocolate milk for the win.


Lunch was one of those yogurt bowls I’ve been loving lately.


TJ’s 0% Honey Greek Yogurt with strawberries {that I picked myself!} and some granola from my KIND package.  I used Raspberry Clusters with Chia Seeds this week and was a big fan; this flavor had some nice tang compared with the first bag I tried.

It was a fabulously busy day at work and I ran around all afternoon.  I’m usually not involved with the Labor and Delivery floor, but I’ve recently started following my Gestational Diabetes patients when they go inpatient so there is better continuity of care.  Getting out of the clinic is always nice because it breaks up the day.  And it’s good to have a little more time to go over the education when we are in a hospital room and not my office where other clients knock at my door right and left.

I ate some of the green curry turkey salad, straight from the container, the minute I got home.


I was feeling snacky, and there were already leftovers for Adam to eat, so I decided to do a series of snack plates for dinner.  First, a Jazz apple with Mary’s Gone Crackers Sea Salt Pretzels and TJ’s Teriyaki Turkey Jerky.


I don’t know how TJ’s gets their jerky to stay so soft, but that stuff is delicious.

Next up was a bowl of cucumber salad.


I let some thinly sliced Persian cucumbers hang out with some sugar (1 tsp of sugar per cup cucs) for a bit then folded in tons of Sriracha and crushed peanuts.

And I ended the night with nachos, aka the craving that lead me to a snack-style dinner in the first place.  2 servings of potato chips baked with 2 servings of low-fat three cheese blend.


The chips were part of the rather embarrassing “reduced guilt” line and they were amazing.


I read the bag very carefully before deciding to give them a try; the chips are made using less oil (I have no idea how) but no scary ingredients like Olestra.  The flavor was identical to TJ’s normal kettle chips and the texture was slightly crunchier, which I think is an improvement.  I will definitely buy them again.


Astonishingly, I woke up early enough on Tuesday to go outside for a quick run.  I only had time for 15 minutes of actual running amid my walking, but the weather was gorgeous and getting out there was glorious.  I have been on a total workout hiatus since our move (almost a year ago!!) but starting Saturday I have been making a concerted effort to get back into the habit.  <– hold me to that, please!

I was home and dressed in time to blend up this swampy smoothie.


It was only slightly better than it looked.  Frozen strawberries with honey, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and Kiss Me Organics Matcha Powder.

Since Tuesday is my inpatient day, I packed a lunch that didn’t need the fridge.


An apple cinnamon oatmeal bowl with Cacao Bliss and a pear on the side.

I always want to tell you guys more about what I’m doing at the hospital but I like my job and want to keep it so it’s best to follow HIPAA.

I can say that I charted on an impressive 10 patients and I left the hospital a little late which caused me to miss my train.  While I waited to get home I purchased some fun snacks.  A blackberry mojito tea (sans lemonade) from Starbucks.


And a bag of the new York Patty minis.


I had searched for that stupid candy for weeks and was thrilled when I spotted it at Target.  Yorks are my favorite chocolate-based candy.

When I got home I made green curry.


I sautéed shredded carrot, green onion, broccoli, and peas in evoo; then whisked together a can of light coconut milk with tons of green curry paste and a little galangal and brown sugar; then let everything simmer for a while.  Served on a bed of brown rice.


So flipping good.  And I didn’t even follow a recipe so I’m pretty proud of myself.  Adam wasn’t home because he was on nights all week but I watched “Longmire” while I ate which was a nice substitute.  Are you watching that yet?  It is super good; there was a scene in the 2nd episode of this season that made both of us cry!


I slept in until the last possible minute yesterday so I did another breakfast at my desk.


Coffee and a Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond KIND Bar (former freebie).  I’m still completely awed by how wonderful this flavor is.

Back to my old standby for lunch.


Fage 2% Greek Yogurt with Meyer lemon curd, granola, and strawberries.

We have no food because we’ll go out to eat with our guests, so I planned on buying food on my way home but ran out of time for anything but coffee (with skim milk and sugar).


I had to do my best to cobble dinner together.  Lean Cuisine stuffed pretzels and baby carrots with hummus.


Not too terrible, but if I’d thought ahead I would have eaten a salad at lunch.

I also ate chocolate-covered gummy bears while I wrote this post.



Do you guys miss my old style of posting or are you happier with the new wrap-ups?

Weekly Wrap-Up; Hello, 2014!

Hello from a new year!  Like I said in my last post, I am very excited to have welcomed ’14.  We didn’t do anything exciting for NYE (we were in bed watching Vines by 11), but we started the year off right with a fun day on the 1st.

Resolutions, Past and Present

I didn’t set any resolutions last year, but since 2011 it’s been a yearly goal to read a book a month.  I missed January and February, but overall I did pretty well with 20 books read in 2013:


Last to Die – Tess Gerritsen  (f)

The Bone Bed – Patricia Cornwell (f)


97 Orchard – Jane Ziegelman  (nf)

Spiced: A Pastry Chef’s True Stories of Trials by Fire, After-Hours Exploits, and What Really Goes on in the Kitchen – Dalia Jurgensen  (m)


The Perfect Husband – Lisa Gardner  (f)

The Third Victim – Lisa Gardner  (f)

Alone  – Lisa Gardner  (f)


Hide  – Lisa Gardner  (f)

The Neighbor  – Lisa Gardner  (f)

The Next Accident  – Lisa Gardner  (f)

The Killing Hour  – Lisa Gardner  (f)


Fiction Ruined My Family – Jeanne Darst  (m)


Live to Tell – Lisa Gardner  (f)

Love You More – Lisa Gardner  (f)

Catch Me  – Lisa Gardner  (f)


Bones of the Lost – Kathy Reichs  (f)


Brain on Fire – Susannah Cahalan  (m)

Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight – Alexandra Fuller  (m)

Dust – Patricia Cornwell  (f)

Wild – Cheryl Strayed  (m)

This year I did decide to set a few new year’s goals for myself, though I won’t be typing them all out here.  Basically I want to lose some of the weight I’ve been steadily putting on the past three years / continue my book reading goals / and start chipping away at the continuing education requirements for my Dietetics registration.

Fashion Friday

Last Friday.



DSC07028A day off on Wednesday.

DSC07036DSC07034Welcoming in a new year at work on Thursday.


Since part of this post is from last year you won’t really see this go into effect, but I think I am going to make more of an effort to eat breakfast on workdays.  I’ve been getting insanely hungry every afternoon and I think running out of time for breakfast most mornings is partially to blame.

Giant non-fat latte with 2 shots each peppermint and white chocolate.

DSC07000Coconut coffee and a pear.

DSC07075The Vanilla Coco Cafe was delicious, even better than the original.

DSC07078My pear was tasty too, but eating it gave me such bad heartburn that I almost got off of my train to throw up!  I’m not sure what the deal with that was.


I made a big batch of roasted veggies this week, enough to pack for three days of lunches.  Butternut squash and green beans (and broccoli that I burned the crap out of so only 1-3 stalks ended up in each lunch).  I stuck with the winning formula of veggies + a fruit + candy the whole week.


DSC06987Veggies with smoked almonds and Sriracha mayo.  Plus tangerines and Chinese candy.


DSC07004Veggies with pistachios and champagne pear vinaigrette.  Plus mint m&m’s and an Autumn Glory apple (<– they taste like cinnamon!).


DSC07065Veggies with smoked almonds and bbq sauce.  Plus gummies from Dylan’s and another cinnamon-y apple.

DSC07074DSC07066DSC07071On Wednesday, Adam and I went into the city for lunch at Serendipity3.

DSC07046DSC07042The Christmas decorations were out of control, it was gorgeous in there.

We shared a frrrozen hot chocolate that was delightful.

DSC07048I got my favorite sandwich for lunch, the Summer Bries – smoked turkey, sliced apples, melted brie and alfalfa sprouts, served on raisin pumpernickel with Russian dressing.

DSC07049Yum!  I shared about 50% of my sandwich with the husband, but it was ok because I stole some of his curry sauce to drizzle on my salad.


I don’t have any pictures because I haven’t been bringing my camera to work, but let me just tell you – I’ve been eating so much freaking junk on the train!  Like I said earlier, I am super hungry all afternoon, and I end up buying food the minute I escape the hospital.  It is a bad bad habit.

Strawberry Champagne Polar to make work on NYE feel a little more festive.

DSC07014Actual champagne.  We drank Moet & Chandon on our honeymoon and now it feels extra special.

DSC07085DSC07088Numi Chocolate Pu-erh Tea with honey.

DSC07018Plain Greek yogurt with blackberries and maple syrup.

DSC07083Seltzer and a candy cane.

DSC07038Gummi cola bottles (Adam bought me an array for our anniversary), eaten nightly this week while playing Sonic.  <– best thing ever

DSC07026Dessert hour with Adam at Cafe Dada.

DSC07056We split a diplomat pastry,

DSC07062and both had cafe cortados.

DSC07059They use Blue Bottle Coffee as their espresso and it is divine.


I don’t have pictures from Monday and Wednesday and without them I honestly can’t remember what I ate those nights.  I ate a small serving of mac and cheese from Panera on NYE, but I’m sure I had something with it and I can’t remember what!  When I used to blog every day I didn’t realize how much the act of picture-taking helped to cement the meals in my brain.

An easy favorite.  Farro topped with smoked herring, sweet sesame seaweed, Sriracha, and a soft-boiled egg.

DSC07023Black eyed peas for the new year.  In a skillet I randomly tossed together – BEP, green pepper, plum tomato, green onion, turkey bacon, smoked paprika, green Tabasco, and plain Greek yogurt.  On top of jasmine rice.

DSC07094Leftover farro, stir-fried with peas.

DSC07108I know I didn’t give a ton of dinner description, but I starting realizing just how long this post is!

Don’t forget to enter my Eggland’s Best giveaway.

Weekly Wrap-Up; Thanksgiving

I hope all of my American readers had a great Thanksgiving! Among many other things, I am thankful for you guys. My holiday (and Wednesday) included –

Lots of Starbucks.


That was a Joy tea with skim milk, but not to worry, coffee was consumed both before and after.

On Wednesday we had lunch at a diner near the hotel.


My veggie frittata was giant. No one else has access to a fridge and the amount of leftovers Adam has accumulated is insane.

That night everyone came over to our place to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah {and drink Rumchata!}.



The dog was loved by all. My family always gives the best gifts…they are much cooler than I am! Including awesome pumpkin spice brittle that my cousin brought from Cville.



We had a great Italian meal that night but the lighting made pictures impossible.

You know I got photos of Turkey Day. Sort of. My dad’s Long Island cousin hosted us for an amazing meal. Appetizers.


My uncle Brian makes the best latkes ever.


I had a coke with single-barrel Cruzan from home and a caramel apple martini that was ridiculous good.


My dinner plate had cranberry, turkey with gravy, peas, green beans, and sweet potato casserole. For dessert I chose peanut butter smores bars that I brought and pecan and apple crumble pies. With Kaula whipped cream! I took pictures of all that, but have none to blog. ← blame the husband, who touches things that don’t belong to him.

What’s your favorite pie on Thanksgiving?

Weekly Wrap-Up; Jalapeño Business

Lots of repetition on the food front this week – eggs, cheese, kale, and jalapeño were the featured players! And this is another recap that’s light on content; lots of take-out and several late nights (and therefore late mornings) are to blame.  I’ve got the 10 items I did manage to photograph ranked increasingly by greatness.

{1} Pumpkin oats.

DSC05041Sadly this item was so far from greatness as to just be bad.  The bowl had such potential: oats, Silk Vanilla Almond Milk, chia seeds, cottage cheese, a smidge of vanilla extract and maple syrup, coconut, crunchy Barney Butter, and pumpkin.

DSC05036It was terrible.  The pumpkin was sooooooo savory and squashy.  And this was a fresh can of Libby’s too!?

{2} Baked tomatoes with egg and cheese with a side of kale chips.

DSC05092This was a recipe from Cooking Light but I threw away the magazine and I can’t find it online.

DSC05096DSC05099The dish turned out very well but apparently I’m not a huge fan of baked tomatoes.

{3} White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M’s.

DSC05113Regular m&m’s don’t really thrill me but this seasonal variety (along with the mint dark chocolate) is delicious.

{4} Taco night.

DSC05081Leftover taco shells topped with Ortega Thick and Chunky Salsa and stuffed with eggs – scrambled with spinach and jalapeños.  We continued to be impressed with the taco shells and the filling was delicious, including the little bit of extra I stuck on the side of my plate.

DSC05083DSC05076We definitely need to do taco night more often.

{5} Chicago Mix.

DSC05110Adam and I were obsessed with the caramel and cheddar “golden mix” from the popcorn shop and the Buffalo mall and this will substitute nicely.

{6} Eggs for breakfast.

DSC05116Eggs scrambled with sautéed kale, cottage cheese, and Parmesan.

DSC05121Plus a baby apple.

DSC05120This was a winner, and you’ll see most of the components again in #7.

{7} Cheesy mac.

DSC05107Annie’s Mac and Cheese with peas, Parmesan, and eggs (scrambled with cottage cheese and jalapeño).

DSC05104Stirring the eggs into the pasta was so genius, I’m never serving macaroni the traditional way again.  And the parm was grated by hand, making this feel extra fancy.

{8} Whole Foods hot bar.

DSC05042Kale salad with a bit of mac and cheese.  Plus fried plantains for dessert.

DSC05045Ugh, plantains are too good.  So sweet and chewy.

{9} Everything bagel with jalapeño cheddar cream cheese.

DSC05089DSC05085This was from La Bagel Delight, a spot in Park Slope that makes the best bagels in the city.  They blend the cream cheese in shop, look that those giant hunks –


{10} Homemade nachos with candied jalapeños.

DSC05056How could nachos with candied jalapeño possibly not be the single best thing I ate all week?

DSC05050Some roasted green beans,

DSC05058piled next to nachos.  Late July Multigrain Chips with 2% sharp cheddar and candied jalapeños.


What was the single best thing you ate this week?

Weekly Wrap-Up; Mid-September

I feel like I don’t have anything to say here so I’ll just get to it.  You saw how clever my title was.


Amazing oatmeal.

DSC04475DSC04474In the bowl were unsweetened almond milk, banana hunks, oats, chia seeds, tons of cottage cheese, and the very last of the sweetened condensed milk.

Food Emporium Trading Company Vanilla Granola with Almonds and Pecans in skim milk.

DSC04446Berry yogurt bowl.

DSC04467Wallaby low-fat vanilla bean yogurt with blueberries.

DSC04470This Wallaby was one of the best yogurts I’ve ever tasted!  The flecks of vanilla bean throughout felt quite fancy.


Chinese food.

DSC04381Cheese and greens eggs.

DSC04400DSC04396Eggs scrambled with cottage cheese, greens (a frozen blend from Whole Foods), and 2% provolone.

Carrot salad.

DSC04384Matzo crackers.

DSC04439A sheet of Egg and Onion Matzo with Cabot Light Sharp Cheddar melted on top,

DSC04441and a sliced Jazz apple.

DSC04443Adam doesn’t like matzo prepared with egg (he’s crazy!) so we eat it as crackers in our house.


Organic India is promoting their gift baskets for the upcoming holiday season and they offered to send me some products from their Tulsi Tea Line to review.

DSC04406Please note – these teas were sent to me free of charge.  I was not provided further compensation for writing this post.  All opinions are my own.

So far I’ve tried the Green Tea, which cold-brewed beautifully.  Usually I’m not a green girl (it’s Adam’s favorite) but I loved this one.  The flavor is completely devoid of the acridness that I usually taste in green teas.  I used it in tasty tea spritzers.

DSC04412Green tea + Polar Mandarin Seltzer.

DSC04408Hot beer bread, straight from the oven, with Smart Balance Light.

DSC04451Cola hard candies.

DSC04459These guys have the best fizz!


Different Chinese food.

DSC04341DSC04342Pasta toss.

DSC04394Bow ties with corn and broccoli, tossed in browned butter.

Thai crunch salad.

DSC04418Romaine topped with sliced chicken (marinated in TJ’s spicy peanut vinaigrette, then baked), edamame, shredded cabbage, salted peanuts, and more spicy peanut vinaigrette.

DSC04421DSC04416Veggie pizza.


DSC04458A big hunk of beer bread topped with trout salad (TJ’s canned smoked trout mashed with Miracle Whip) and 2% provolone then stuck under the broiler.

DSC04452The last dinner won best meal of the week.  This will be making a reappearance on the meal plan for sure.