Sprinkles And Sandwiches

By the time this post goes live I’ll already be on my way to work (wan wan).  I’m working Saturday/Sunday because I have Friday/Monday off, and I’m heading in extra-early because we have family visiting and I need to be done and free to hang out in the afternoon.  The good thing about visitors is that we’ll probably take them to Ample Hills!

Friday was a boring mix of buying new couch slipcovers and filing our taxes (wan wan), but Monday we’ve got some fun breakfast plans lined up.

A few of my dinners were pretty darn weak, but all of this week’s lunches were exclamation point worthy.


Daytime Eats

This weeks’ coffee – Starbucks espresso blend with skim milk.  With a piñata apple.


And a chocolate pretzel protein bar.


Or a wonderfully juice sumo mandarin.


Or a lavender kombucha.


Plus buttered toast.


I also had an Americano with chocolate milk.


Plus Adam and I split a butterscotch latte while we ran errands.


With extra espresso, Adam loved it too.

This week’s tea – Roobios.


Amazingly, this caffeine-free herbal was my favorite tea thus far.  With milk and honey it was downright delicious.

I’m still excited by this gum.


The flavor dies in about a minute but who doesn’t love a gum with sprinkles?

Oatmeal bowl.  Oats with freeze-dried raspberries and blueberries and peanut butter chocolate chips.


The oats were great, but I ate much earlier in the day than I usually do (and then stayed for an hour of overtime!) and I ended up also getting a guava cheese empanada on the train home.


Yogurt bowl.  Plain 2% Greek yogurt with fresh blackberries and pomegranate, toasted pecans, chia seeds, and Heritage Flakes.


Yogurt bowl.  Maple Chobani with blackberries, pecans, and Heritage Flakes.


Salad bar.  I love the days when the cafeteria does a Greek section; my salad was loaded with falafel, tzatziki, and taboule, plus black-eyed peas, olives, and cucumber.


Friday, Adam and I went to lunch at a new restaurant near our apartment.  The meal was underwhelming, but I made a great yogurt bowl for dessert when I got home.


Plain Greek with peanut butter, honey, cinnamon, maple pecan granola, more pecans, and Luxardo cherries on top!

Nighttime Eats

House snacks included cashews – I’ve been making Adam trail mix bags for work and snacking heartily while I assemble them.


And chocolate-covered gummies.


And fun snacks included two girlfriend outings this week.  A coworker and I got drinks at Colonie after an outlandishly frustrating work day.  Bolivian Rose – Singani 63, Aperol, Dolin dry vermouth, Combier, and a super fragrant lemon twist.


And I introduced a friend to the Korean-style shaved ice at Snowdays.


They had specialty flavors – Thai iced tea!  Topped with mochi, sweetened condensed milk, and grass jelly.

The mid-week blahs led to some pretty disastrous meals.  Like big salads – baby kale, cashews, chia seeds, pomegranate, and peanut sauce – and horrifyingly cheesy nachos.



Or a sandwich night where the only veggies to be found were a side of baby carrots.



My sandwich – with a butter-toasted brioche, roasted turkey, raw milk cheddar, special sauce, and tons of pickles – was delicious but not the healthiest.

But we went on a really fantastic Tuesday night date at Talde.  Now that I know that I like ginger in drinks I could order the Ginger Rose – Four Roses bourbon, Applejack, lemon, and ginger-cinnamon infused grenadine.


The drink was good but the meal was to die for; truly one of the best dishes we’ve ever had.  Acorn squash rendang with Malaysian grits, fried shallot, pickled shitake, and a six-minute egg.


The blend of textures and flavors – crispy with creamy, spice with sour – was unbelievably satisfying.  Dessert was sweet with salty.


Pretzel-potato chip bars with chocolate ganache.

And we started the week with veggie tofu bowls.


Extra-firm tofu was marinated in stone-ground mustard, lemon juice, honey, and evoo then baked ’til crispy.


Served on top of honey butter shredded carrots, and sautéed brussels sprouts tossed in the tofu marinade.

And ended the week with veggie packed pasta.  TJ’s spinach tortellini with red sauce.


We gussied up the sauce with sautéed mushroom and onion and roasted zucchini and graffiti eggplant.  I followed the Serious Eats trick of adding pasta water.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Let’s cross our fingers for more warm weather!

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