Short And Sick

This week was short but no cakewalk.  Monday I was off because I worked Saturday/Sunday, and Thursday I was off because I’m a coughing, sneezing, miserable mess.  How am I sick again?? Apparently my immune system is as over winter as I am.

I ate pizza and/or soup for 90% of my meals this week.  Here were my more exciting eats…

Brooklyn Roasting Company has nitro cold-brew now and it is flipping delicious.


This week’s tea was vanilla rooibos.  Perfect for my throat and yummy with a bit of milk and honey.  Rooibos is definitely my favorite type of tea.



This yogurt bowl was the best thing I ate all week.  Coconut Greek with fresh strawberry and pomegranate, Nature’s Path Heritage Flakes, chia seeds, and toasted pecans.


Monday, before I knew how sick I was, Adam and I both had the day off and we had a wonderful time in the city.  We got sushi burritos!  Mine was fantastic – sushi rice, marinated tofu, cucumber, carrot, pickled cucumber, seaweed salad, tobanjan mayo, tempura crunch, and sesame seeds.


Split a cone at Big Gay Ice Cream.  The salty pimp = vanilla soft serve with dulce de leche, sea salt, and chocolate dip.  Plus sprinkles.


And took a long walk (sans coats!) through Chelsea and across the Manhattan Bridge.


This week’s Skoskbox had some big winners, especially the grape Hi Chew.


Here’s the only dinner I actually cooked this week.  Cheesy scrambled eggs and spicy green beans.


I put the green beans under the broiler – to attempt something like this – and they came out great.


I hope everyone is feeling their best this weekend!

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