Weekly Wrap-Up; A Trip To Ohio

Last week was quite a good one for me.  I passed my Registration Exam and then flew to Ohio to visit my grandma.  Good times all around!  It was also a busy week, so please excuse the many gaps in my reporting (for example, my grandma served me dessert at least twice a day, every day of my visit and I think I managed to snap a photo of just one sweet bite).

Dietetics students – feel free to leave a comment/shoot me an e-mail if you’d like some more details on the studying process for the exam.  Otherwise, here we go…


{1} A tropical smoothie.


I blended up frozen mano chunks, oj, and Müller low-fat Greek yogurt with honeyed apricot.

{2} Berry topped cereal.


Kashi Honey Puffs and Nature’s Path Bran flakes with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, blueberries, nectarine, and a sprinkle of sugar.

{3} Yogurt bowl day one.


Chobani 2% Apricot Greek Yogurt topped with sliced banana and red plum.  Not only did a find a few good, new flavors of yogurt while in Ohio, but these plums were the best (read: juicy without being drippy and nice and sweet) I’ve ever had.  The apricot flavored Chobani was nice as well.

{4} Yogurt bowl day two.


 Liberté Peach and Passionfruit Non-fat Greek Yogurt topped with more fantastic red plum.  Liberté makes Greek yogurt now?!  My heart practically leapt out of my chest.


Lots of meals out in this category, much fun was had.

{1} California Pizza Kitchen, Queens.


Adam, ever the traditionalist, shared a slice of his Roasted Garlic and Chicken Pizza with me.  The pizza was yummy, but I went with a salad.


CPK’s Thai Crunch Salad is a thing of wonders, the edamame, peanuts, and wonton strips give it great crunch.  And that giant plate was a half portion!  Adam and I both ate some at lunch and then there was enough leftover for him to eat the next day as well.  This meal was actually eaten the day before my exam.  The husband quizzed me a bit over our meal but largely I took things easy that day; either you know it or you don’t!

{2} Bareburger, then 16 Handles, Long Island.


After I passed my exam, a very sleepy husband took me out to celebrate.  He worked all night, then came home and drove me to my test, so it was perfect to go somewhere that loved bears for lunch (my nickname for him is Bear).




Bareburger is a NY chain that focuses on organic, humanely sourced foods.  Their meat options include wild boar, elk, and ostrich!  I went “boring” with a turkey burger.


The Maui Wowie (sans bun) was far from boring; it was topped with smoked mozzarella, turkey bacon, grilled pineapple, fried onions, fire-roasted red pepper, and buttermilk ranch.


It was freaking delicious and we want to go back again {and again, and again!}.

You can’t celebrate without froyo.


We went to 16 Handles afterward and rocked my face off.  The topping options were out of this world.


I got pecan praline yogurt (!!!) topped with Coney Island Crunch trail mix and bananas foster banana chips!  Re-dic-u-lous.

{3} Bakehouse, then Jenni’s Splendid Ice Cream, Troy.


Bakehouse is a fantastic bakery and cafe in Ohio.  My grandma took me there the minute I stepped off the plan and we enjoyed a scrumptious lunch.


I had a cup of gazpacho,


and we split a Vegetarian Sandwich.



Cheesy-good was definitely the theme of this visit.

We digested by walking around and looking at Troy’s newest sculpture installations.



They were sooooo realistic, my grandma definitely tricked me a few times into thinking we were heading towards real people.

Then we went for Winan’s for dessert because…


they sell little containers of Jeni’s ice cream!


The black coffee flavor was perfection.  I’ve been reading rave reviews of Jeni’s in magazines and blogs for years and now I totally get the hype.

{4} First Watch, Dayton.


I had never heard of First Watch – a breakfast/lunch only spot – before but they served up quite a fine half salad/half sandwich combo for lunch.


The Santa Fe Salad was nice and spicy (and also flipping loaded with chicken, no one person would possibly want that much on one salad),


and any place that serves turkey reubans along the traditionals wins my heart.

{5} My grandma’s kitchen, finally a home-cooked lunch.


A bit of avocado, a cob of my spicy, cheesy baked corn,


and chicken salad.


Nana’s chicken salad – made with mayo, sliced grapes, and toasted pecans – is one of my all-time favorite dishes.

Drinks and Snacks

{1} Mango Hi-Chew.


I am just too glad to be back in the city where there are Hi-Chews at every corner store.  Mango was nice and juicy, but I won’t be satisfied until I find the yogurt flavor I used to love.

{2} Trader Joe’s Roasted Seaweed Snack.


My seaweed consumption has gone way down now that I’m not packing lunches for school so this was a nice treat.

{3} Maple-Glazed Pecan and Sea Salt KIND Bar.


My bar consumption is also on the decline, but this flavor was by far the best KIND bar I’ve ever had.

{4} Bourganel’s Nougat Beer.



A friend took me to Bierkfraft – an awesome bar/beer merchant in Park Slope – to celebrate my new credentials and we discovered our new favorite thing.


I grabbed this Bourganel Beer Nougat on a whim (always try to drink booze that tastes like dessert, that’s my motto) and it was out of control.  Normally I leave a lot behind when I drink a beer, but this bottle was drained before it could even get warm.  My friend adored it as well; we ended up buying a second bottle to split after our first round!

{5} Kahlua Ready-to-Drink White Russian.


I have looked for these bottles all summer after spotting one in a magazine and I finally hit pay dirt in Ohio!


{1} Sushi.


The night before my exam, I got take-out from A-Chiban.  Mango-inari, fish tempura, and a veggie roll.


The mango was slimy and terrible, but everything else was good.

{2} Spicy.


Spicy, cajun shrimp over angel hair,


with tossed salad and citrus green beans.

{3} Casserole.


Cucumber and tomato salad, cornmeal-breaded baked summer squash,


and creamy chicken casserole.


Among the ingredient list for the casserole were swiss cheese, white wine, and stuffing.  My grandma is an amazing cook.

{4} Plane food.


My kiku apple was crunchy and sweet, and the leftover chicken salad served on cranberry poppy-seed bread made for an amazing sandwich.


My sandwich was on the small side, but not to worry, I bought chips (um, and pizza) at the airport!

Do you have a favorite dish that a certain family member will always prepare for you?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up; A Trip To Ohio

  1. So excited for you that all your hard work has paid of and you are now a registered dietician! That is so cool! I have said it before but will say it again; I really love reading your blog so thank you for taking the time to post. The dish for me that has the strongest memories attached to it is my Mums Lemon Meringue Pie. Growing up she would always make it on special occasions and if she was going out to an event I wasn’t invited to I would get so excited if I woke up in the morning and found there was a piece left over for me in the fridge for me! To this day it is still probably my favourite dish (though white chocolate anything is pretty up there to!). I have tried to replicate it, but it just isn’t the same!

    • Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it.

      And I love your story; it’s sweet literally and figuratively 🙂 Lemon meringue pie is amazing and your mom sounds like a great lady.

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