Insta-Wrap-Up; I

I’m pretty sure that most of my readers do not follow me on Instagram (hello! I’m pretty sure my mom and gradma comprise a solid 50% of my readership!) so I thought it might be fun to occasionally post a wrap-up of some of the things I share there and not here.  I hope you like this new blog feature!

{this post was inspired by every other blogger on the internet ever}

This rotation has been particularly crazy for Adam and he’s been pretty wiped out by the end of most days.  Enter my new favorite photo series: Husband Passed Out with Guard Dog.



Another shot of my two favorite men, buckled in together in the car.  The way the dog’s paw is resting on Adam’s leg kills me.

safety first

Sparkle!  Sperry’s gray Emma flats with studs.

sperry sparkle

Candy I am pining after, followed by candy I actually ate.  The Haribo smurfs were spotted at a Bodega in Park Slope and the wine gums were sent from Amsterdam.  Pro tip – don’t go to the Haribo site unless you want to waste an hour drooling.

haribo smurf gummies

wine gums

I’ve discovered that I can make amazing homemade caramel corn.  I’ve also discovered that my pants don’t fit.

caramel corn

I flew to Ohio to visit my grandma and I saw the neatest thing in the airport.  This water bottle filling station hooks up to the drinking fountain but you place your bottle in front of the sensor and it fills from the top without having to tilt it sideways.

water bottle refilling station

My time in Ohio has been puppy-filled; first I got love from my grandma’s dog and then I spotted this great dachshund sculpture.

coco marie

dachshund sculpture

I made this batique that hangs at my grandma’s in grade school.  How cool was that private school art class?


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