Lunch N Oats


This week’s coffee (a mix of Community Coffee and Brooklyn Roasting Co) was iced with milk (a mix of vanilla almond milk and skim).  Sweetened with honey – meh.


And maple – yum!


And paired with watermelon juice.


And an apple.



2% Lingonberry Strawberry Siggi’s with chopped apricot and plum and Nature’s Path Heritage Flakes.


The rest of the week was all about the oats.

Chocolate chip oats with peanut butter and diced apricot stirred in.  Plus goats milk maple caramels on the side.


Coconut maple oats with purple rose plums(!!) and chocolate pumpkin seeds.


And oats from home.  With freeze-dried strawberries, chia seeds, chocolate covered cocoa nibs, and chocolate chunks.



Delicious nougat bar my parents bought me at BRKLYN Larder.  Adam bought me Luxardo cherries for my birthday there too and I am so excited to start using them.


Iced Americano with cream.


Herbed turkey and Havarti roll-up.


I ate several handfuls of prunes this week.  The snack situation was getting pretty bleak.


But then we bought the new Reuben lays.


It was amazing, if you were blindfolded you still would totally taste rye bread and thousand island dressing.  If they were kettle chips instead of the flimsy regular kind they’d be my new favorite.


Leftovers from Sunday.  Whole-wheat penne topped with sautéed turkey, mushrooms, and onions in marinara sauce.


Eaten cold, out of the Tupperware, in front of the open fridge.  It’s kind of crazy how classy I am.

The next night really was pretty snazzy though.


Lemon Pepper Baked Shrimp with shredded Brussels sprouts and barely.


Recipe HERE, this cooks in less than 30 minutes.

Then we had big salads with red curry turkey burgers on top.


Arugula blend topped with TJ’s Asian Sesame Vinaigrette, sliced cucumber, and baked shredded Brussels sprouts and broccoli.  Two notes – 1) baking the shredded B sprouts is my new favorite thing; 2) I bought TJ’s Thai-style chili and lime cashews to put on the salads and they were so spicy even I couldn’t eat them.


The patties were lean ground turkey with tons of parsley and green onions, soy sauce, rice vinegar, brown sugar, red curry paste, and ground ginger.  Cooked in coconut oil.


We were supposed to have this meal two nights in a row but we snacked on the 1st round of patties while we assembled the salads (and the dog ate an entire patty that fell on the ground!) and there ended up only being enough leftovers for one.  Really I won out though because this chile rellano from TJ’s was darn good.


Best frozen meal ever.

Finish this thought – this weekend I am excited to…

2 thoughts on “Lunch N Oats

    • I have never tried their stuff. I’m consistently impressed with Trader Joe’s, other than the frozen mac and cheese, ugh.

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