Weekend Highlights + What’s In My Bag?

In alphabetical order, because why not?…

Brunch in SoHo.  I took a friend to Freeman’s.


I had the poached eggs with sourdough toast and cheddar grits.

Chipotle.  Finally, we hadn’t been in almost a month!


Chicken salad bowl for me with all of the toppings.  Plus way too many chips.

Chocolate-cherry smoothie.


Frozen cherries and dates, cocoa powder, and vanilla almond milk.

Cookies with M&M’s.


Have you made Number 2 Pencil’s awesome “single serve” recipe yet?  Put it on your to-do list.

Fast dinner thanks to Trader Joe’s freezer section.



We had mahi burgers,


plus veggies in garlic butter sauce.


Popcorn.  Made on the stove.  <– so much better than the microwave bags


Random – I swapped out my purses for the week so I figured I’d do one of those “what’s in my bag?” photos.


Camera / day planner / book for the train (this week it’s The Elegance of the Hedgehog) / sunglasses / cell phone / keys / etc.  It is easy to switch up my bags because all of the ecetera lives in that Brooklyn bag and can easily move from purse to purse.


Pens / gum / lip stuff / band aids / hair tie / hand sanitizer.

Salad and sandwich night.


Arugula topped with toasted, shredded Brussels sprouts, sweet and spicy pecans, and honey and evoo.


The amazing sandwiches were thanks to TJ’s new pastrami-style smoked salmon


Inspired by the Pastrami Russ at Russ and Daughter’s Café.


Pastrami-style lox on buttered and toasted pretzel rolls with pickles and muenster cheese.

Sprouted trail mix from my aunt.


It is similar to “Gorp” and very yummy.

Turkey and cheese roll-ups.


Yogurt bowl.


Plain yogurt with chopped nectarines and dulce de leche.

What’s in your bag?  What items are always with you?

One thought on “Weekend Highlights + What’s In My Bag?

  1. Lip stuff for sure, about 7 of them! a luna bar or an apple, wallet, shades, hairclip, gum, keys. hand lotion, pocket knife, prescription bottle, and cellphone. maybe a book if i’m going to the dr. or have a free time at work. pretty standard.
    that arugula pecan salad looks amazing i’m gonna have to try something similar. love your fun meal ideas!

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