My Year Is Off To A Good Start

enjoyed all week

Coffees.  Also naps.


Apparently my parents wore us out; I had a to take a nap before I could make dinner the first three nights of the week.

Diet chocolate soda from Polar.


I know it sounds a little strange but we were fans.

Our leftovers from The Smith.  Eaten cold while standing in front of the open fridge.



My mac and cheese was fantastic leftover and so was my mom’s Mexican corn.

A big box of free samples {free as in provided free of charge / no other compensation for this post / yada, yada } from Super Seedz.


I wouldn’t have thought of pumpkin seeds as a favorite of mine but I’ve loved all of the flavors we’ve tried so far.  Flavor options include: Really Naked, Sea Salt, Cinnamon & Sugar, Coco Joe, Tomato Italiano, Curious Curry, Somewhat Spicy and Super Spicy.  They pack a nutritional punch – see the infographic (provided by the company) below – and Super Seedz are allergen friendly – peanut-free, tree nut-free, egg-free, dairy-free, fish-free, shellfish-free, soy-free and made with gluten-free ingredients.



After we dropped my parents at the airport on Monday, Adam and I went on a doughnut(plant) and coffee date before work.  Because apparently we hadn’t eaten enough crap over my birthday weekend.


My strawberry-filled vanilla got two thumbs up.


As did my maple latte from Gorilla.

Coco pumpkin seeds and cold-pressed watermelon juice.


TJ’s came through on this juice, it was wonderfully refreshing.

Chocolate-cherry smoothie.


Vanilla almond milk with coco powder, frozen cherries, and dates.  I enjoyed this combo and want to make it again soon.

Snack plate.


A cheese stick, cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds, and a medley of grapes.


Chocolate chip cookie oats.


With an apple and coco pumpkin seeds.

Sweet and spicy tuna salad.


With grapes and cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds.

I didn’t have to provide my own lunch the rest of the week!  I attended a lunch-and-learn on malnutrition in surgical patients on Tuesday.


They gave us education, salad, and yummy sandwiches with hummus and roasted eggplant.  And I mainlined coffee (with tons of milk and cream) when I got back to my desk.


On Thursday the hospital threw an employee appreciation bbq.


Very sweet!


Pizza, pizza.



We used TJ’s frozen crusts and were so impressed with how they turned out.  Topped with marinara, mozzarella, and tons of garlic and onion sautéed mushrooms.


Plus super simple salads on the side.


Just arugula blend with ranch dressing.  They were a bit depressing.  But we also had beer.


I carried this Southern Tier Compass all the way back home from Buffalo but unfortunately it was a bit hoppy for our tastes.

Burger night.


I made my Buffalo Blue Bean Burgers.  They don’t look like much but this is one of my best recipes!


With a trio of roasted veggies: Brussels sprouts, green beans, and broccoli.


Served with maple bacon kettle chips, aka my favorite chips because they are the best chips of all time.


They were doing a promotion and handing out mini bags at my railroad station and it was very exciting.

Last night I met up with a girlfriend for dinner in Brooklyn.  We checked out Elbow Room, the mac and cheese window at Morgan’s BBQ.


Milk stout.


Old School Mac – NY state sharp cheddar, béchamel, and garlic breadcrumbs.


With collard greens that were spicy and vegetarian.  Dinner was good but dessert was better.


Salted crack caramel and honey peanut butter ice creams from Ample Hills.  But they were supposed to have key lime pie ice cream available and they didn’t so now I need to go back immediately and it’s a problem.

2 thoughts on “My Year Is Off To A Good Start

  1. Your grandma drank diet chocolate soda (I think it was Fanta? Faygo? something like that)! P.S. You change the water in a vase of flowers every few days.

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