Weekly Wrap-Up; Have A Hoppy Easter

Who else has been hitting the chocolate eggs this week?  Easter candy abounds!  We are spending the holiday with my in-laws – all three of our nieces! – so I’m going radio-silent on the blog front this weekend to focus on family time.  I’m planning on skipping my weekend post, I’m not even packing a camera, and I’ll be back with a weekly wrap-up next Friday.


Iced Americano with chocolate milk.

DSC09314I tried the cafeteria breakfast.

DSC09341Scrambled eggs with turkey and veggie sausage.  The coffee cup held wonderful Cisse milk chocolate vanilla bean hot chocolate.



DSC09251Quaker Honey and Almonds with Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter.

DSC09255And an apple.

DSC09258Plus I snagged this delicious, thick!, strawberry lemonade from the cafeteria.

DSC09312Egg salad.

DSC09291We made awesome egg salad for lunches this week; medium-boiled eggs, finely chopped celery and green and red pepper, miracle whip, pickle relish, mustard, and dill.  Packed in a whole wheat pocket thin.

DSC09294Plus wasabi seaweed and grapes.

DSC09297The next day was chicken salad.  A whole wheat bagel thin with chicken salad, fontina cheese, and pickled jalopeños.

DSC09332Plus an apple to take away some of the heat.  Peppers were the perfect addition to that sandwich.

DSC09327I packed cookies, but I put them aside for a treat my coworker brought it, an Easter bun with cheese.


Easter candy, duh.

DSC09363Juicy bears.

DSC09309Cafe Dada iced coffee that the husband sweetly delivered when he picked me up from work one day.


DSC09347Cereal bowl.

DSC09282This was a sample of Graham Crunch from Cascadian Farm with vanilla almond milk.

DSC09278DSC09280Very tasty.  This stuff is just begging to be made into cereal s’mores bars.

I made my new favorite milkshake for Adam and myself.

DSC09334Coffee frozen Greek yogurt with chocolate milk and toasted coconut.

Bubble teas from Kung Fu Tea.  Coffee milk tea for me.


Dinner at a diner.

DSC09265I got an eggplant parm panini.

DSC09266It was yummy but ridiculously filling.

DSC09270And then we had pie!

DSC09272Cream pie!  My slice was banana cream.

DSC09274It was flipping fantastic.

Chicken salad.

DSC09300Big piles of Nana’s chicken salad.

DSC09306With roasted green beans.

DSC09304On Wednesday we went to Williamsburg for dinner with a girlfriend.  She took us to Snacky.

DSC09321DSC09318It was fantabulous.  The space was adorable and the menu was all my favorite things.  Adam and I split a salad with seaweed and sesame dressing.

DSC09322And I got a rice bowl with spicy bbq miso chicken, plus kimchi and a fried egg.

DSC09326I swooned my way through that bowl.  It was perfect, exactly my favorite meal.

And we made similar(ish) bowls for dinner at home the next day.

DSC09358A hash of chopped sweet potato, browned mushrooms, sliced spinach, green onions, and smoked trout with rosemary and smoked paprika.  Topped with a fried egg.

DSC09361Put an egg on it!

Have a great weekend!

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