Insta-Wrap-Up; VI

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!  Whether you celebrate or not, the start of spring is always a nice time for family fun and lots of chocolate.  Our nieces were so adorable hunting for eggs.  Most of the family decorated some of the hard-boiled variety – versus the candy filled plastic kind – as well.  Check out this great egg Adam made –

easter egg

Other Virginia fun included a quick trip to the farm just down the road from Adam’s parent’s house.  We got to pet the goats!

virginia horsesvirgina goats

Here is some of what you missed on the food front during my skipped weekend post…

This egg really did taste like a slice of mushed-up cake.

birthday cake egg

The strawberry diet coke at Sonic still rocks my face off.  After I finished my drink, I poured a new can of soda over the leftover berries and ice and was thrilled all over again.


The husband and I tried the vanilla date shake frozen yogurt at Yogurtland and we very impressed with it.  There was just enough creaminess to back up the date flavor.


Heading back further in time…

How awesome is this Buffalo street art?  All of the traffic light boxes along Elmwood were painted.

elmwood ave buffalo

This good advice comes courtesy of Ashker’s Juice Bar.

ashkers buffalo

Here are Webster and I on one of our first warm day walks.


And here is the evidence I’m compiling for my potential divorce proceedings.  You’ve got to take grammar/spelling/syntax issues seriously!


Finally, back up to present… Spring has sprung!


Is the weather getting nice where you live?

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