Week Long Wrap-Up; But I Am Le Tired

In spite of actually getting enough sleep for the first time in ever, I was astonishingly tired this week.  Like too tired to play on my phone when I got in bed at night, which is huge for me.  Probably related to the astonishing amount of junk I ate this week, most of which I didn’t have the energy to photograph.  Or perhaps just living like a grown-up finally sinking in.  Nonetheless, when I thought about writing a “Weekly Wrap-Up” post on Thursday, I crawled into bed instead.  FYI – I did select the book winners and they’ve already been contacted.

le work eats

Some breakfasts and lunches shown here.  I did not do a great job of packing this week.  We had two free lunches in a row, but unfortunately neither offered a ton that I could/would eat.  And I tried to buy lunch in the cafeteria one day and it did not go well at all.  There were several days where I was cranky all afternoon and then snacking like crazy the minute I could get my hands on food.  Like the day I ate an entire bag of fruit gummis on the train…

DSC06613Leftover chana masala with tangerines.

DSC06557DSC06562DSC06560Lunch from our holiday party.  Salad, shrimp, and rigatoni.  With a side of present in our great gift exchange.  I didn’t snap any pictures, but my boss brought in Baked by Melissa for dessert and that was fun.

20131217_13460820131217_135956Jalopeño-cheddar cream cheese bagel with fresh pineapple.

DSC06589DSC06585DSC06586My coffee of choice this week was an iced Americano with extra espresso, skim milk, and four sugars.

DSC06601Yogurt, mango, and peppermint divinity that knocked my socks off.

DSC06626DSC06630DSC06628le work outfits

DSC06462DSC06566DSC06591DSC06602DSC06623DSC06632le dinners

I didn’t have it in me to cook and we ate too many meals out this week.  It would have been fine for the fun, except of course they were largely terrible.  Thankfully my desire to get in the kitchen seems to be renewed by my week of bad restaurant meals.  <– I say as I eat cheese and crackers and a beer for dinner

We went to a Cuban place in Park Slope as a belated birthday dinner for Adam.

DSC06567DSC06574I got a painkiller to drink, which wasn’t half bad.

DSC06572DSC06571But I misread the menu and ordered a chile relleno that was stuffed with calamari.  I don’t eat calamari.  The waiter was out-of-control terrible so we were not surprised when he didn’t comment on my plate going back to the kitchen mostly untouched (not that this mistake was their fault!).

DSC06577We made a dessert effort with flan and tres leches, aka flan and a kitchen sponge soaked in scm.  Yuck!

DSC06579At least we enjoyed our company immensely!  And the walk back to the car was gorgeous and we picked me up a jaloepeño cheddar bagel that was delicious.

DSC06582We tried again another night with a Groupon I bought for a Mexican spot in Roslyn.

DSC06614DSC06616We shared a truffle mushroom quesadilla that was perfect.

DSC06618And my 2nd go at chile relleno was much better, if still not great.

DSC06619Another night we stayed home but got Chipotle.

DSC06609I was irritated with the amount of guacamole she glopped on at first, but once I realized it was in fact $2 and not free I was glad that they didn’t skimp.

DSC06608I’d been having a love affair with their chicken but somehow this rice bowl just didn’t knock my socks off.

The best thing we ate all week was the night we stayed home.

DSC06595Leftover chana with onion relish and a big scoop of plain Greek yogurt.

DSC06599le snacks

A cookie to stay on theme while we watched “Frosty.”

DSC06635A lemonade milkshake.

DSC06642I used way too much lemon juice to vanilla ice cream and this was actually inedible, but it was fun in theory and an idea I plan on trying again in different proportions.

DSC06647A Buffalo chicken quesadilla (former freebie) from Red’s.

DSC06637DSC06640White chocolate peppermint frozen yogurt with cheesecake chips and snowcaps.

DSC06691We also tried the Scotchy Scotch Scotch (on top of chocolate peanut butter swirl) from Ben and Jerry’s.  I took a few bites and Adam swooned over the rest.  This flavor is definitely for butterscotch lovers.

DSC06690This Cider Boys Magic Apple, apple strawberry hard cider, was outstanding.  I want to try the cinnamon flavor like crazy.

DSC06694le weekend in the city

Yesterday we headed over to Rockefeller Center to see the tree.

DSC06649DSC06651DSC06656DSC06659I can not even tell you how gorgeous the city was this weekend; I squealed with delight every time we rounded a corner.  Also it was 65 degrees and I was in sandals!

We were in Manhattan because Au Bon Pain invited me in to try some of their new holiday menu.

DSC06670DSC06663Note – Au Bon Pain provided me coupons with which I could try the new menu free of charge.  I was not provided further compensation for writing this post.  All opinions are my own.

Here are the current ABP special menu additions –

Chicken, Mushroom and Swiss Sandwich– all natural chicken, spinach, Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms and tomato spread on a sprouted grain roll

Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake – holiday mini bundt coffee cake filled with cinnamon spice and topped with walnuts

Egg White and Mushroom Frittata Breakfast Sandwich – egg whites, sautéed mushrooms, spinach and cheddar on a sprouted grain roll

Gingerbread Cookie – A hand decorated cookie rich with molasses

Greek Vanilla Yogurt and Triple Berry Parfait

Peppermint Chocolate Shortbread – chocolate dipped shortbread sprinkled with peppermint topping

Pumpernickel Bagel – bold and distinctive flavor from rye flour and molasses

Thai Coconut Shrimp (gluten free) – a blend of petite shrimp, red peppers, carrots, bamboo shoots and lemongrass in a coconut and curry broth with a touch of spice

Adam and I shared so we could try three things.

DSC06668The Chicken, Mushroom, and Swiss Sandwich.

DSC06672DSC06675They were out of the rolls so ours was served on cibatta bread.  I thought this was good, but I’m not one to get too excited about a chicken sandwich.  Adam loved it.  He ate part of my half and even considered getting a second one.

The Thai Coconut Shrimp soup.

DSC06678DSC06679This one I liked more than the husband.  The flavor was full of lemongrass and not too spicy.  Very filling for only 170 calories in a medium bowl.

The Peppermint Chocolate Shortbread.

DSC06681We both loved dessert.  The shortbread was so thick that it was the main flavor instead of chocolate or peppermint, but thankfully it was quite a tasty shortbread.  Each cookie has 390 calories which I didn’t think was too bad considering how big they are.

It was dark after we finished eating and the lights were even better on the walk home.

DSC06683DSC06687I New York

P.S. Bonus points if you know what the title alludes to!

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