The Rest Of The Weekend

Here is all the stuff that didn’t tie into yesterday’s book review…

Coffee break(fast) on Friday.

DSC06467One of the doctors brought us all in doughnuts but I stuck with my latte and coffee chia bar (even though this flavor ended up being gross).  Later I was laughing with Adam about how much much harder it is to pass things up now that I’ve gotten kind of fat.  Before it felt like “this is a time I’m not eating something yummy, but that’s ok because I look and feel my best because I occasionally don’t eat things that are yummy.”  Before I started my job I went a little crazy with the sitting on the couch and eating thing and now I’m trying to get back to my old, healthy self.  But now it’s like “I’m passing up on this doughnut but I still don’t look like I pass on doughnuts, I look like I rolled around in a pile of doughnuts like Scrooge McDuck and then just put my clothing on over the doughnuts that stuck!

<— anyone else get what I’m saying there?

Another Friday item, lunch.

DSC06456The last of the big grapes.

DSC06460And a salad of romaine with groats, edamame, peanuts, and peanut vinaigrette.

DSC06458It was so great having the pre-cooked edamame at the ready.  Thanks, Trader Joe’s.  And speaking of TJ’s…

We tried several tasty cheeses this weekend.

DSC06452DSC06473In grilled cheese!  On gingerbread swirl bread.

DSC06513We made one sandwich of each and then split them in half.  Chocolate cheddar cheese with Sriracha mayo and English cheddar with caramelized onions with dijon.

DSC06516So. Freaking. Good.  I don’t even plan on being a person who doesn’t cozy up with the husband in front of Gray’s with a plate of grilled cheese.  I just need to stop being the person who puts cheese on everrrrrrrrrything.

We cashed in a BOGO coupon at Starbucks and got turkey bacon, egg white, and cheddar sandwiches for breakfast before running errands.

DSC06469DSC06471This sandwich is one of the husband’s very favorite things but I ended up sharing the last 1/3 of mine with him.  I feel like there must be fake sugar in the English muffins; they have a strangely sweet aftertaste that throws off the whole sandwich.

I was supposed to do a review with Limoneira recently but things fell through at the last minute.  They felt bad and sweetly sent me a big box of lemons.

DSC06352Too exciting!  I had so much fun getting to experiment with the meyer lemons.  We made another batch of Dulce de Leche Lemon Popsicles, and did something really fun with the leftover “batter.”

DSC06475DSC06479Lemon egg creams!  Just popsicle mix (lemon juice, scm, and skim milk) with pink grapefruit seltzer.

We also made some lemon bars to bring to a holiday party we attended Saturday night.

DSC06505My mom always made these bars for me growing up but this was the first time Adam ever tried them and he adored them.  Not super Christmasy but they did have powdered sugar snow.

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the cookbook giveaways!

5 thoughts on “The Rest Of The Weekend

  1. Yes, I totally get what you’re saying in the first part of your post! I recently got back down to my happy weight after three years of carting around too many extra pounds. It’s MUCH easier to pick and choose how and when to indulge now that I like the way I look — I don’t want to indulge all the time, I want it to be worth it. But when I was feeling fat and ugly it was soooo much easier to say F**** It and give in to indulgence all the time. Which is why I was chunkier for a solid three years! So admittedly the first few months were horrifically hard but then I got back into my groove and remembered why I loved being trimmer (not just for vanity reasons! I really dig feeling healthier and more energetic too!) and now I’m coasting along much easier. You just have to ride out the first few months…..

  2. Hey =)
    I so get what you mean in the first part of your post! When I feel fat it makes me want to eat even more because I feel down and I want to eat for comfort. It is such a bad cycle to get into and it takes so much effort to turn things around. I so want to get into a place where I am able to separate my emotions from food and just eat to meet a physical need however. It is something I really have to work on though! On another note I am with you 1000% about loving all things lemony! It is my favourite flavour! I adore it in everything! =)

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