Top Ten Loves Before Valentine’s

Here are the past week’s top ten eats –

{1} This breakfast.


Cashew date granola bar, grapes, and string cheese.

{2}  And also this breakfast.  Cold brew.


Plus a Ruby Frost apple (<– crisp and juicy!).


And rice cakes.


My co-worker brought in rice cakes and candy for the Chinese new year.

{3} Raspberry cinnamon lassi and a pretzel roll.


An unconventional snack combo but a good one.

{4} Strawberry vanilla smoothie.  Adam and I shared, I didn’t actually finish a Big Gulp of smoothie.


Inspired by my lassi, I added a big shake of cinnamon.

{5} Killer yogurt bowl.


Fage pineapple yogurt topped with chia seeds, toasted walnuts, blueberries, and Luxardo cherries.


Why am I not putting cherries on top of everything I eat??

{6} Cafeteria salad bar.  Toppings included cheese, olives, and white beans.  With a side of tortellini salad.


I totally ate pizza the other 3 days.

{7} Super leftovers soup.


Whenever we make extras of a dish that would go well in soup, we toss them into the freezer for an easy dinner at a later date.



The bag included bok choy, shallots, red pepper, and shredded chicken, the broth was TJ’s miso ginger, and we had a Tupperware of orecchiette pasta in the fridge from the night before.

{8} Sandwich #1, Bareburger date.  Plus fries.


My turkey burger was loaded with pimento cheese, spinach, tomato, pickles, mayo, and mustard.

{9} Sandwich #2, Thai chicken crunch.


Toasted bread with tons of melty peanut butter, Sriracha-mayo chicken salad, and pickled cucumber and carrot.


Served with roasted green beans.


The sandwiches were quick to assemble and very tasty and fun.

{10} Valentine’s-themed love, because I’m a sucker for anything limited edition.



I bought a Starbucks molten chocolate latte the first day they came out, because of course I did (only available until February 14th).  It was freaking delicious.

{bonus} A mid-week date with Adam!  We both had Thursday off and we spent the day in Manhattan.  We ate giant sundaes at Serendipity 3 and took a frigid but fabulous 4 mile walk in the 17 degree weather.

Aaaaand now I work all weekend.  Think warm thoughts for me, please!

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