Weekly Wrap-Up; Recipes, Redone

Hey there!  I’m a few days late with this post because the dog had a vet appointment late Thursday night.  He had to get about a million shots – we did all of his blood draws and vaccinations in one fell swoop – but was such a little trooper.  He is so freaking cute!

Things were good with the human members of the house as well.  I remade two of my old recipes this week with great success.  It was a busy but satisfying week at work.  And now my brother-in-law is here to play! I’m saving our Friday night fun for Monday’s weekend post, but here is the last week…


Tropical smoothie.


Crushed pineapple, frozen banana, toasted coconut, and vanilla almond milk.  I should have added nutmeg to this because that’s what I put on my piña coladas.

Fancy fruit salad.


This salad was insane and I need to make it again immediately.  Blackberries, minneola, lime juice/zest, maple syrup, toasted coconut, and hemp hearts.


Plus a Blueberry Oat Almond THINaddictive.


The thin was part of a sweet box of samples that Nonni’s sent me.


Their sweet and crunchy biscotti almond thins – which have only 100 calories per package and less than 2 grams of saturated fat – are out in two new flavors: blueberry oat and banana dark chocolate.  I was a fan of both.


Asian and apples.


My Pad See Ew leftovers were still great cold.


With Brown Sugar Sea Salt Seaweed Snacks and a Lady Alice apple.


I made my own to-go oatmeal bowls this week! 1/3 cup of rolled oats and 1 Tbsp of malted milk powder, plus toppings.  I took them to work in glass Tupperware and then put enough hot water (for the tea in the cafeteria) in the bowl to just cover the oats.  By the time I got back up to my department they were perfect!  I will probably still buy the packaged ones as well, but this was a very exciting development.


Berries and cream oatmeal = white chocolate chips and freeze-dried strawberries.

The rest of my fruit salad was wonderful at lunch.


Crushed pineapple,


fruit salad,


and a peach Fage,


were all stirred together into a tasty bowl.

Homemade oatmeal part deux.


Crushed pecans, dark chocolate chips, and toasted coconut.


Plus an apple.


Afternoon espresso when I really wanted candy.


I compromised by putting an obscene amount of sugar into my coffee.

Honestly, I had terrible bedtime habits all week and my afternoons took a lot of coffees.  Made even more exciting by the Cookies and Cream Magic Straws from my Easter basket.


A Banana Dark Chocolate Almond THINaddictive.


I was expecting to like this flavor the most but ended up preferring the blueberry; this was good but the banana was a tiny bit fake tasting.

Pink Lady.  I have been loving apples recently.


We made milkshakes.


Café Latte Frozen Greek Yogurt, chocolate milk, malted milk powder, and ice.

And speaking of milk, I ate about a million cookies this week.


Don’t forget, you have until Monday to enter my giveaway.


My first recipe redo.


Shallotta Salmon Burgers.  They aren’t orange fyi, that’s just bad lighting.


Shredded Brussels sprouts cooked with coconut oil, crushed pecans, chopped celery, and swiss/gruyere cheese.


I added too much oil to my veggies and they were good but a little ridiculous.

My other recipe redo was my Healthy Spinach Pesto.


A total success, stirred into pasta with broccoli and tons and turkey bacon.


I’m off for family fun time! xoxo

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