Weekly Wrap-Up; NYC Loves

Heeeeey!  Long time no blog!  Adam’s brother was in town last weekend for a fabulous, whirlwind visit and we’ve been pretty busy ever since.  I’ve been bone-achingly tired all week, but it was more than worth it to get to share some of our favorite parts of Brooklyn with my brother-in-law.


It’s been forever – and I have not been photographing 90% of what goes in my mouth – so I’m just going to go through the major highlights from the past week.  This post is part Weekly Wrap-Up, part Loves of Late…

Smorgasburg in Williamsburg

Fellow New Yorkers, have you made it to Smorgasburg yet?!  If not, you’ve got to get on that!  Assembling on Saturdays in the East River State Park and Sundays at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 (DUMBO), this parking lot full of food vendors will knock your socks off.  I get legitimate anxiety trying to decide which fabulous things to taste.


Here is just a small sampling of some of the tasty things we tried last weekend.  Yellow plum and chai shaved ice from People’s Pops.


Blue Bottle, obvs.


A Bahn Mi chicken hot dog from Asia Dog.


Sugar cane lemonade.


And the boardwalk fries from Home Frite.


{from the website: malt aioli made with Brooklyn Brewery Beer and fries seasoned with hickory smoked salt and malt vinegar powder}




We also had biscuits, Horchatta, and other things I’m sure I’m forgetting.

Mixology Class at Harding’s

Happily for me, I recently received a media invite to attend the first of Harding’s monthly mixology classes.


Please note – I attended this event free of charge.  I was not provided further compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.

Here is what they have to say about the class –

Americana-chic Flatiron parlor, Harding’s, is shaking up the first Tuesday of each month with the launch of a new hands-on mixology class series.  Starting Tuesday, May 6, Harding’s head mixologist will lead participants through an interactive 1-hour session to instill the building blocks of mixology (for instance, the difference between bourbon and rye, and why James Bond should have ordered his martinis “stirred—not shaken”), fundamental mixology techniques, and the methods behind three seasonally inspired cocktails, each month built around a new theme:  … June will illuminate the lighter, brighter side of whiskey.  In July, spicy jalapeno and ginger-infused cocktails will most certainly set off fireworks. [August covers infusions and September will go back to the basics with classic cocktails.]  Complimentary light snacks will also be provided.



May’s class was all floral pairings – lavender and rosewater – aka it was perfect for me.  My thoughts… I loved it!  The classes cost $35 per person and I think that price is more than worth it; you have the opportunity to drink a minimum of 10 oz of liquor and Derrick Turner – head mixologist for Harding’s and teacher of the class and creator of the cocktails – was both funny and informative.  P.S. The light snacks? Included soft pretzels with dipping sauce.

We learned, among other things, how to use a cocktail shaker, what makes bourbon different from vodka, and how to do a bar pour {8 seconds = 2 oz = 1 pour}.


We made three drinks, all of which were fantastic.  For obviously reasons, I’m just naming a few components and not giving the entire recipes.

#1: Suzanne Collins, a Tom Collins with rose water and pink peppercorn.  And a candied orange topper.


#2: Roseberry, a whiskey drink with raspberries, rosemary, and lavender.  <– this one was clearly my favorite


#3: Maidens Blush, vodka with cherry liquor and sparkling Brut.


And at the end of the class we got to go one-on-one with the other participants in a cocktail making challenge.


My sparkling vodka, lemon, lavender cocktail did not win, but when they saw how jazzed I was about the lavender simple syrup they packaged the rest up for me to take home!


TLDR?  Mixology class at Harding’s / more than worth the $35 / go get wasted, in a classy, educational way / then eat soft pretzels.

Frozen Treats in NYC

Have you seen the Buzzfeed article 44 Frozen Treats You Need to Try in NYC This Summer?  Uggh.  I am determinedly working my way through them one by one.  I’ve already crossed off a slightly concerning amount.

This week I conquered #15 – the alcoholic Kelvin Slush from Pork Slope.


They had frozen mint juleps for the Derby.  I went back two days in a row and am basically heartbroken that the julep won’t be a part of the regular menu.

#30 – Fruit soft-serve at Chloe’s.


I got a banana and dark chocolate swirl.  It was fine, but nothing I would go back for, though Adam loved his strawberry mango.

And #35 – gummy bear cream ice from Ralph’s.


This gummy creamy marriage was everything I was hoping it would be.  I normally hate vanilla ice creams but the milky base used here was the perfect complement to the bears.

What is rocking your face off in your city this summer?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up; NYC Loves

  1. Those fries look AMAZING. I am starving.

    Emily, I’m going to go crazy…I can make out what the first sign says! “Spring is here…Jungle is open…[?] your garden with us”? What the heck does it say?!

    • Right?!? They were ridiculous. I’m hungry now too!

      It says PLAN your garden with us. That was very tricky for me to figure out and it started to make me a little crazy as well 🙂

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