Weekly Wrap-Up; Eggs And Easter Candy

I’m bouncing back from a bad migraine this afternoon so this post might be lacking my usual witty prose (<– just go with it).  I don’t want to think that too much sugar may have been a potential trigger for the migraine, but it will probably be hard to convince you otherwise once you finish the post 🙂  Also, upon completion I am forced to note that 90% of these pictures are pretty god-awful.  The food was yummy though, I swear!


Oatmeal Monday.


Apple on the side.


Quaker Summer Berry Oatmeal,


topped with Reese’s eggs.


I read the egg carton further that night and discovered that they contain trans fat, dun dun dun! – so I had to throw the rest out.  My only hard and fast nutrition rule is never eat trans fats.

Spicy Sandwich Tuesday.  A whole wheat Sandwich Thin with Applegate Farms Herbed Turkey, Fontina cheese, strawberry jam, and pickled jalopeños that seemed to have retained a lot of their heat.


I cooled down with cinnamon applesauce.


And crunched through kale chips.


Worst.  Photo.  Ever.

Egg Salad Wednesday.


This batch of egg salad was made with tons of caramelized onions, miracle whip, smoked paprika, and raisins.  It was fabulous stuffed inside a Pocket Thin.


With the rest of the kale chips and an apple.


Leftovers Thursday.


See more of this casserole down in dinners.


With a wonderfully crisp Lady Alice apple and Haribo colas.


Last of the Egg Salad Friday, aka today.


This time with a slice of Fontina.


Stir fry night.


Served on top of packaged Kung Pao noodles.


My ‘fry contained edamame, bamboo shoots, straw mushrooms, and pineapples, cooked in pineapple juice and green curry paste.


I usually try to put too much into my stir fries and I end up hating them; this simple version was fantastic.

Stir fry leftovers.


My veggies, plus steamed sweet potato chunks, and fish sauce and soy sauce, cooked in evoo, with an egg at the end.

A winning new recipe.


Turkey Reuben Casserole.


Click here for the recipe.


Plus spinach and baby kale sautéed with evoo and dried blueberries.


Let’s be real, I pretty much choked down those greens.

Chipotle post-migraine.


Brown rice with peppers, chicken, lettuce, cheese, and lots of mild salsa.

snacks, aka Easter candy

I made a Cadbury Cream Egg Cream.  What?!


It actually didn’t work all that well, I felt like my eggs got burnt in the microwave, but I salvaged it with a bit of chocolate milk.  Adam and I were both pretty pleased with the final result.

Speaking of candy eggs, these Ferrero ones from my basket were sure gone in a hurry.


Just like a Rocher but without the nut in the center.

Grape Crush licorice.


When I veered away from the Easter goodies my snacks went horribly awry.  I got an email from Dunkin that a Coolatta would earn me 25 bonus points and, sucker for loyalty rewards that I am, I had to get one.


Disgusting.  It wasn’t homogenous at all; the coffee, milk, and sweetener separated into terrible layers.

That was a bad note to end on, but overall it was a tasty week.

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