Weekend Wrap-Up; Oh, Sugar, Sugar

I don’t have a ton to share from this weekend but every thing I do have a photo of was super tasty.  My sweet tooth was certainly satisfied by the past three days!

Greek yogurt, strawberry, and chia from The Epic Seed.


The packaging here was very neat.  The flavors were tasty, and I plan on buying this again, but I think I would have preferred this with regular, thinner yogurt because it was very thick and a bit difficult to eat.

Strawberry milk slush from Kung Fu Tea.


Adam took one sip and declared “this is the best drink I’ve ever had!”  We both loved it and want another immediately.  The texture was perfection; a great replacement for the granitas we used to adore in Park Slope.

Easy dinner at home.


A sandwich – smoked trout mashed with miracle whip and smoked paprika, on rye pumpernickel swirl with swiss cheese, cooked in butter – with baby carrots on the side.

A trip to Momofuku Milk Bar‘s Williamsburg location.


We shared a cereal milk shake that was fine but not too exciting.  Corn flakes don’t exactly do it for me, I want the bottom of a bowl of Lucky Charms.


And a slice of crack pie.


This was teeth-achingly sweet, aka fantastic.

And next-door to Milk we discovered a tiny, hole-in-the-wall Thai spot that is our new favorite.


My tofu Pad See Eiw was chewy and wonderful.  The tofu was perfectly seasoned.

While we were in Manhattan for the Green Fest (<– more to come on that tomorrow) we discovered H Bake Shop.


We got the Lilac, a berry cupcake with lavender frosting.


This was fabulous, the first cupcake ever to rival the greatness coming out of Sugar, Sweet, Sunshine.  The price was a teensy bit higher than SSS, but this was also the prettiest dessert I’ve ever had.

What’s missing from this post?  Another migraine (boo!), grocery shopping with giant coffees, a burger for Adam and fried pickles for me from SmashBurger, lunch at the Green Fest, and a trip to the movies for the newest “Captain America” (we liked it!).

What was sweet about your weekend?

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