Five For Ten


I worked all last weekend so I didn’t take the time to blog.  Good news – that means I have tomorrow off with a three day weekend!  Here were the top five eats for the last ten days…

{1} Oatmeal for lunch

Prepackaged with vanilla almond butter and citrus on the side.


And a homemade mix with chia seeds and sliced almonds.


With fresh strawberries stirred in and melty cookie butter on top.  P.S. Cookie butter probably should have gotten its own bullet point!

{2} The last of the Tahini Granola in yogurt bowls

With plain Greek yogurt and fresh blueberries and blackberries.




I need to make a 2nd batch of granola asap, it made the last two weeks of lunches an absolute delight.  I’m going to give myself a lower sugar week with Heritage Flakes first though.

{3} Epic sandwiches

The cafeteria-assembled breakfast sandwiches were particularly epic but this turkey ‘which from home was nothing to sneeze at.



TJ’s quinoa bread with turkey and cheddar.  I put the chips inside the sandwich for some needed crunch.


Cinnamon-raisin toast with smashed hard-boiled egg, veggie sausage, and Greek yogurt cream cheese.


Egg and cheese croissantwich.


I’ve decided I don’t eat egg sandwiches often enough, a gap in my culinary habits that desperately needs to be filled.

{4} Starbucks’ s’mores bar

Holy crap this was good!


I swear the graham cracker layer has coffee in it.

{5} Mexican-flavors dinners

Deconstructed tacos, aka taco filling bowls scooped with tortilla chips.


Shredded chicken, sautéed orange bell peppers and onion, cheese, plain Greek yogurt, and fresh cilantro.  Plus brussels sprouts that I roasted with taco seasoning. <– so good


Another night we made chicken and zucchini enchiladas.



I don’t know why I never make enchiladas, these were so easy!

{Bonus} Near misses – don’t try this at home

These two seemed like they’d be great and instead were total let downs.  I did not want a 2nd bite of this cookie dough bar.


And we were expecting to love Bunsmith, they have a cookie butter bun for god sake.  And a boozy banana milk and spice cocktail.




Mega meh.  The veggies in our bowls came out of a can and there was entirely too much rice.  We’ll have to stay loyal to Bao Haus.  In fact, it’s on the agenda for the three-day weekend!

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