Goodbye, Apple Month

Can you believe that it is already October?!  Time has felt like it is flying ever since we moved back to the city but this year in particular is booking it.  Never mind the fact that I am somehow 30 years old even though I still feel like high school was maybe six years ago tops.


I kept this week’s coffee combo simple –


I wanted to be able to get a good feel for this stuff –


This was the perfect month to review* Rigoni di Asiago’s Dolcedì sweetener because it is made of apples!  10 kilograms of organic apples go into 1 kilogram of Dolcedì.


The liquid sweetener is USDA certified organic, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher, and can be used in the same ways you would use table sugar (1 teaspoon of Dolcedì would substitute for 1 teaspoon of sugar, a 1:1 ratio) in hot and cold drinks.  It has 15 calories per Tbsp (table sugar has 15 per teaspoon).  You can also use it in baking but I haven’t tried that yet.

The liquid is sweet but flavorless so it really doesn’t alter the taste of your drink – unlike honey and agave – and I found that it quickly dissolved completely into solution in my iced coffee.  I don’t typically sweeten my drinks but when I do I would definitely use the Dolcedì again in the future.

Along with my sweetened coffees I had bars



and orchard apples.


We were not impressed with the scant variety available for apple picking but these ended up being some of the best apples any of the four of us have ever eaten.


Plain yogurt with blueberries and pomegranate, sea salt caramel apple granola and chia seeds, and an apple on the side.


Plus I brought in turtle pretzel magic bars for my coworkers and I totally snagged one for after lunch.



The other days I stuck with THIS for dessert –



Kodiak flapjack on the go and TJ’s freeze-dried Fuji apple slices.


I hated the pancake cup – it was like choking down raw batter – but those apples are amazing.  I shared a taste with two coworkers who said they were the best they’ve ever had.

Plain Siggi’s with blueberries, strawberry preserves, and caramel apple granola and chia seeds.


The caramel apple chia combo has rocked my world this month, though I have had to start carrying floss in my purse to deal with errant seeds.


Dinners this week were exceedingly weak.  Apparently our busy weekend of walking wore us out because Adam and I have been unbelievably tired.  Like on Monday we got into bed at 7:30 pm tired.  And then on Tuesday we took a nap before bed.  I guess maybe I do feel thirty!

Monday I ate a Starbucks chicken Santa Fe sandwich on the train.


It was good, and thank goodness because when I got home I ate this strawberry Cow Tail under the covers.


Hence “dinners.”

Tuesday I at least legitimately included some vegetables in my snack-based dinner.  Carrots with hummus.


Several rounds of pretzels with string cheese.


And roasted green beans.


This was actually a pretty balanced meal.

And Wednesday I cooked a grown-up dinner.


Can you call heating up a package of TJ’s Palak Paneer cooking?


I had to make the brown jasmine rice and roasted zucchini we served it with so I’m counting it.


With a dollop of goat’s milk yogurt on top.  And my final La Brea Bakery review* on the side – flatbread.


They were all good but this was our favorite bread so far.  It had that perfect naan texture, fluffy yet chewy.  And the flatbread includes sprouted whole wheat flour (along with white flour) which made the flavor just a bit more interesting.  A+.

P.S. Now it’s October it is finally Pumpkin Month!!!

*These products were provided to me free of charge to review.  I was not provided any additional compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Apple Month

  1. I would love to make those pretzel magic bars. Do you have the recipe posted on your blog somewhere? I’ve seen that caramel sweetened condensed milk at the grocery store and just need an excuse to buy it. I also wanted to leave a comment to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I live in East TN and am often very jealous of you and your husband’s food adventures. If I ever get to go to New York I plan to use your blog as a great food guide.
    Thank you!

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comments!! I love the idea of NYC visitors using our endless eating adventures as a guide 🙂

      The recipe is just the standard magic bar recipe with a few topping tweaks – Caramel SCM instead of regular. Same crust recipe and overall baking directions. For toppings – 1 package caramel filled chocolate morsels (about 2 cups), 1.5 cups chopped roasted and salted pecans, and 2 cups broken pretzel pieces. I hope you enjoy it!

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