Breaking Bread

I didn’t do a very good job of making real meals this week, and I did an even worse job of photographing the junk I did eat, so this post doesn’t have much meat to it.  <– that’s a food blog pun!  I did receive a very exciting package of product samples that I need to gush about.  Apparently man can live on bread alone…


La Brea Bakery opened in LA 26 years ago offering six artisanal hearth-baked breads – Sourdough Baguette, Country White Sourdough, Whole Wheat, Normandy Rye, Olive, Rosemary Olive Oil.  In the years since they’ve won numerous awards, opened locations all around the world, and expanded their product line to include a variety of granola and breads (jalopeño cheddar loaf! raisin pecan loaf! garlic naan flatbread!).

I was sent some samples from their Take & Bake line – par-baked breads that you finish in your oven at home.  They are available at grocery stores around the US.  The breads take about 20 minutes to finish baking, and you are supposed to let them cool for 30 minutes before serving, but the whole process is very easy and hands-off.  We put our loaves on a piece of parchment paper right on the oven rack.

I was sent the Plain Naan Flatbread which we have not tried yet.  The flatbreads are kosher and are partially made with whole-wheat flour.


It is on the meal plan (ha!) for next week so I’ll let you know what we think then.

The French Baguette.  The texture of this bread did not seem to be negatively affected by the freezing at all, the crust was crispy with just enough chew.


I ate my slices warm from the oven next to a Chipotle salad because I’m fancy like that.

And the Ciabatta Loaf.  This was just fluffy enough to be perfect for toasted cheese sandwiches.



With smoked turkey, sharp cheddar, and strawberry jam.

All in all we really enjoyed the two loaves we’ve tried so far.  They have a delectable taste and texture and the short ingredient lists make me happy.  We would definitely consider purchasing these on our own.

Please note – I received the bread products free of charge to review.  I was not provided additional compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.

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