Apple Month Warmth


Adam and I are trying to use every last bit of warmth from the summer and we spent the weekend doing city things and walking our hearts out.  Also eating dessert daily, a habit that we reeeeally need to put the kibosh on once we’re hibernating through winter.

Saturday we took the train into the city and walked 30+ blocks up through Central Park.




We went to a few spots in the park that we hadn’t ever seen before, which was fun.  But the way back to the train we did take the straight route down Lexington/Madison Ave because Central Park’s “Ramble” is very fittingly named.

Sunday we were even further north – The Bronx Zoo.




That’s a carousal selfie.  We were there from 10 – 4, whew!


Giant coffee from 7-11 with Almond Joy creamer.


The weird photo angle is because my entire desk was papered in protected health information.  Last week was crazy busy at work.  On Thursday I didn’t get more than 5 feet away from my desk until 4:30 pm.

Pb&j with green beans and apple slices.


With cold brew from Caffeino, a cute coffee spot in Astoria.


The coffee was roasty and smooth and the shop is right along the drive to our train so you’ll definitely be seeing that cup again.

Cold brew with chocolate milk.


Meh, to both parts.


Packed lunch for work.  Chobani cinnamon pear yogurt with pomegranate seeds and Heritage Flakes.


Plus an apple that I picked myself!  Our orchard haul has been quite tasty.  The yogurt was only ok though, not a flavor I would buy again.

Packed lunch for the zoo.  Turkey sandwiches with carrots and applesauce.


Plus we bought iced coffee, of course.

A trip to Bluestone Lane’s Upper East Side location – an Austrian coffee spot housed in a gorgeous church.



We got a flat white and an Aussie iced coffee and both were thick and creamy and amazing.


And split an avocado smash.



Yum.  Amazingly, this was the first time either of us had tried avocado toast.

Dessert was a mini sundae from Sprinkles.


Salted caramel ice cream and marshmallow chocolate cupcake.


Roasted green beans and French bread baked with Smart Balance and light sharp cheddar.


Plus the last of the Coco SuperSeedz.


I wasn’t super hungry because I went to Four &Twenty Blackbirds with a friend after work.


Salted caramel apple!  With espressos that we were less impressed with than the pie.

Saturday night I made a frittata from Cooking Light.


It took forever because I added a million vegetables to it and I snacked while I cooked.


40 minutes later (the directions said 10 minutes!)…


Frittata stuffed with roasted zucchini, arugula, and browned mushrooms and topped with swiss and gruyere cheese and mini heirloom tomatoes.


Plus arugula salad dressed in honey, evoo, and lavender salt, with sharp cheddar, pecans, and pomegranate.


I burnt the bottom of the pie but at least after some careful trimming it was still delicious.

Sunday night we ate Chipotle bowls which I forgot to take a picture of but you’ve seen an embarrassing amount of time before.  With apple ciders.


And unseasonable froyo.


Pumpkin pie yogurt with Nutella and crunchy chocolate things.  I think I’m ready for October, cold and all!

4 thoughts on “Apple Month Warmth

  1. Avocado toast is I ate it every day for breakfast when I was home, on fresh sourdough, with lashings of Sriracha and tons of pink salt and pepper. I die. It’s so hard to find avocados in Korea. It’s a travesty 😥

      • Haha, ehhh … I’m used to it! Just promise you and Adam will eat more avo toasts in my honor? Such a terribly,awful request, I know 😉 Happy Almost Birthday! My third decade has been amazing, and I know it will be the same for you! Cheers, strangerfriend! ♥

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