Five Things – Weekly Wrap Up

five things i ate last week

{1} Really great breakfasts.

I killed it on the breakfast front this week.  Two different days I managed to bring in yogurt (TJ’s strawberry and then 2% plain Fage) with tons of pomegranate and blackberries for topping.


Plus I had cold-brew coffee with soy nog for the train.


Another day I did toast, followed by a juicy apple, and caramel hot chocolate to spruce up my coffee at work.


{2} Party food!

My lunches were a bit ridiculous this week, lots of work parties to attend.  First, the Dietitian party.


My profession always has the best food.  Salad, fruit salad, glass noodles with shrimp, and chicken Pad Thai.


Plus lots of dessert.


And later in the week there was a hospital wide celebration.


Salad, green beans, jerk chicken, eggroll, macaroni.  Plus a chocolate fountain.


{3} Sandwiches, still.

The days without parties, I was still loving the cafeteria sandwiches.  Jerk sliced chicken with mayo, mustard, provolone, and lettuce.


Plus a similar ‘wich with seaweed and a tangerine from home on the side.


{4} Dinner at Whole Foods.

We went on the first night of Hannukah hoping to find lattkes on the hot bar.  No such luck, but we did make super tasty giant salad bowls.  P.S.  That seltzer was so good that I went back and bought a case of them!


Salad base with yummy chipotle almond dressing, tons of shredded veggies, roasted veggies, and a big scoop of mac and cheese.


And we stopped at Ample Hills to check out the seasonal flavor on the way home.


Did not disappoint.


{5} Super thick hot chocolate.

I made my own (super thick) hot chocolate.  But I messed up the proportion of things a bit so the recipe is still not ready to share.


It looked good though!


five things i read/watched/listened to

{1} “Take Me to Church” from Hozier.  I am still obsessed.

{2} “Snowfall” from Ingrid Michelson.  This is my all-time favorite “Christmas song.”

{3} Blood, Bones, & Butter, Chef Gabrielle Hamilton of Prune’s memoir.  <– do not recommend.  Parts of the story were great, but I wasn’t a fan over her writing style and by the end I wasn’t a fan of her either.

{4} The mid-season finale of “Brooklyn-99.”  Loooove.

{5} “Rick and Morty,” an amazingly smart and funny cartoon that we just discovered.

five things from instagram

{1} My new favorite top ever, a sweater my parents sent me with a giant icebear.


{2} I’m super proud of this wrapping job I did on my in-laws’ Christmas present… working a toy store over the holiday season in Buffalo definitely taught me a few things.


{3} Another shot of that tasty marshmallow I ate in the Bryant Park Winter Village.


{4} I like this drawing, but I took this photo back in November, before Thanksgiving!  Slow down!


{5} Puppy love.  His fat little arms slay me.


Have a great weekend!

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