Weekend Wrap-Up; Coffees and Burgers

Hooray for low-key weekends with lots of dog snuggles!  We spent lots of time on the couch, but I did manage to pre-prepare dinner for the next few nights (go me!).



We went to a new coffee spot in Great Neck to get me a Christmallow latte.


It was only ok, not as exciting as it looked, but I had practically been having a heart attack about getting one so at least I can shut up now.

Much better was the espresso I mixed with eggnog at home.


That ‘nog is low-fat but it is damn good, super creamy.


We ate burgers for dinner and brunch on Sunday. Bareburger for a classic first.


Turkey on a bun with grilled onions, mustard, ketchup, and tons of pickles.

Plus a smokey bloody mary made with bbq sauce.


And I stole many bites of Adam’s fried extravaganza chicken and waffle plate.


The balls towards the back were banana fritters.

Dinner was homemade round 2.


My Jalopeno Popper Turkey Burgers (one of my best recipes!) with cheddar on top.


Plus roasted broccoli.


And fries from Trader Joe’s.


So good!


The above wasn’t everything I ate this weekend, obviously, but there wasn’t much else worth mentioning. I will brag about getting dinner on the table like a boss on Saturday though.


We had a party to go to with Adam’s friends and I managed to get us fed by 6 pm versus the usual 9. And that was with a dinner-prep drink!


I made a dish from Cooking Light with some snowman pasta.


And roasted up these cool kale-brussels hybrids.


We thought they were quite tasty.

Hope everyone has a great, festive week!

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