Festival Of Links

to make you think

  1. Nutrition Unplugged looks at the positive sides of the Paleo Diet.  Spoiler – she’s still not a huge fan, but I think this post is very fair.
  2. Love and Zest talks a bit about protein.
  3. Oh My Veggies debunks some common myths about sugar.  I hear #2 and 3 all the time at work and it drives me crazy.
  4. Slate published a really great autobiographical piece on “Why Poor People Stay Poor.”

to make you giggle

Ahahahahaha!  source

oh the snowmanity

This is barely even hyperbolic.  source


I also really don’t like when my feet aren’t under the covers.  source

the bed is safe

This slays me…  source

he could not

Happy Hannukah to all of my readers who celebrate!

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