Weekend Wrap-Up; Equations With Pie

Happy Monday, all!  Did everyone else enjoy Pi Day on Friday (March 14 –>  3/14  –>  3.14)?  People usually celebrate the date by eating pie and/or pizza{pie}.  We went with the sweet variety, though now that I think about it we had pizza over the weekend too.

In random order, here are the eats I have to share…


Friday at work.


A pepperoni and cheese snack box,


and a GT’s Synergy Grape Chia Kombucha.


We got lunch at Noodle & Co. while running errands on Saturday.


DSC08725I got the Japanese pan noodles – caramelized udon noodles in a sweet soy sauce, broccoli, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, Asian sprouts, black sesame and cilantro.


I paid for extra veggies, which got me a whopping 3 tiny pieces of broccoli.  We were not impressed.


Easy dinner on Friday to leave room for pie.


Eggs scrambled with kale and corn.


Pizza on Saturday.  My half was topped with mushroom.


I got my veggies in the form of Sweet Greens.


Sunday was Chipotle take-out.


I planned on saving half of my meal for Adam (he was working the night shift) but I ended up eating every single bite of rice bowl and chips!


It doesn’t look like much, but my “meat” was sofritas – shredded tofu braised with chiles, poblanos, and spices – and it was delicious.


Au Bon Pain debuted a new seasonal Spring Menu on March 10th and they sent me a gift certificate so I could review their newest bakery item.  – please note: I was able to sample the new items free of charge.  I was not provided further compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own. –

Adam and I decided to do a late Sunday morning brunch.


Coffee – a skim, iced Caffé Viennese – and a Sweet Cheese CroisBun, aka their new croissant and sweet bun hybrid.


The outside was wonderfully flakey and sweet but the inside was what really shined.  The sweet cheese was sooooo moist – the main reason I usually don’t eat Danish is because they tend to get dried out, but this was amazing.  There was a sweet cheese and strawberry variety that looked yummy too.

I also got a Sesame Ginger Chicken Salad.


DSC08739Very good as well.  The seasoning on the chicken provided so much flavor.  Other options from the new menu include a Chicken Wasabi Wrap and Black Currant Iced Tea that I quite want to try.


Pi Day celebration from Four & Twenty Blackbirds.


DSC08678I got our slices to-go but the space was super adorable and I am dying to go back.

Oatmeal black bottom – I didn’t love the texture of the oats within the pie but Adam was a big fan –


Salted honey – custard with the perfect balance of salt and sweet –


Lemon chess – my favorite variety; packed with pucker –


We were both very pleased.  And we sat on the couch, holding hands, eating pie, and watching tv, so it was pretty much the best night ever.

And on Saturday I put the leftover lemon chess pie in vanilla bean Greek yogurt.



On Sunday, a girlfriend and I went to a gelato making class.


DSC08751DSC08753We came home with 4 pints each.


The class was fun, but I’m honestly not that thrilled with the taste/quality of my pints.  At least we went on a Groupon.

The highlight of my weekend – other than time with the husband, obvs – was getting my hands on this:


Diet cherry coke slurpee, for the win!  It tasted like dreams.  Even my friend, who’s not an addict like I am, said it was tasty.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

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