Weekend Wrap-Up; October Is Here!

It’s possible I’m a little excited about the arrival of Pumpkin Month.  Check out my stash –

weekendDSC04790DSC04795DSC04792So much squashy goodness!

Now a little bit about the end of September…


I’ve only got one meal to share here, in contrast with the full “dessert” section (whoops!).  Adam had a “golden weekend,” aka both Saturday and Sunday off, so we spent our mornings catching up on sleep.

This breakfast was more of a brunch, but either way it was a winner.

DSC04761Müller Greek Corner Pineapple Passion Fruit Yogurt (former freebie) topped with sliced starfruit and a packet of Crispy Green Pineapples.

DSC04762Isn’t starfruit (also known as Carambola) gorgeous?

DSC04769Did you know that I used to sell starfruit when I was a kid?  We had a tree in our backyard and I would take the harvests to the local grocery stores.

The freeze-dried pineapples were part of a sample box from Crispy Green.

DSC04647I received these samples free of charge.  I was not provided further compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.

Crispy Green is a company that sells freeze-dried fruits.  They are vegan and certified kosher and the ingredient list is nice and simple – just fruit.  What really sold me was the texture, I swear that the apples and pears were almost juicy!  More on them in a minute though.



DSC04677Acorn squash.  I baked half of my squash for 30 minutes at 350*, cut side down, then flipped it over and filled the cavity with pistachios, raisins, and maple syrup, and baked for another 20 minutes.

DSC04683Plus broccoli that I roasted alongside the squash.

DSC04680And a red pear.

DSC04687So nice to have a mid-day meal that’s so packed with nutrients.

Less nutritious but still delicious, Taco Bell.

DSC04740I got a vegetarian Cantina Bell burrito and was actually very impressed.  The burrito had fresh corn and great guacamole.

The greatest sandwich.

DSC04710Sweet and savory, for the win.  Caramel apple swirl bread topped with Applegate Farms Smoked Turkey, TJ’s Lite Havarti, and pickled banana peppers.

DSC04708The husband got and identical ‘wich and he raved about it.  Plus we shared more Crispy Green fruits on the side.  Asian Pear,

asian pearand Apple.

appleThey both were packed with flavor but so far Asian Pear is my favorite.


Mac remix.

DSC04696A box of Annie’s Shells and Aged Real Cheddar gussied up with TJ’s smoked trout, frozen edamame and a greens mix, and 1 oz of Chevre.

DSC04692I have pantry back-ups of all of the ingredients and a see a redo in our future.

A cider soaked meal.

DSC04728I marinated some extra-firm tofu in TJ’s Spiced Apple cider (plus honey and hot sauce) before burning baking in the oven.

DSC04730Shredded cabbage was sautéed in the tofu marinade and then topped with salty peanuts.

DSC04734And this lovely squash was sprinkled with salt and cinnamon and roasted alongside the tofu.

DSC04724DSC04738I filled in the space in the center of the plate with Dinosaur Roasted Garlic Honey BBQ Sauce for dipping.

A meal out on the town.

DSC04775We finished our two-day weekend with a dinner out on the town at Luigi’s.

We were brought an amazing basket of fresh bread.

DSC04776And we shared a Tuscan salad to start.

DSC04781baby spinach / breaded artichoke hearts / roasted peppers / gorgonzola dolce / pignoli nuts / balsamic vinaigrette

DSC04782I got handmade Papardelle with shrimp and lobster in a fresh plum tomato cognac cream sauce from the specials menu for my meal.

DSC04787DSC04784It was delicious!  The homemade pasta had great bite and the seafood was juicy and perfect.  Plus the portions were huge; I shared many tastes with Adam and still came home with a full serving of leftovers.  {Mom and Dad, we want to take you here when you visit!}


Adam went out to celebrate a birthday with his fellow interns and he brought me home cake.

DSC04698I’m not a huge chocolate fan but I’m a sucker for jam in the middle.

I brought him home vegan ice cream sandwiches.

DSC04719Tofutti is currently celebrating their 30th anniversary and they sent me some coupons.

DSC04712DSC04714I received these samples free of charge.  I was not provided further compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.

Ice cream sandwiches are Adam’s favorite and he was very impressed with how close to the original this (minty) version came.

DSC04718I thought the Cuties had great flavor and texture – and I’m not even an ice cream sandwich lover – but 180 calories for the small size seemed a little steep.

DSC04716I will definitely buy them again for the husband though.

To finish the post – the best thing ever.

DSC04772Adam and I split an ice the other day to celebrate the first day of fall.  Dulce de leche topped with pumpkin pie.

DSC04770Oh. My. God.  The pumpkin pie ice was ridiculous!  The best tasting ice I’ve ever had and those brown areas were crunchy streusel that was just over the top.  We were both swooning!

What pumpkin goodies are you excited for this month?

10 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up; October Is Here!

  1. I just sat down to read your post with my turkey and muenster sandwich, saw your sandwich and hopped up to add banana peppers to mine. Delicious!!

  2. at last I have my new computer and finally was able to get to your blog. All the foods looked delish. I would eat them all except broccoli and spinach because I have to watch them with my meds. When we visit I’d like an ice. Mom-in-law.

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