Last Week’s Highlights

I didn’t have enough to share to call this a “wrap-up,” but I did want to blog a few of my favorites that managed to make it in front of the camera.  I have some stuff happening in my personal life right now (some good, mostly bad) that I don’t want to share on the blog and I appreciate your patience with my limited posting.

leftovers for lunch

I made the most of restaurant leftovers with this compilation meal.  The last of some Pad See Eiw with tofu,


a slice of focaccia from our Italian meal (it was still soft!!),


and from home a Pink Crisp apple with crunchy Barney Butter.


Lacking in veggies but quite good.

the pumpkin line-up

I’m listing these from bad to good great.  Tazo Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte.


I mixed mine as 1/2 cup tea and 1.5 cups Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk and hated it.  Admittedly I made mine too weak, but I made Adam’s extra strong (with skim milk) and I didn’t like that one either.  The flavor was just too “dirty” for me.  But Adam loved both versions – and drank both our drinks in one sitting – and is excited for the rest of the carton so it’s not a total loss.



A tiny bit (this cup cost $1.75!) of pumpkin spice and cheesecake swirl topped with toasted coconut, graham cracker, and caramel sauce.  This combo was a total winner.

Froyo was good, but nothing beats pumpkin ice.


Pumpkin on top with toffee crunch on the bottom.  Usually I can’t eat a whole small cup but I wolfed this down and I think I could even finish two scoops of just pumpkin!  My friend Kim informed me that Ralph’s Ice is totally a thing and now it feels even more exciting.

stir-fried mac

This was one of those mash-up meals that doesn’t seem like it will work but just does.


Leftover pasta – Annie’s mac and cheese with greens, edamame, and smoked trout – reheated in a skillet with evoo, tons of Sriracha, and a sprinkle of sugar; with one large egg scrambled in at the end.  I know that the sugar sounds strange but I promise the final flavor is perfection.


Do you see that brown piece by my hand that looks like bacon?  It’s not bacon, it’s smoked trout that got extra-crispy.  <– swoon

saltine challenge

I surprised Adam with fancy sardines and since we had Saltines in the house it was time for a challenge.


You know from reading my rant that I’m a stickler for the rules so I have to admit – we both totally failed.  Our mouths were still full of approximately 1.5 crackers each when the timer buzzed.

fancy fish

This dinner came straight out of EveryDay with Rachael Ray.


I even took a break from my rebellious side and followed the recipe exactly.


Well, mostly exactly, we skipped the brown rice and used baby bok choy instead of the big guys.  But the end result was delicious.


Our glaze didn’t thicken the way it was supposed to, but the fish had a great, flaky texture.


And we loved the bok choy.


Adam has even requested that baby bok become a weekly staple!

dinner in Manhattan

On Wednesday, I was invited to a press event in Manhattan so I brought a girlfriend with me for a fun evening in the city.


{that’s sunset at Chelsea Pier}

The event was to celebrate the launch of Donatella Arpaia’s new kitchen line with HSN ( The line is available starting this Monday (October 7th) so they held a gettogether to showcase some of the new products.

Here’s a little blurb from the press release –

The exclusive collection from the Iron Chef judge, restaurateur, author and culinary personality will include studded stoneware, table linens and Italian food items.

Named by Zagat as the “Hostest with the Mostest”, Donatella Arpaia has a reputation of fusing Italian tradition with modern, glamorous style. Her new collection brings added sparkle to the kitchen with a chic home pizza oven and luxurious rhinestone stoneware including platters, ceramic dishes and ramekins.

Additionally, Donatella has taken the guess work out of traditional Italian cooking with her authentic Italian food offerings, featuring a variety of fresh pasta sauces, flavorful pizza crust mixes and her award-winning meatballs. With food preparation and presentation already made easy, the collection is completed with sets of cotton placemats and napkins on tear off rolls.

We got off of the train with time to kill so we wandered around a bit before the event (hence the gorgeous sunset views from the piers).

I needed some veggies in my life so we hit up Liquiteria for juice.



I wasn’t loving all of the beets and ginger on their menu so I made a custom blend – spinach, kale, and pineapple.  Amazing!  But I had eaten froyo and a giant coffee (seriously giant, there was a mix-up and I ended up with 4 extra shots of espresso in my latte!) for lunch so with the concentrated energy in the juice I was practically buzzing by the time we got to the event.

The drinks we were handed upon arrival helped.


That is not a cherry (sadly), but a cherry tomato.

The event was held at Donatella’s restaurant, which was freaking gorgeous.


The lighting wasn’t kind to my crappy photography skills, but I did my best to take some shots of the pretty tables.





The tear-off napkins were very fun, though I don’t think that bedazzled cookware is exactly my style.

Most of the apps showcased products that will be available on Monday.  I took a fried oyster to be brave,


but my first bite was all fried coating and I lost my nerve and threw out the rest before I ate any meat.

The pizza was very good.


The dough – which you just add water to and then bake – was the best part; chewy and flavorful but not too salty.  My friend and I both gave the jarred sauce served with the pasta two thumbs up as well.


They told us to take cupcakes (from the fantastically sparkly display) for dessert.


They plan to add cupcakes (mixes?) to the line later this year.


My pistachio was tasty.

Afterwards we stopped in at the famous Cafeteria for a drink on a whim.


Our carafe of white peach sparkling mojito was refreshing but weak.  But we were the only twosome in the room who wasn’t on a first date so the good eavesdropping more than made up for the lack of alcohol.

I hope everyone else had a nice week too!  Did you do any good eavesdropping?

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