Long Week Wrap-Up; Pizza Pizza

Whoops.  I guess it’s been longer than usual since I’ve done a wrap-up.  And I don’t even have a ton to share; we ordered take-out pizza this week and through a miscommunication ended up with a lot of pizza so that’s mostly what we’ve been eating.

DSC04626Here are some of the other things that made it on to the meal plan…


A morning meal on the go.

DSC04481An Erin Baker’s Caramel Apple Breakfast Cookie.  The flavor was good but I didn’t feel like it kept me full enough for the calories.

Another breakfast that fit within the Apple Month Theme.

DSC04506A slice of toasted Caramel Apple Swirl Bread with Smart Balance Light.

DSC04512With a Müller Greek Corner Mango Yogurt (former freebie) topped with tons of blueberries on the side.

DSC04509I picked up the swirl bread a million different times at Target and I am glad I ended up walking away with it.

More blue.

DSC04632Kashi Honey Puffs cereal and blueberries floating in a serving of Lifeway Coconut Chia Kefir.


Hot bar from Whole Foods.

DSC04482Health: 2 types of prepared salad topped with baked salmon and sautéed mushrooms.  Happiness: 2 soy nuggets and some extra-cheesy mac and cheese.

DSC04487Very good, but still – I miss Wegmans!

Sandwich and salad.

DSC04609A simple spinach salad with raisins, peanuts, and balsamic.

DSC04612Two types of sharp cheddar on white bread with Miracle Whip, cooked in the oven for easy clean-up.

DSC04614These lunches were a nice break from the pizza.

snacks desserts

Cream filled chocolate chip cookie.

DSC04494DSC04488How nice does that scene look?  I ate my cookie, sipped my diet soda, flipped through Glamour, and watched a girly movie.

Ben and Jerry’s Rockin’ Blondies ice cream (available only at Target).

DSC04528My new favorite flavor.

DSC04533I actually could live without the blondies (they seemed too small somehow) but the brown sugar ice cream was basically the best thing ever.


More tea spritzers.

DSC04593Jasmine Tulsi (former freebie) with Mandarin Polar.

Fresh Horchata.

DSC04583From OMG Taco in Williamsburg.

omgDSC04585I flipping love Horchata and I feel like I can never find it.

We did a lot of walking that afternoon and I also had a Cherry Cola Zevia.

DSC04587It was good, but not my new favorite like I thought it was going to be.


A mish-mosh meal.

DSC04498A jazz apple, a Banana Cream Dannon Oikos with honey and salty peanuts on top, and a slice of beer bread broiled with cheese.

DSC04515DSC04617DSC04500You would think that the melty cheese would have been the best bites but actually it was the yogurt, the banana cream was super thick and luscious.

Sushi night.

DSC04522A green salad,

DSC04524and a spicy shrimp and avocado roll.

DSC04527The roll was only ok, we keep ordering from a spot near our house that has no delivery fee and I’m never that impressed.

Breakfast Casserole.

DSC04674Basically a french toast bake but with sharp cheddar and smoked salmon taking it to the next level.

DSC04664Adam raved about this one.

Soup’s up.

DSC04597Broccoli-Cheese soup from Cooking Light,

DSC04605with bbq kettle chips for crunch.

DSC04601The soup came together in a snap.  I ate one serving and then Adam ate the other three that same night so I guess he liked it!

What is your favorite flavor from Ben and Jerry’s?

2 thoughts on “Long Week Wrap-Up; Pizza Pizza

  1. This post makes me want pizza!

    I never really ate Ben & Jerry’s but my friend had told me about the ice cream and potato chips combo (Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Snack) so I had to get it. Safe to say, it’s delicious as a late night snack 😉

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