A Bunch Of Brunch

Chameleon’s Mexican coffee was delightful with a bit of milk.  Related – I am in physical pain that I can’t find the Texas pecan near me.


Iced coffee is always good though.


This cup from Colonie was knock-your-socks-off good.  There must have been a nitro tap somewhere because it was crazy velvety.


I went for brunch with a girlfriend and we were both blown away by my duck hash.  With poached egg, red potatoes, roasted onion puree, and aioli.  I’m usually not that excited by potatoes but these were crispy perfection.


Afterwards we went to Grand Army and had {too many!} drinks.  We practically tried the whole cocktail menu and everything was fantastic!



Brunch numero dos at Tocolo Cantina.  I had the mushroom taquitos – crispy tacos filled with roasted mushroom, corn, and Chihuahua cheese.


This cafeteria lunch wasn’t too bad either.  My wrap sandwich had grilled chicken, cheddar, veggies, and cilantro.


Date shake smoothie.  Plain Greek yogurt, vanilla almond milk, ice, dulce de leche, and fresh dates.


Lavender caramel.  I brought these back from my Philly trip and I wish I’d bought more!


These leftovers eggs were better than they look.  With chicken hot dog, baby spinach, yellow bell pepper, and gouda cheese.


A 2nd home-cooked dinner in one weekend?


These – only ok – salmon patties came from the freezer, but I did make the tartar sauce.  Mayo, mustard, pickle relish, and dill.


And I assembled the salads myself.  Romaine, ranch, heirloom baby tomatoes, pistachios, and an amazing blue cheese from Trader Joe’s.


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