The F Word

So this week has been awful – I have the flu and I’m dying.  Yup, sick, dying, but definitely not overly dramatic.

Remember how I was sick last week (with a cold, I guess?)?  I felt ok-ish over the weekend, like a person again on Monday, and then like death after his robe got caught in a jet engine on Tuesday.  I felt so bad I actually went to an urgent care center and willingly let them shove q-tips down my throat and up my nose.  Long story long, no strep, but I have the flu.  Ugh.

So 95% of my meals have looked like this:


Or like this:


But I did eat two really good bowls of dinner on Sunday and Monday!  A Greek salad – romaine topped with TJ’s feta Greek dressing / roasted chickpeas / cucumber / TJ’s tabbouleh / TJ’s stuffed grape leaves / and pimento stuffed green olives.


And a grain salad – bulgur with evoo, s&p, and allspice / roasted broccoli / browned mushrooms/ toasted walnuts / yellow raisins / and minced green olives.


When I’m not on death’s door I can toss together a pretty great meal.

I hope everyone is feeling healthy this weekend.

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