Weekly Wrap-Up; On The Mend

I am still a teensy bit sick, but thankfully I am feeling much, much better than last weekend.  Hopefully by the end of this weekend I’ll be back to 100%!


My first day back, when I came in feeling just terrible, my coworker surprised me with a bagel with lox and cream cheese.


So sweet of her, and very serendipitous since I hadn’t managed to get coffee, let alone breakfast.

Adam drove me into work on Wednesday since he had errands to do in Brooklyn, so we went in early and made a date of it.


Doughnut Plant!

doughnut plant - brooklyn

I got a coconut cream filled and a Valrhona hot chocolate.  Plus we stopped for an iced coffee along the walk.


This was so much fun, I cannot even tell you; morning date for the win.

Yesterday I randomly woke up feeling sooo hungry so I pieced together a big breakfast in the cafeteria.


Coffee with chocolate milk,


and scrambled eggs, veggie sausage, and a croissant.


Veggie pizza from the cafeteria.

This was good, but it had corn on it which I found to be an incredibly strange topping choice.  Not that I don’t love corn, but on a pizza??!

Wednesday I brought an apple and a Jarlsberg Cheese Mini (more on that in a minute…) from home.


Plus a salad from the cafeteria that I apparently don’t have a picture of.

Yesterday was another apple, plus an Apricot Ancient Grains Chobani with TJ’s Pumpkin O’s and KIND Banana Nut Clusters.


I liked the Chobani much more than the one with oats I tried previously.  The pieces of apricot were quite nice.


I don’t usually drink coffee after 4 pm but I ended up getting iced decafs twice this week because I was so obsessed with the idea of coffee flavor in the evening.



With skim milk and a splash of cream.

Another night we had smoothies for our creamy drink fix.


Chocolate peppermint soymilk with frozen strawberries and plain Greek yogurt.

Back to that cheese…

Jarlsberg mini

Jarlsberg recently started making minis and they sent me some to try.

jarlsberg minis

For full disclosure I will tell you that Adam didn’t like the flavor (“too mild”) but I did, and I thought the texture was great (firm bite – you could squeeze it between your fingers and the wheel held its shape – but very creamy).  70 calories per mini wheel, for a nicely portable snack.

Caramel apple plate,


Caramel pecan popcorn and apple slices sprinkled with caramel cinnamon sugar.

caramel cinnamon sugar shaker

I brought that adorable shaker back from San Francisco’s Japantown.

Related note – this salted caramel hand sanitizer smells beyond amazing.

salted caramel - bath and body works

Another souvenir from our SF trip, Ruby Grand dried nectarines from Frog Hollow.



Served on with vanilla shortbreads for a very fancy, only slightly Georgia O’Keefe-y snack plate.


An easy dinner for the first night I cooked after take-out for every meal all weekend.


Salad with honey mustard dressing, parmesan, dried blueberries, and sweet and salty pecans.


Eggs with sautéed onion and TJ’s canned mackerel scrambled in.  Plus turkey bacon.


I cooked the bacon first so everything in my eggs was infused with that flavor.

Date night at Pequeña in Brooklyn.



We started with an order of the fried sweet plantains.


Pretty good, but I think I would have to go back home to really get my plantain craving satisfied.

I ordered veggie quesadillas for my entrée – Pan Fried Tortillas Stuffed with Oaxacan String Cheese And Zucchini, Peppers, Mushroom, Onion, and Squash. Topped with Salsa Roja, Queso Fresco and Cilantro.

veggie quesadillas at Pequena - brooklyn

I always cook my quesadillas in a pan, but apparently “pan fried” here meant legit deep fried quesadillas.  They were tasty but also a bit ridiculous; I ate one plus the filling out of the other.

I’m writing this post before dinner on Thursday, but it’s gotten pretty late and I’m leaning towards a big salad and an old-school pb&j.  🙂

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