Goods And Bads; Weekend Wrap-Up

I wasted an entire long weekend being sick in bed with a cold.  Uggh!  All the signs were there – cough, sniffles, headaches, plus we ate nothing but take-out, I watched about a billion episodes of Friends, I used two boxes of tissues and a toilet paper roll blowing my nose, and I haven’t worn pants since Friday.

Thankfully I had two healthy days at work Thursday and Friday, so I do have a few good things to share…

Iced coffee with chocolate milk is always good.

iced coffee with chocolate milk

iced coffee and chocolate milk

But I also learned that Starbucks’ salted caramel pretzel bars are really good.

starbucks caramel pretzel bar

And the ‘Bucks didn’t let me down with these almonds either.


On the healthier side, heirloom red spinach is also good.


salad with heirloom red spinach

This coconut milk totally helped me feel better – for a minute or two – on Sunday.


And TJ’s Crispy, Crunchy Broccoli is fantastic.


Plus, Chobani’s new grape yogurt tastes like Greek yogurt with a purple pixie stick mixed in!

Now I’m crossing my fingers that I can make it through today with only one box of Kleenex.  Think dry thoughts for me!

2 thoughts on “Goods And Bads; Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. Good to hear about the grape Chobani. I have one in my fridge and I’m a bit scared. The green tea one wasn’t that great in my opinion.

    • Oh really? My husband loooved the Green Tea, but I haven’t tasted one yet.

      On Sat, Feb 7, 2015 at 2:50 PM, Eating Chalk wrote:


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