Loves Of Late

Here are some of the things I’ve been obsessed with lately.  Missing from the list?  Coffee.  Still coffee.  Always coffee. 

{1}  My Sugar Paper desk calendar.


I picked it out primarily because I liked the way it looked (polka dots!) but I love that it has lined space for notes along the side and a full year’s calendar on the bottom of each month.


My day planner is from there as well – more dots! – and I’m a big fan of that too.



In the life of a list-maker, a good quality planner is very important.

{2} The web comic series “Girls with Slingshots” by Danielle Corsetto.

girls with slingshots

It is the funny, racy, comic version of my weekly soaps.  I read all the way through the archive and now I’m enjoying seeing what happens to the main characters from day-to-day.

{3} NBC’s Parks and Recreation.

parks and rec

How on earth did I wait so long to get into this show?!  I’m actually not watching it in real-time yet, but Netflix instant-streaming it is rocking my face off.  I love (love, love) every character and the story lines are intensely funny and sweet.  My only regret is that I watched the first 2 seasons without Adam, who has now grown to adore it as well.

On a related note – when I thinking about how much Parks and Rec has been making my life lately I started thinking about other shows I loved.  For funsies, I’ve got another post coming this week with a comprehensive list of the other shows that have stolen my heart.

{4} Comedy Central’s Key and Peele.

The sketches are smart and funny.  The substitute teacher one embedded above is my favorite, but “Office Homophobe” is also amazing.

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