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Yay for the upcoming weekend, with highs in the 50’s (!!) in NYC!  Whether you plan on spending your Friday night learning or laughing, this post’s got you covered.

things to make you think

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Whole-wheat consumption is not linked to increased obesity in the general population.   {study}

Myth-busting: 5 misconceptions about Registered Dietitians.

Hospitals’ use of infant formula for newborns increases rate of early breast-feeding cessation, even among moms who are to exclusively breast-feed.   {study, abstract only}

Consumption of fish high in omega-3 fatty acids may help maintain brain volume with age.   {study, abstract only}

Potential new “superfoods” from around the globe.

things to make you giggle

winterly introspection


eric cartman style


rats with teddy bears


this is totally true




What are your big plans for this weekend?  Any marathons planned?

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