{The Best} St. Thomas Visit 2016




Adam and I started our two-week vacation off right with an incredible visit home to see my parents and soak up some sun.  For the first time since college I managed to have the dates line up so that I could make it for Carnival*!  We also went to St. John*, The Baths*, the beach, and got to spend time with old friends.  It was pretty much the perfect trip.

* I took way too many pictures so all of the items starred above are going to have to be their own posts over the rest of the week



Speaking of too many pictures, I’m limiting this post to the highlights.  Here are some of our favorites from home…

The best hosts – my parents.  In addition to driving us all over the place, ironing my dresses, playing board games even though Adam always throws a fit, and just being generally amazing, they cooked us Adam’s favorite meal and my favorite dessert.  Bill Clinton’s Enchiladas.


And key lime pie.


Which meant there was leftover pie for me to eat on top of Greek yogurt.  <– the best thing ever


I always serve it with flax so it’s basically a health food.

The best breakfast – Barefoot Buddha.


I got an iced Vietnamese latte and the sandwich I ate on my wedding day, aka the Bigfood Bagel sandwich: egg frittata, smoked turkey, turkey bacon, cream cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, chipotle aioli, tomato-onion coulis, and fresh spinach.

The best brunch – The Grille Room at Mahogany Run. My (extra-spicy) Bloody Mary came topped with a stuffed olive, banana pepper, and shrimp!


I also had a really top-notch chopped salad with shrimp and chipotle-ranch among other yummy things.  And then every singe person at the table ordered a vodka + soda and all was right with the world.

The best coffee – Bad Ass at Yacht Haven.


My triple non-fat iced latte was perfectly roasty good.

The best pizza – Island Time Pub.  Pro tip – start with a salad, they are gigantic and two-three people can share one.


Adam and I got a pie with artichoke, Kalamata olives, and roasted garlic.


Plus their drink menu is on point.

The best johnny cake – served at the window on the Waterfront by The Greenhouse, with cheese.


Caribbean johnny cake (versus the cornmeal version found in the American south) is slightly sweet, unleavened fried bread.  It is delicious in general and freaking mind-blowing when served with cheese.


2 thoughts on “{The Best} St. Thomas Visit 2016

  1. I don’t think too many pictures is a bad thing, I love seeing them. I’ve commented once letting you know how I live vicariously through your posts BC my husband and I are currently living in East TN, although we’d love for his job to move him somewhere else. 🙂 Every time you mention St. Thomas I mean to ask you if you and Adam have ever considered living there. I am a beach bum at heart and dream of living on the beach. I can’t imagine growing up in the Caribbean but then moving to a cold climate. Of course your awesome excursions to farmer’s markets and that donut place may be reason enough. 🙂 Anyway just always wondered, it’s definitely not St. Thomas but we are at least headed to Hilton Head in three weeks. One day I hope to find great deals on airfare in order to visit some of these places you’ve mentioned. Happy time off to you!

    • I’m glad I can help fuel your island dreaming! I hope you have fun sticking your toes in the sand at Hilton Head!!

      We’re not really sure where we are going to ultimately end up, Adam still has several years of training and it’s nice to get to defer the decision. We actually talked a lot on this trip about how we could see ourselves returning to STT at some point (it helps immensely that there are good coffee shops there now!). I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready to leave NYC but the islands would be my choice above most others states.

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