Was It Blogvious?

Adam’s back, yay!  Surprise?  I tried to keep it under wraps for security reasons, so I hope it wasn’t blogvious (<– totally unnecessary portmanteau for obvious on the blog) that Adam has been out of town for the past month.  He had a trauma rotation in Texas and the dog and I missed him like crazy!  Now he’s back and we both have two weeks off of work and I plan on spending the majority of them holding his hand!

Foodwise, here were the weekend highlights…

Adam didn’t get back into town until late Sunday evening and I spent the better part of the day hyperventilating with excitement.  I distracted myself for a little bit with Vietnamese iced coffee and a pedicure.



Fun fact – toe nail polish was my something blue in my wedding.

Another day, another coffee.


I usually skip over Gala apples but this one was very sweet and crisp.

Brunch with friends at Du Jour Bakery, my new favorite breakfast spot in Park Slope.  The space feels totally open and airy and they have yummy iced lattes.


I ordered the brioche French toast with maple butterscotch, berries, and whipped cream.


It was good, but I need to accept the fact that I don’t really like French toast.  My girlfriends got savory egg sandwiches that I think I would love.

Dinner at Pearl’s Bake and Shark, a newish Trinidadian spot in Williamsburg.  My bake and jerk chicken was very tasty.


Aka pulled jerk chicken on fried dough, with pickled slaw and pineapple salsa.  The chicken didn’t taste like the jerk I grew up with, but it was smoky delicious.

Bbq turkey salad at home.


Baby spinach dressed with creamy Greek dressing / avocado / cucumber / chopped turkey breast tossed in cola bbq sauce / brie / a sprinkle of smoked paprika.  A great combo; the paprika was such a good addition.

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