A Menagerie Of Markets


Adam and I went to four different holiday markets/festivals/fairs this weekend.  We didn’t actually purchase anything (other than food!) but it was fun to window shop.

Bryant Park Winter Village.


Union Square Holiday Market.  <– this one was the best


Holiday Fair at Grand Central.


And Urban Space – Vanderbilt.  <– this one was just a food court


We also had double pizza and hot chocolate!  Here is some of the other good stuff…


Hospital cafeteria – fish taco salad.


Greens with ranch, guacamole, corn and tomato salsa, cheddar, and a piece of white fish and a hard-boiled egg.

Urban Space: Asia Dog.  We got the Ginny – kimchi and seaweed flakes – on top of an amazingly smoky chicken dog.  With a Genny cream ale!


We also got pizza from Roberta’s.


Cheesus Christ = mozzarella, taleggio, parmigano, black pepper, and cream = my favorite pizza.

Root & Bone – Mascato and macaroni and cheese with a biscuit and thyme crust.


The sweet wine went very well with the cheese.


Froyo.  They had Nutella crunch.


With all of the sprinkles.

Boba Guys’ NYC pop up.  Boba Guys is a San Francisco company that uses loose leaf teas and local milks.  We loved them on our SF visit last fall.


We got Horchata and Thai Tea.

Hot Chocolate with a ginormous marshmallow from City Bakery.


The chocolate is very dark and the marshmallow is very sweet so together they are perfect.  However, this couldn’t hold a candle to…

Max Brenner‘s drinking chocolate.


Best drink, best dessert, best chocolate item of all time.  I can barely drink it because I have to stop and die of happiness after every sip.  It is sooooo thick, and sweet but not too sweet.


Milkflower – more pizza.


S.T. the Ghost = Grafton cheddar, mozzarella, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and burnt honey.  This sounds like it should be my favorite pizza, but sadly it wasn’t.


We also had lackluster pasta; bucatini with tomatoes, chili, olive oil, and stracciatella cheese.


We loved the look of Milkflower but the meal just wasn’t as fantastic as it sounded.  Dessert was on point though.


Chocolate budino (pudding) with espresso cream and Maldon sea salt.  The components went together amazingly; the salt took the pudding over the top.

Sandwich night – roasted turkey and avocado on a brioche bun (toasty baked with Smart Balance) with Sriracha mayo.



Plus apple and baby carrots on the side.

Partial Thanksgiving dinner – another easy night, thanks to cranberry sauce and chicken sausage and cornbread stuffing from Trader Joe’s.


Plus great salads.  Arugula / maple pumpkin seeds and rosemary sunflower seeds / dried cranberries and fresh pomegranate / cheddar / honey, evoo, balsamic, and lavender salt.

NYC friends – are there any other hot chocolates I need to check out??

2 thoughts on “A Menagerie Of Markets

  1. This is so great – I love NY this time of year. Wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving and also if you and Adam don’t have any plans for New Year’s Eve I have a great suggestion….

    • We both work the 31st and 1st so no NYE fun for us! What did you have to recommend?

      The city is amazing right now, you guys should come visit!

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