Oats And Easter Candy

I wrote this post at midnight on Saturday… while I ate dinner/my first meal of the day… it’s been kind of a rough week.  Hopefully I’ll be in a better mood while this is auto-publishing because I should be in the car on my way to Easter celebrating with the husband’s family.

I’m missing a ton of photos from the week (chips and dip!) and posting two days late, so I almost skipped this post, but some of these eats (chocolate + oat bowls!) were just so good.


Community Coffee sent me a variety of their ground coffees to try.


This was a free product sample that I’m reviewing for no additional compensation.  It will take me some time to make it through them all, but I will let you know as I open each bag.

This week I cold-brewed the French Roast.



Quite nice!  Roasty and not acrid at all.  I am going to make a (hot) batch in the coffee machine soon and I will let you know if that changes my opinion, but for now we give this two thumbs up.

Gevalia almond milk iced coffee.


The flavor was good but not great.  The 9 grams of protein made it a good breakfast though.

Iced coffee and peanut butter toast with condensed milk from the tea place near my work.


I threw out my crusts and my office smelled like a peanut all day!


Banana walnut oatmeal with a minneola and Cadbury mini eggs.


Cabury mini eggs win for best holiday candy ever.

Wild berry oatmeal with Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter.


I 100% bought the oatmeal because it had a bear on the package, but it ended up being pretty tasty.

Turkey sandwich, citrus, and malted eggs.


That’s a toasted English muffin with Smart Balance and Applegate Farms smoked turkey.

Yogurt bowl.


2% Greek with pomegranate and marble halvah.  <– my best idea ever

Chicken sandwich from the cafeteria.


An everything bagel with mayo, mustard, spicy chicken, Munster cheese, and fancy lettuce.


Coffee all day every day.


Worth mentioning were this short, skim caramel macchiato.


And the fact that Hungry Ghost has Stumptown cold brew on draft.


Easter candy.


Turkey jerky.


Ample Hills!


Salted crack caramel + salted honey with honeycomb and chocolate-covered potato chips.


Chipotle, because heaven forbid we go longer than five days without rice bowls.


Or salty lime chips, or giant diet cokes.

I made us a huge batch of marinara sauce in the crockpot.


It was a great idea in theory, but I didn’t season the sauce enough and the end result was very “meh.”  Too bad we ate it three days in row for dinner and still have gallons left.


The best part of that meal was our side dish –


roasted broccoli with pesto gouda melted on top.

On a much more exciting night, I had drinks with a girlfriend at my favorite Brooklyn bar – Pork Slope.  No photos, but I had a Keegan’s Mother’s Milk Stout on draft that rocked my socks off.  Then we met up with Adam for dinner at Talde, Pork Slope’s Asian-American sister.


That’s my Navy Grog {Diplomatico rum, honey syrup, lime and grapefruit juices} and kale salad {cantaloupe, pickled beets, candied almonds, creamy ponzu}.  I am going to be heartbroken when we move on from our national kale obsession.

Happy Easter to all my readers who celebrate.

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