Goodbye, 2014! Weekly Wrap-Up

I cannot believe that it is almost 2015!  Doesn’t it sometimes feel like life is flying by?  I hate the idea of waking up late and tired in a new year, so our big plans for NYE consist of cuddling on the couch and trying to get in bed extra early.

Posting my recap a few days ahead of schedule so I can feel like I wrapped up one final thing…


Yummy hot chocolate and an apple.


After coffee, obviously.  Per usual, I was all about the coffee.


This giant (I had a freebie) was an iced vanilla latte with extra espresso.


I have been weirdly obsessed with vanilla all week and it’s making me kind of crazy; I don’t even like vanilla!  You’ll see Greek and frozen vanilla yogurts below, and I’m pretty much going to die if I don’t find pudding this weekend.  Hopefully this craving will pass soon.


Salted caramel Greek yogurt with coconut butter and an apple on the side.


Plus a vegan monster cookie sandwich from Babycakes.  <– amaze!


And some jerky while I did my charting.


Tuesday I got lunch from the cafeteria that tasted better than it looked.


A strange Caesar pasta salad (it was chicken and dressing with pasta AND croutons?!) topped with mushrooms and broccoli from the salad bar.

Another day I brought in dinner leftovers.


Apple on the side; I had SweeTango and Kiku this week and both were great.


Chocolate!  Some nice (this Coffee & Cream bar from Theo is gritty good),


and some inedible.


Sorry, Mom, this Christmas gift was too spicy.

Adam is now as obsessed with this fruit mix as I am.


But no one is as obsessed with vanilla as I am currently!  Vanilla bean yogurt with some candy cane Oreos crushed in it.


And vanilla frozen yogurt with sprinkles.


This was literally the first time I’ve even ever tasted vanilla froyo.  Who orders vanilla?!  But today I looooved it.


A dinner in three parts – (1) Leftover, cold, spicy cashew chicken straight from the container.


(2) A tray of roasted green beans with truffle salt.  I have been finding green beans to be particularly buttery tasting lately.


And finally, (3) a chile relleno from Trader Joe’s.


The chile looks a little rough but it was so yummy; cheesy without being too heavy.

We went with the TJ’s freezer section the next night as well.


Pad See Ew and orange chicken with broccoli.


We wouldn’t get the chicken again, but years ago we had the vegan version of it and loved it.

Tonight we were supposed to eat lentils with broccoli and coconut rice.

DSC04742That bowl is in the garbage.  Apparently I have forgotten how to cook lentils that don’t taste like dirt.  It looks like I’ll be ending the year with take-out instead.

Happy New Year’s Eve!!

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