Best Pizza Ever; Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Halloween!

Things were busy, busy, busy, busy this week at work.  <– if you don’t read that in the voice of the magician from “Frosty the Snowman” then you didn’t have a childhood and you need to go rent the movie immediately!

As I’ve mentioned, my clinic is transferring over to an electronic medical record system at the end of this year.  The nutrition department needs a new charting form (built from scratch) to accommodate our specific patient population, but since I am the entire department things have been pretty hectic.  Plus we are in the middle of planning a big event and I randomly had a bunch of newly diabetic patients this week.

Additionally, I do some consulting work on the side reviewing nutrition educations and I had a big batch of articles to get through this week.  I really enjoy the work – did you know that I did some editing/reviewing for a famous Caribbean author as a child? – but it can be hard to get motivated to get myself back into work mode once I’m home and changed into Adam’s sweatpants at the end of the day.  Snacks help.

My meals were all totes amaze this week and/but you will see quite a bit of repetition…


Vega Peanut Butter Cup Bar and an orchard apple.


Iced coffee with chocolate soy milk and an apple.


Orchard apples and espresso with milk and sugar.


The energy shot in the middle was a sample from my Urth Box and it was a giant nope.


Yogurt bowl.  It’s funny, at least once a week someone will comment about how good my yogurt lunch looks.


Dannon Pumpkin Pie Greek with fresh blackberries and TJ’s Pumpkin O’s.  Plus a candy corn salt water taffy.



With TJ’s pumpkin Greek and Pop Rocks.

Dark Chocolate Mint bar from Zing.


This was all I had time to eat on Thursday but it kept me full all afternoon.  Thanks, 10 grams of protein.

snack time

Lindt’s “Hello My Name Is” bars are pretty much my favorite.  Cookies and Cream!


An “Apple Pie A la Mode” = honeycrisp apple cider + RumChata + Goldschläger.


Locally-made yogurt.


Trying to bribe myself into doing my freelance work, I … stole some of Adam’s Cheetos (we both are a little bit insane about themed foods),


Ate licorice bears,


And dipped a big, sliced apple into butterscotch peanut butter.


The apple dippers beat out my other snacks in nutrition and flavor.


We made Rachael Ray’s Pasta with Pumpkin and Sausage using this fun pasta as our base.


We tend to rarely repeat recipes but this is one we’ve made several years in a row now (back in the day!).


So good.  I subbed TJ’s soy chorizo for sausage and fat-free half and half for cream but otherwise followed the recipe.

Round 2.


I made a big bowl of leftover pumpkin pasta and leftover white cheddar macaroni with spinach, topped with chunky cranberry apple sauce that one of my nutrition co-workers made for me.


Adam was not willing to put fruit on his pasta, but my bowl was delicious.

Pizza Night!


Ugh.  These came out so flipping yummy and neither Adam or I could shut up about it.  We loaded them with ridiculous toppings and they probably ended up being far more caloric than delivery but they were also the best pizzas we’ve ever eaten.  We used a ball of dough from Trader Joe’s and it split perfectly into two nicely sized pizzas.

Traditional – marinara sauce / low-fat shredded mozzarella / sautéed green pepper rings / tons and tons of mushrooms browned in butter.


Plus, slightly less traditional.


Oh yes, you know I went there!  The best pizza I’ve ever eaten ever including the amazing, giant slices of Buffalo chicken from Zetti’s – pumpkin puree / low-fat shredded mozzarella / TJ’s Pacific Rock cheddar / onions sautéed with liquid smoke and smoked brown sugar / tons of crumbled turkey bacon.


Plus we had sautéed kale on the side, with liquid smoke, maple syrup, and more bacon.


For nutrition.

We also shared a Warlock.


Best of the season!  There wasn’t actually much pumpkin flavor, this was just a really delicious stout.

Round 2.


Leftover pizza.


Kale chips with truffle salt and roasted broccoli with bbq.


The pizza was just as swoon-worthy eaten cold.  How do I get more, immediately?  And we ate this while watching “Nightmare Before Christmas” so I was pretty much exploding with excitement.  <– picture strange, giddy laughter and me singing along with my mouth stuffed full of pizza.

What was on the best pizza you’ve ever eaten?

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