Halloween Weekend Wrap-Up

Did everyone have a spooky weekend?  Or at least eat lots of candy?  I didn’t dress up this year and I didn’t manage to eat a single piece of candy, boo!  The whole weekend was pretty lame, frankly.  Saturday I spent hours holed up with a friend working on some continuing education credits.  And Sunday Adam and I were both a bit under the weather so we took advantage of the time change to catch some extra z’s.

Here were a few fun things…

Hallow’s Eats

Breakfast was on theme.  Coffee with chocolate soy milk, an apple, and a Clif Monster Chocolate Mint Z Bar.


The bar was so good, I need to find more of this flavor.

Dinner too.  A tasty bowl of leftovers.


Pasta with roasted broccoli, browned mushrooms, rock cheddar, fancy evoo, and turkey bacon (my new favorite kind, from Wellshire).

And I may not have eaten candy, but I did go to Snow Days for shaved ice.


Roasted black sesame ice with mochi and sweetened condensed milk.  It was amazing.  The ice is sliced into sheets rather than crushed and the texture is totally unique.

Say Cheese

When I was done with my work on Saturday, Adam and I drove up to Port Jeff for a dinner date at C’est Cheese.  We shared a beer sampler.


And a cheese plate.


Plus the Spanish Salad.


Field greens / Manchego / orange slices / red onion / black olives / honey tarragon vinaigrette.

Burgers With Bear

We did Sunday brunch at Bare Burger.  I got the Western – turkey burger, no bun, with turkey bacon instead of pork and maple horseradish mustard subbed for smokehouse sauce.


With giant bowls of froyo for dessert.


Dinner was Chipotle but I’ve promised to stop blogging about that!

Raw Review

Finally, a product review.  I was sent a free sample of Maui Brand Raws Turbinado and Whites Crystallized Natural Cane Sugar.


I received these products free of charge but I was not provided with any additional compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.


Available on Amazon and in some stores, their sugar cane is grown and processed on the Hawaiian island of Maui.  The sugars are non-GMO and vegan (<– not all granulated sugar is vegan).

I tried the sugars (which come in convenient 10 calorie to-go packages) in iced coffee,


and chocolate chip cookies,


and was quite pleased with their functional properties compared with regular sugar.  I’m a fan.

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